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This is one of my favourite Thranduil and Legolas fanarts of all time! So beautiful <3!
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This is sad and adorable and beautiful and sad and . . . I'm running out of words, but it is amazing.
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I love your arts so much. u////u
There're all so beautiful.
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Aw man, I am such a sucker for art of Thranduil and Legolas, haha. Thank you for making my heart happy. :heart:

The colors on this are lovely. :) It has a sort of sad, but quiet and peaceful feel, like he's leaving in the middle of the night, and they're saying goodbye while no one else is around. I really love it. :heart:
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Amazing picture, these colours are absolutely fantastic...;) (Wink)
Beautiful job, very well done...:) (Smile) 
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Absolutely gorgeous, kinko
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Very pretty. I really like the stardust look of the background.
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Вот на тумблере мелькнуло, думаю, знакомая рука) А оно и есть)))
УУу Леголас такой хороший. Вот ты его очевидно больше любишь, чем папашу)
Трогательно вышло, эмоции передает...особенно руки у Трандуила, ну и выражения лиц.
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Спасибо!!Here's a kiss for you, my love! Я их обоих люблю)) дигитально рисовать это мука мучениская, но ведь все равно ручки тянутся!))
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Шо такое дигитально?)
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:D (Big Grin) ну как на компьютере)) как правильно сказать?)) 
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А, дошло) Сама не знаю, как правильно)
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This is really beautiful, love the use of color here ! :heart:
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So beautiful work ...
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this is great, you show they relation in a beautiful way
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WOW! This is so unbelievably beautiful! the colors, the lighting, the emotion.....
you are so talented! There is so much magic in this! amazing!!Love Heart Heart  Hug  Clap Clap
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Thank you so much, dear friend))Heart 
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