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Marceline - Adventure Time

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Marceline - Adventure Time by Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Marceline from Adventure Time

Cosplay, photo and editing by me
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pink double 8th Daddy... why did you eat my fries?

I bought them, and they were double 8th

It's a lot funnier when you see an actual woman who looks like Marceline hovering and singing it!

Actually, if you added that tiny bit of signature eye makeup this would be an awesome shot of DC Comics' Death.

spencermalley's avatar
Your cosplay is spot-on.
LinebeckCosplayArt's avatar
Omg love your cosplay!
LonelySitlentAngel's avatar
Find the actress for live action version of the cartoon!
F3RYX's avatar
oh my god this pic is so perfect in so many ways !! how did you get that pose so perfect !? the arm angle , the guitar , specially the fingers , the head and neck angle , everything is so perfect !!!!
jennifertv96's avatar
nice outfit!
do u play bass?
all 5 strings?
wolfsbane6's avatar
Beautiful shot!
Evodolka's avatar
wait you can fly?
that must come in handy :D
Goombis's avatar
The only real observation I'm qualified to make here is that you're holding the bass better than most bassists I've seen.
Kinpatsu-Cosplay's avatar
I took guitar lessons for a few years in highschool XP wasn't very good at it but I knew how to hold it at least!
Goombis's avatar
I guess that you learned something with those lessons, then.
Kirlia281X's avatar
How'd you make it look like you're levitating?
Can only say WOW
eaglebaize's avatar
Wonderful work! You nailed it.
LiryoVioleta's avatar
glowyrm-prime's avatar
Great work. Love the pose!
OcioProduction's avatar
wah, top Marceline !!
Nothing about this shot that isn't great.
enterprisedavid's avatar
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I think I'm in love.

hossainx's avatar
wow ...  BTB with bartolini those are rare nowadays .... nice cosplay
GarryAlways's avatar

I THOUGHT that looked like an Ibanez...

glenn42558's avatar
this is awesome cosplay indeed

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