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Please don't talk to me for a moment
I'm here to tell some news:
1. My birsthday is tomorrow
You can do whatever you want. But if you choose to give me a gift(but i'm sure you not). Please just credit me without words. It's very important to me. If you choose to write some words, i'd hate to recieve it and leave without notification.
2. I finally ended my project
3. About style: well it's cancelled
4. I hate humanity that's all
5. Please don't ask me why
6. I will deactivate soon as possible
So no "plz megukaaa. don't leafe mi plz!!! :cries: :cries: :cries:"
7. That's all
*screams in japanese*
Okey The Fuck Translate
(pfft, if i watch hentai just censored) and, is it transformation? pff XD

..hentai its tentacles, who created dis genre (and yeah laura dont kill me, jamir got tentacles)
I know i'm late but thanks for being with me ONE YEAR. So as decides i will give you guys a gifts(but it only for friends and senpais but still thank you). Also thanks for 56 peeps! I thought gonna be there 55 at this birthday but this is a result. Also some of my watchers i watched earlier but i did unwatched because their content no longer interesting to me so sorry :(...

JudasHerodes13 - My best bud what have a charming person and art! I wish yoh that sometime yoy gonna be developer :D
AngelatheTTAFan - My old friendo, bestie and my favorite gurl. Bht we didn't chat much :/. So you can write me if you want :3(and i did many fanart of you ><)
figgoprince - AAAAAAAAAAAAA! Your art is so niceu AAAAAAAAAA!!
mochiiboo - Ayy! Your is beautiful art too! And also thanks for noticing me sometimes ;w;
thelasthat and AkuzukiDaichi you are best buds too. To Akuzuki: I love your art tho OwO. Those moeness OVO AAAAH! To thelasthat: i love your pixel art! I wish i had that skill tho w@.
Pig3oink - AAAAAA!! We know eachother for a long tho >v<! Your art is VERY GOOD!! I wish i had this skill of detailing ;~;
SunnyTheSunFlower - Your art is wonderful ^o^ i'm very glad to watch you
Hanna-Diana-Magic - Your art is cute aaaa. And your OC too :3
Choccookie - I love your sorta simple style(sorry if it's offend you :( ). I really adore it! ;)

So here's gonna be the list of my watchers(and sorry for unwatching you, you can unwatch me too and not to adding to friends/senpais)
1. CUB-ISMO (first watcher)
2. @Danyconnel
3. Sugar-CreatorOfSFDI
4. jackiefireball (okay you gonna blame me becajse i didn't add you in list :/)
5. @OrderInCourtroom (fifth watcher)
6. Redkitty34
7. @BlueJayPJ
8. AnimationFever
9. SammyMeows
10. figgoprince (tenth watcher and senpai :3c )
11. Piplupblushplz
12. Pig3oink (honk : O) )
13. killercat2004
14. ObjectObjectifying
15. mochiiboo (fiteenth watcher and senpaii :D)
16. Natalie123456789
17. Deathy87
18. Choccookie (eighteenth watcher and senpai :> )
19. AetherStar
20: Yukan0429 (Twentyth watcher)
21: @AngelatheTTAF (My friendo and twety fisrt watcher :D)
22: Spagooties
23. Vhalsmasterpieces
24: ObjectShowFan75
25: DESwaffle5 (twenty fifth watcher)
26: Sudzuchi (idek but you only Russian one here)
27: nekiis
28: RemotazukariRULES
29: syronjoson
30: CatalinMetro (Thirtyth watcher)
31: @Clauduzeeek
32: academian (i'm so sorry)
33: ciprisamo
34: PuffyGummyJam
35: @ellareyes12345 (thirty fifth watcher)
36: Eri-nij
37: spacescoob
38: mojemiki
39: blozzom
40: amyrose-sonic (foutyth watcher and we are close to 56!)
41: Natebross
42: KansasDA
43: AkuzukiDaichi (My one of my favorites(or senpais) and fourty third watcher(oh! One of my favorite numbers))
44: VanillaMarbles
45: TheShiningTopaz (fourty fifth watcher)
46: vt2000 (i'm so sorry for not adding you to list, your art is so good but i wanted to do limits because i don't want to load myself too much :( and again sorry. And also you are fourty sixth watcher)
47: LoudandProudFanGirl
48: yoshid00m
49: sakacomics
50: Anonymous-012 (i realised that you kinda creepy person :eh: amd you are fiftyth person)
51: JudasHerodes13 (Best guy and person :3, also fifty fisrt watcher)
52: BestSamaNA
53: schm69
54: thelasthat (good person and fifty fourth watcher)
55: VictorySnow (fifty fifth watchers)
56: B3N7L3Y (my last watcher at the moment)

And i answer you why i post it TWO DAYS LATER after the acc birthday
- Because at friday i come back home later because class hour
- Because health issues. Yep i got sicc :( but i can draw still!

So... Have a good day and this long journal i ever made :zzz: :sleep: ...


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Yo! I just changed things


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Maybe with ArtTrade will work more effective.
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