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the Big Bang Theory



I love love love the BiG BANG THEORY!!
~RadSavij and I have been watching it a lot these last couple of days in the run up to the new series. :heart:
Between looking after my two little ones and freelance work I dont have the time to digitally colour them as I would like to. Maybe in the future I'll come back and redo it. :)
Characters as shown;
Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Amy, Raj, Bernadette and Howard!

Sheldon is my fave but I also think Amy is hilarious!!

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My favorite character was Bernadette! The women of the show had some major attitude, and the guys just couldn't stand up to them! Bernadette had a sweet exterior, but had Level 10 Spicy, take-no-crap-from-anyone sass that NO ONE messed with!

I also really liked Mary Cooper because she tried her best to be PC, and she was warm and loving as a Christian woman.......but she still had a tough backbone, especially with Sheldon!

The actress who portrayed Lucy was too adorable for words, and she nailed the trait of "social anxiety" down. It was really sweet of Raj to have a text date at a library with her to work around her quirk, and I bet anyone would try to respect her reservations as much as possible while trying to make a relationship work with her.

On another opinions of the guys! Zack wasn't very bright, but he did have a sweet heart and tried his best to connect with his ex's male friends. The actor who played him was fantastic! Raj would have made an excellent boyfriend, and had a real bromance with Howard! The creators denied it, but Sheldon exhibited a lot of signs that he would have Autism or Aspergers's Syndrome. And......IRL, I believe that Jim Parsons is very good at basketball.