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Marceline - Adventure Time

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Marceline - Adventure Time by Kinpatsu-Cosplay  Marceline - Adventure Time by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
Marceline from Adventure Time

Cosplay, photo and editing by me
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Very amazing cosplay :)
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 Awesome, did you use makeup or photo editing for the skin color?
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This is photo editing but I did actually fully paint myself for this before for a previous shoot XD for that I used kryolan's supracolour paint 
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The only bad thing about this pic is that i can fave it only once
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Don't mean to sound like a jerk or anything, but doesn't Marceline use an axe guitar? I mean, I know you can't get down to every small detail easily. That's pretty hard to do, I'm sure. But that's just something important about her. Just saying.
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Marceline uses various kinds of guitars throughout the series actually :) One of them does in fact happen to be an ordinary red bass. If it wasn't the case I wouldn't have used a guitar at all :3 The only minor inaccuracy here would be that mine is a 5 string and her's is 4 XP…
Alright. Lol, I guess I ode to do some studying myself before I correct someone.
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Those eyes really can just grab a persons attention by the throat.
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very nice & love the cosplay :D (Big Grin) Love Thumbs Up 
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You make an amazing Marceliine, :iconkinpatsu-cosplay: ^^
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Five string! Nice!
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Blergh this picture makes me so happy for some reason xD the perfect Marci! :3
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