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Just some quick and random emote I made for chatrooms, am bored and feeling down a little atm >.>"

Can be used for:
- Attention seeking (Not in a bad way, please)
- Chatrooms reaching flaming point and mods trying to break up the fight
- Chatroom owners sending out warning to someone
- For stuffs like: "You have alerted [Insert something that is deemed dangerous]"
- Whatever else that needs an exclamation mark
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Hey There!

THIS WORKS PERFECTLY! Facebook like bullet


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Excellent ! {May Use} :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :star: Please Join :star:
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Using for my art descriptions, hope that's okay :)
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err I use this for rules on my adopts like this
:redalert:  RULES:redalert: 

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I might want to use this. 
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:redalert: WARNING!! :redalert: 
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Hello, I've made my own version of this featuring my OC [link] I hope that's alright with you and if it's not I'll take it down immediately.
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Would you mind if I used this in my forums?
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Provided if you credit me and link back to my page, sure you can. :)
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Alright then, you may use it. Also could you note me with the link to you forum so I can check it out? :)
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Of course, as soon as we work out all the kinks in the site!
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Okay, good luck with it then :)
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I would so use this.
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