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Zeppelin redux

By kinnas
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a repaint of an earlier painting.
edit: redid the sky and touched up here and there. chances are I'm gonna redo some other parts as well, I'm looking at you, hideously lousy trees.
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© 2008 - 2021 kinnas
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Excellent! I had to use it on my steampunk-related blog post with links and attribution. I hope you don't mind. it's queued for 15th Jan so if you don't like me using it, I'll pull it out.
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This is fearfully beautiful.
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It's gorgeous.
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You're amazing! I can't find words...
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Hahaha, this is the kind of art I always think would be awesome to draw, but never manages to get right xD Gigantic things in the sky coming into view from between the clouds.... This is awesome.... I love the lighting in the picture!
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That must have been rather close to what the citizens of England experienced during the Great War. Shockingly beautiful, yet terrible to behold.
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tragically epic. and i'm not saying it as a bad way.
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<aplodeerin seistes>
Kas on ka lootust seda pilti ka suuremas formaadis osta endale koju seinale, näiteks kasvõi siitsamast ';print'side alt?
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there is something capturing about this image. the is almost like watching something really burn, and being fascinated by it. wonderful work.
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Absolutely marvellous!

Although 'tis rather a shame to see such a splendid airship find its ruin like that.
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exceptional piece of work.
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I'd make this my wallpaper forever if it was the right size
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Very powerful painting, i would add some horror in the witnesses expression. However, impressive work!
Directly to favs!
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I like your style. And beautiful contrasts between light and dark. Great colors:clap:
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Amazing detailing!
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Featured in my latest journal entry, alongside some other breath-taking digital paintings... :blackrose:
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absolutely stunning.
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ohhh... love the drama... :heart:

i wonder, with all the action in the sky, would the ground feel be a bit still/stiff? like, no wind or air disturbance created by the explosion..
or did you intend to have the action so far up in the sky tht the ground seems to be 'untouched'...? :?:

just a thought, i'm still learning and trying to figure things out... :blush:
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julm ... ja julmalt äge :D
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