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Froppy - My Hero Academia

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My Tsuyu Asui cosplay from My Hero Academia

Bodysuit design from Brandon Gilbert
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Is she a Deep One hybrid?

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You can do every character, always looking awesome
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Just a heads up...

Since some people don't like rando companies using their images to sell stuff.

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Froppy is best girl!
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Wow...that's an amazing Tsuyu cosplay!
whitewizardlotr's avatar
One of the most accurate and impressive cosplays I have EVER seen! Fantastic! ^o^
janenina's avatar
D*MN that looks good
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amazing cosplay
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oooh OOOOH les get FroOooooOOOgggGgy FRESH guuurl
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You look so adorable!
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It's amazing how many different people you can become
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Looks cute. Even the cosplayer is cute.
CLABOINE's avatar
Very good but you forgot the tounge
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