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Learn Color from Sailormoon

I came up with this while thinking about color schemes.

I thought for fans of the show it would be easier to remember and people could really think about color and how it works.

Since Takeuchi-sensei is so good at it, why not!

Things to remember:

1. Play with the saturation of the colors.
If you notice Takeuchi-sensei's artwork evolution, she started to play with making some of the colors more saturated than others later on. =P She used a storyline to change Pluto's hair color and design. The more saturated colors will stick out. especially on unsaturated backgrounds. In fact, all saturated colors with the same level of brightness looks bad because everything is screaming look at me! (This is why book 2 is better than book 1 of the art collection and why she nailed monochromatic by book 4.)

2. Play with brightness of the colors.
Just because you picked something like split complimentary doesn't mean you have to use the same level of brightness on all of the colors. Mix it up. You can see that Takeuchi-sensei cheated a brown as a red.

3. Just because you chose a color scheme doesn't mean you have to stick 100% to it.
I chose *dominant colors* for this demonstration, but Takeuchi-sensei still manages to insert other colors, but they aren't as much as the color scheme in question.
[link] <-- red and green, complimentary, but look, she added purple despite the dominant colors.

[link] <-- yellow and red are the dominant colors, but she kept the colors of the eyes because in those amounts it won't intrude.

4. Try new color schemes out!
Don't get set in your ways. You can see that there was lots of experimentation with Sailor Saturn and Neptune. She also played with Sailor Chibimoon's color scheme as well, and decided to change it at a later date. You can also see she tried to experiment with one not on the chart! Even though she didn't like it and fudged with it, it was better than not trying at all. Manga and anime tend to limit their color palate, so keep that in mind.

Her favorites seem to be triadic, monochromatic, and complimentary. But she still tried others out.

I figure this way you'll learn better if you can remember by Sailor than by diagrams.
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I love this! I have trouble with color schemes, so this will be a lot of help, thanks!