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'Tattoos' Lashes 24

Lashes now has a facebook fan page... click Share and LIKE IT, Romy needs it.

Im on a role!! 2 comics in one week! Thats a lashes reconrd! ;) haha
This one was inspired by one of my fave old funny films... see who gets the ref. :la: (I may be too old! lol)

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"I have a MOLE!?"
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This style reminds me of 6teen. 6teen with lashes
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I love your comics, very enjoyable.
**Dies laughing**
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lol i must be really unobservant, I always thought James's tattoos were two little stars.
Miss-Amanda-Stars's avatar
Men in Tights right? Love. <3 I'm so glad to see more of these! <3
boomstix's avatar
hahah one of my most favorite Robin Hood:men in tights joke!
WearyWere's avatar
Oh my god is this Men in Tights???? I freakin' love that movie
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Just like in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. But at least she is aware that she has moles.
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I love the movie reference, 10 points for you
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I was just recently wondering if those were tattoos or not.. XD
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YES! More Lashes! happydance 
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Mel Brooks had some funny movies.
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Sir wasnt your mole on the other side?
... I HAVE A MOLEE !?!?!??!
Best film ever <3 love this <3
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Cracks me up soo bad! Haha
Someone pointed out that I kept moving her tat so it inspired me. Lol
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Get 'em, Fred! Kill! KILL!!!!
Victorian-x-Lyddie's avatar
Is it Robin Hood: Men in Tights? 
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Yes!! Haha im so glad someone else got it! ;)
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Is it Young Frankenstein?
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Oh, well there's a similar gag in that one but with a hunched back instead of moles. I think I know what the movie is I just can't remember the name.
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I think I'm about your age, but I never see that movie.. but I get the jokes :thumbsup:
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