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November 23, 2010
:nopointbegging: by =KinnisonArc The Suggester said:" It's just brilliant, it shows exactly how frustrating it can be when people beg for points. "
Featured by Krissi001
Suggested by Athenas88
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~This emote has nothing to do with my actual personality or anyone else that I know here on dA~


There are some that is just way persistent and some are just plain annoying. This idea came to my mind suddenly from seeing too much begging issues or acts elsewhere. :bucktooth:

Took me 1 hour to finish this, I have to pixel the point thingy myself as I thought that this emote will lose its originality if I decided to use this point icon here > :points:

EDIT: OMG, a DD! Million thanks to =Athenas88 for suggestion and ^krissi001 for the feature.

Now comes with a plz account, go spam your own wall with this if you don't want anyone annoy you with point begging

Take note: The frame in the icon and its color have been slightly reduced because of the file size.

Also comes with a quick vector thingy that I just drew :la:
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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great artwork that is super cute <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconbegplz:" title="begplz" />

It helps a ton with people who just sit at your page and beg, beg, beg! It will say: "I'm NOT giving out points!" and its a cute, funny way of doing so. It is very original I have not seen one icon quite like it before. it has a great look to it and will draw attention. On a side not: Their expressions are C-U-T-E CUTE You can see how stubborn the blue one is and how appalled the pink or red one is. I was a great cause to make an icon for... its not a world issue like world hunger or bullying... it is a deviant art issue that I think should have an Icon like this It is a cute funny work of art and still gets a point across

my overall score would be 4.5 stars
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Thanks for the critic :)
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Someone even flat out said "give me 300 points please" she's my friend and everything, but sometimes she begs too much
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:aw: so funny:meow:
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So fanny
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HATE it when people beg that is so insincere and fucking agitating, they must be illiterate if they CAN'T even read what policies the deviant has set and if he says he DOES NOT want to be begged for points, yet they continue with that ignorant attitude
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Chill down, everyone hates those kind of attitudes too but ranting here isn't really going to help.

If that person's a stranger, I suggest blocking him.
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Hey, there. :wave: Want some points? I'm holding a contest right now where you can win some.
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    :heart::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred:   :woohoo: HAI THERE! :woohoo::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::heart:

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I have no points... :raincloud:
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I don't have any either. :|
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I hate it when people do that, too. :XD:
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me too, especially when they spam "Please" like a million times :XD:
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I totally agree with this. The whole thing is getting out of hand now. DA should make a new rule about it. Something like "If you get caught begging 3 times, you get an immediate ban"
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Lol it's true they should do something like that :lol:
Alondra-chui's avatar
Maybe I should suggest it then? *thnIks*
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It is up to you, anything that makes dA a better place :meow:
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I tried to suggest to DA about stoping the point beggars, but they said it wouldn't make any difference :roll:
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