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Panel Layout Tutorial 01 of 10



I'm taking out the "It's magic" part of Panel layouts. ^_^

This also has some basic design principles which will be built upon later.

I should note that some of the things like the A4 paper, and making one read left to right, are personal preferences. Take away the principle more than the personal opinions... ^^;

Note: These are not hard and fast rules, but general rules for you to understand and correctly abuse later.

Other tutorials on panel layouts: (Because I didn't make this stuff up)
Kyou Mo Ashita mo (by Emura, a mangaka) <-- How the pros do it in manga form. Has tips and tricks that us regular people don't get. So get taught by a mangaka. =P You can find the scans online.

I'll be adding more stuff than what's listed in the previous tutorials.

Part 2: [link]
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Just found this. I love you.