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Bobble Bubble by Kinla Nekobase4 by onigiryStuff Pixel BubbleCat by Kinla Phujo Pixel by Kinla

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Page Doll by onigiryStuff


Not So Cold Night
The list of Phujo's friends is growing XDD
Not sure what to name her yet, but she was inspired by a youtube thumbnail for a game called line rider, the thumbnail really made the character in the game look like a bird to me XD so I went with it lol..She came out looking almost like a puffin. I wanted to give her a hat and some how a witch hat worked out so I kept it.

 I'm happy with how she came out.
Sweet Starchild, My DTA Entry
Saying this now, in the event I don't win this child, I don't give permission to the winner to take this, sorry, I'm too much in love with the changes/concept I made to the design, that I'll most likely heavily edit this to make them my own character, too proud of this to give to anyone else panic 

So the design is from here:…
I was given permission to make some small changes to the design with my entry

The changes I made are:
-Halo/rainbow attached to ears I made a actual halo around one ear
- Cloud wings form out of a floating star on their back, so can take any shape (not attached to back)
-Cloud tail is showed as a demon tail instead of cat tail (but can be any tail include cat)
-Instead of two big stars on wings, made many little ones
-Changed style of sleeves, they are still long but can see hands. (has arm warmers under sleeves as reverse pattern)
-gave none cloud tail, short bobcat tail to match ears.

I'm sure there is alot of errors in the head shot, currently I cant see, but I'm in such aw with how this came out XD best thing I've drawn in a long time -rolls around giggling-
This gave me anxiety but goodness does it hit the feelz of realization. Now if only I had the drive to fix things [ICON] This Is Fine 
Any case, loved the animations and style lol...
Ms2: Icon 1
Was a icon I was requested to do awhile back by a random player...pretty much since my character gives off a  "I'm a Artist!" vibe haha. I was just farming some flowers and they came up to me asking for me to do a icon for them. I liked their characters look and didn't plan on doing commissions any time soon (though I'm sure they wouldn't have asked for a commission anyways..) I agree'ed to do it, during my free times anyways since I thought it be fun.
Sadly by the time I finished (about two weeks later after showing them the wip...) they had stopped playing all together and I had no way in getting in contact with them Facepalm such a shame, thank god this wasn't a commission, I would have been pissed off lol.
I'll never know what they thought of this, but what ya'll think? XD This was finished back in December, got tired of waiting so sharing now~
MS2: Healing Harpy
Took forever to finish this (cause I forgot to...-cough-) figured out a easy way of shading though, so upside? Not perfect but it's a start.
This was the character design I had in the first CBT, before the game fully came out...ugggh I loved this character design so much -cry softly- but those head wings on her head never came back into the game not even on release...they did come out with a smaller version, but it doesn't fold in like these did on the head and don't look as cute -sighhhh- so I wont be a harpy again any time soon, didn't even bother yet remake the outfit.

posted this on twitter too (OH HOW I WISH THEY HAD EDITING SYSTEM FOR POSTS) lol realized I had forgotten the spots on her shit, hopefully they look fine on her top, had to edit the flat image =w=; so unsure if it's noticeable or not.

Anycase ms2 bring back those head wings! raaaaa!


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