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I'm not completely sure if this was a single dream, or two? And it's also not a complete dream (cause when does a dream from me ever end with a conclusion? lol )
Figured I'd still share this dream none the less, cause it was intriguing, I think the cause of the dream was from watching/playing too much minecraft lately while working/ on break, anime, and the most recent star wars movie I watched with fam yesterday.
It also was one of them out of body dreams, where I knew which character I was, but I wasn't 100% them, so I was more a spectator.

From what I can remember, the dream started out on in this desert area, I game was being had (not sure what type of game...) but it had just finished and the participants were leaving. One that stood out the most to me, was leaving out a portal he had created, I can't remember what he looked like, but he was on all four legs, some creature, and had the voice of a old man saying his goodbyes to me. I stood alone with a sense of victory, whatever happed I was the winner, I left the to find a new purpose I guess. I walked along the road, having a conversation with myself...but I felt another presence with me, I could also hear a woman's voice. (Spectator me, figured some kind of partner of mine that was hiding themselves, or maybe they couldn't be seen in this world? )
I stopped at some ruin of a house and jumped over a small fence to get inside, inspecting it and picking up some rocks. I then stopped, peeking over a tall part of rubble, I saw a struggling girl being taken somewhere. She was pleading and apologizing about something as a portal opened up and she was taken through. My hidden partner then spoke up "That girl was taken into the other side! If she stays there her life force will be drained and she'll die!" With haste I jumped over the rubble and sprinted at the portal at full force before it disappeared.
Landing not so gracefully in someone's home, with scattered objects beneath me (most likely stumbling through and knocking shit over) I sat there laughing rubbing the back of my head with a sheepish smile. A woman on her hands and knees was next to me in a agitated state looked at me with a grumbled sigh. (This was most likely the partner of mine I couldn't see before...but on the other side I could) She hit my shoulder before trying to get up "Always rushing in before thinking!" I smiled up at her " well of course, what knight would I be then." Getting up brushing myself off, I looked around, seeing the front door we walked out. I tried to see where the girl and the one that brought her here went off to, but couldn't spot them. "Oh, so we meet again, that sure was fast" I heard a voice speak out to me,I looked over, and it was that creature on all fours again (Again though, for some reason his appearance was like hidden from my eyes? Like a blur, not meant to be seen/remembered I guess. )

This is when I question if I started having a new dream, because there's a jump, I'm no longer the Knight, but some young woman having a conversation with two troubled parents. The parents seemed a bit off, like they were afraid of something, keeping something from me. (Again, I'm a spectator but I know I am this woman.) I question the parents about their children, and that startled them, a bit but they finally came clean. proclaiming their children had these bell like objects in their possession and if the parents weren't careful the kids might use the bells on them. I ponder, glancing away trying to think of a plan for the bells. It turns out, some cloaked man asked me and my group to get these bells for him, not really thinking anything about it, I had agreed to do the job.

Another jump happens, but I'm still the young woman. Me and the crew I brought with me, ended up on a stage where a large audience gathered, including the children that had the bells. We then pointed weapons on the audience (more so on the children..) and demanded the bells, otherwise consequences would happen. (I assume we planned something out that the children wouldn't be able to use the bells on us...because they didn't..) The kids stepped forward, there was three of them, they were fair-skinned with light hair, they looked very similar to each other (triplets? ) Two of them placed their bells on the stage (they weren't normal looking bells, they were white with decorative black squares covering them), the last child hesitated then placed theirs down, as well as a small metal rod (I assume theirs was the only one that was used for sound? ) Me and two of my other companions picked up the bells and suddenly I felt different. As if there was a voice commanding me to do something, spectator me realized there was a flipping thrall on the bells. The kids were able to withstand it, me and my companions not so lucky. I looked at a young girl in the back of the audience, suddenly she started crying her body began to morph and she turned into a small decorative chest, horror appeared on my face, questioning if I did that. I looked at my other companions and they had slightly twisted expressions.

Another jump, now there is chaos, me and my companions have overcome the thrall, but the damage has been done. The sky is cloudy with lightening flashing violently (but the lightning never touched ground. ) I looked out to the now slightly scattered audience..hearing them screaming, muttering, panicked, etc. Some of them gripping their heads crying..almost chanting repeated words, some of them red with embarrassment...the ferk did we do? I looked at my companions again, with a distraught expression "what have we done? And how can we give such weapons to our client, these are clearly dangerous in the wrong hands!" Lightning and thunder clamored in the sky again, this time I could hear pained cries from above. I jumped off the stage looking up and saw some creature in the clouds, it was as big if not bigger then a whale, It was electrocuting itself. I came to the realization that that was one of the gods, with their power we did wrongs, and so that it's powers wouldn't be abused,they were going to kill themselves. Panicked, I gripped my bell, and shouted for everything to be undone, the great creature in the sky stopped harming itself and suddenly everything just...stopped.
Focus was then on a large beast like man in the audience (I was now spectating him...) He was crouching on the ground, holding his head crying, almost looked beat up (really, what the hell did we do with these bells!? ) His eyes wide open, muttering under his breath over and over "let me die, please just let me die" He then paused, as if a burden was lifted from him, he removed his hands and looked up at a woman standing by him, she was smiling with tears, the rest of the people in the area calming down as well. The woman blushed then spoke " love me?"
More chatting happened with the crowed of people...(I felt as if, among all the commotion, some of the audience were made to confess something, reason why some of the troubled people were embarrassed. Otherwise I was just so confused what the ferk was going on in this dream)

And I woke up.

I'll draw some of the things/ characters I can vividly remember later if I can.

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Bub-chi Event: Round-the-world : Metensia
Tried to do 3 this time....ah...m-might cut back next round, this killed me with such a short time when busying with irl stuff, oof.

Top is Lake of Goddess' tears, where I made a "goddess" statues in the middle of the lake crying tears of water. (I love the statues design SO much I might draw it again to show its details better hehehe) Jydo started crying over the beauty of the scenery I guess? lol So Brin and his little firefly (
fribs ) try to comfort him, one of the fribs patting Jyro's head.

Bottom Left is skyview of Mount Xiaoaix, Ghost being all for exploring while Brin very unsure about it.

Bottom Right is Swamp of lost memories, Ghost is all for this place feeling a sense of being home, though Jydo isn't okay with this place and for good reason, something feels a bit off about this place after all. Hmmmm.....


Ghost's Tracker:
Brin's Tracker:
Jydo's Tracker:


Com: Slugs and Buns Sketch Page
Dragonpunk15 (drigi) was a sweet bean and helped me help a friend out by commissioning me =3
She wanted pretty much more of these two together lol…

and it was fun. I included almost all the evolving stages of her character as well, with Tumi..pretty much not changing haha.

Far left one, also includes The-Lady-Lune Slug boy bappin Tumi. She asked to include him and Drigi was cool with it =3...look at him LOOK AT HIM, so cute being held like a plushie ehehehe.

While typing this and reading drigi smooching Tumi on discord XD... I realized I forgot the spots on his "ears" uggh...I finished this at like 1am...I'm allowed errors! and I'm too lazy/tired to fix -throws up arms- bah! I got her character done correctly (close to correctly) at least, my jobs done! lol.

Tumi: -puppy eyes, feeling apart of him is missing-
Com: Poncho Run
Slowly starting to realize my sharp style is like a lava lamp where the blobs are every  changing...cause this style is ever changing lol but also consistent at least.
I'm really in love with the results with this one, since I haven't drawn in this style for awhile I was slightly worried, but I cant stop smiling X3
Just hope Oscorix is happy with it -fidget fidget-

any case, this Poncho Kitty is from this batch of adopts:
I'm so happy this sweetie got a home ;w; they were one of my favs.
Bub-Chi: Like a Star
I made this some time ago, in April and forgot to post it lol.
This is the image that's include on their tracker being all fab XD

Jydo isn't a singer professionally but does love to sing and perform in his sisters odds and ends shop, when customers are mingling. He's a verything kind of Chi all to please his sister. Be it a singer, cook,butler,trader, sister, killer...he'll be anything.

I love this 2nd outfit for him, is so cute, it's alot like the other outfit but slightly different top.

Jydo's Tracker:

Bub-chi Event: Round-the-world : Alrades
Edit: Gosh darn it! I forgot Jydo's nail markings on his fingers! FFFF- whatever =m= too lazy to fix -flops-


All bummed, I really wanted to do Blue Desert too, but just didn't have time =c
Least I had time to do Crystal Cave, ya'll know how much Kinny loves her crystals hehehe.

Jydo: GASP OMG Ghost! Look!!! it's my people! *joking around*
Ghost: yeah yeah, come on and help me break some of "your people" out of the walls.
Jydo: boooo BOOO, could have played along better, oh look the water is pink in here...neat! Think it tastes like plums?
Ghost: Unless you want your insides to glow too, I wouldn't drink that.
Jydo: .....
Ghost: DONT.
Jydo: NO FUN!

Ghost's Tracker:
Jydo's Tracker:




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