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November 23, 2010
:nopointbegging: by =KinnisonArc The Suggester said:" It's just brilliant, it shows exactly how frustrating it can be when people beg for points. "
Featured by Krissi001
Suggested by Athenas88
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~This emote has nothing to do with my actual personality or anyone else that I know here on dA~


There are some that is just way persistent and some are just plain annoying. This idea came to my mind suddenly from seeing too much begging issues or acts elsewhere. :bucktooth:

Took me 1 hour to finish this, I have to pixel the point thingy myself as I thought that this emote will lose its originality if I decided to use this point icon here > :points:

EDIT: OMG, a DD! Million thanks to =Athenas88 for suggestion and ^krissi001 for the feature.

Now comes with a plz account, go spam your own wall with this if you don't want anyone annoy you with point begging

Take note: The frame in the icon and its color have been slightly reduced because of the file size.

Also comes with a quick vector thingy that I just drew :la:
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great artwork that is super cute <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconbegplz:" title="begplz" />

It helps a ton with people who just sit at your page and beg, beg, beg! It will say: "I'm NOT giving out points!" and its a cute, funny way of doing so. It is very original I have not seen one icon quite like it before. it has a great look to it and will draw attention. On a side not: Their expressions are C-U-T-E CUTE You can see how stubborn the blue one is and how appalled the pink or red one is. I was a great cause to make an icon for... its not a world issue like world hunger or bullying... it is a deviant art issue that I think should have an Icon like this It is a cute funny work of art and still gets a point across

my overall score would be 4.5 stars