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22K Views the land of Mordor where the shadow lie....
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Sauron is actualy cute in this one! Love it!

Hey Kinko-White, awesome work! Do you mind if I share it on my website, with full credits to you of course? Thank you for your art!

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That is amaaaaaaazingly pretty :love: :heart:
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I really Love how you have put a face, and not the mask, that is so awesome =D

Your Work is just amazing and mind-blowing Heart Love Pikachu Loves It Plz 
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Fabulous!! Heart Love 
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This is pretty damn good!!!! I love what I see!!!
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that is sooo awsome!!
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Потрясающей красоты работа! Обожаю Саурона, чертовски харизматичная личность. За один только цвет волос Вам огромное спасибо, нарисовано просто шикарно.I love deviantART!  Редко встретишь его с темным цветом волос, как в оригинале, обычно его делают почему-то светлым.
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These are all so beautiful!! I love your style so much! What kind of book do you paint in, may I ask?
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He reminds me of Sherlock XD
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That's what I was thinking, too.
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this is amazing I WANT IT!!!
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No problem, but were can i buy this book.....FOR REALZ i want it
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So... Where can we buy this book? ^^
Kinko-White's avatar
ups)) sorry, you can't ^-^
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Hey .... Sauron is evil evil and evil !!!!
Look what you have done.
Evil + sexy = True badass.

Great work.
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I love the black & orange tone.
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Gad you like it!))) besito emote 
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Impossibly cool... It's evil to draw Sauron so good-looking XD XD XD
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I know it's Sauron and he's totally evil... but I want to follow him! He's so... attractive... xDDD

Absolutely love this, it's gorgeous :)
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Haha))) evil guys are very attractive! Here's a kiss for you, my love! 
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