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Backstroke of the West

By kinokochan
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"Giving first aid the already disheveled hair projection!"

Doodles inspired by screens from a very badly translated RotS DVD. :giggle:
It's absolutely hillarious. :XD: Check it out! --> [link]
I never knew Obi.. I mean "Ratio (the) Tile" was so articulate. :lmao:

Star Wars is © George Lucas
Star War, on the other hand, is © bad Chinese translation.
Thankyou ~Ahsinet for noting the link to me. I loved it! :glomp:

The wish power are together with you all~! :heart:
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© 2005 - 2021 kinokochan
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You two careful, he is a big
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This… is what who fuck?
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"The geography that I stands compares you superior!"
"You underrated my ability!"
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Very good, give me surprised and pleased!
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"Sir, they have escaped a day after the fair."
"I should really feeds you all dog!"
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You are already at full cock now.
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Spread all over the place the empire.
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no, thank, blow the skin
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"I should really feeds you all dog!"
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This is good! Came here from the blog :3
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Batter to Death Them!
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Backstroke of 'the West'?  I didn't know Gondor was secretly evil?
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And the most important thing: Jedi order = Presbyterian church.
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Why not have A Big this in?!

Strong & big A Big be!

The 3rd Gathers anyway...
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My favorites are the names Allah Gold, Reach the Man, and The Space General! XD
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My favorite is "He the my brothers in elephant is similar".
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For R2 in BOTW (Backstroke of the West), it's called Reach the Man
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I can't read through this without cracking up into high-pitched giggles. xDD
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I remember that thing! My favorite line was "He is in my behind"!
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One really underrated line has to be Obi Wan's "I feel far from good!" Then again, considering how many funny lines there are in this thing, it's not much of a surprise that some are overlooked.
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Next time, let someone who is ACTUALLY fluent in Chinese (*not* me... (even though my ethnicity is Chinese...I'm such a shame to my race -_-; ))
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