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Rapunzel! :heart:

Hope you all like, its been ages since i last did one like this.

Others in this series > [link] :star:

do NOT use my artwork without my permission.
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hlbrooks's avatar
Wow - this is SO ADORABLE!  She has some attitude, too. 
Sealana's avatar
I love how you showed how she cut her she was (is?) annoyed with it and wants it all off.
completeawesomeness's avatar
So funny she's all like
"Oh i just give up"
adrilabelle's avatar
LOL just great work ;o)
Elineeey's avatar
haha, she cut her hair?
kinkei's avatar
snazzi-jazzi's avatar
i've never seen rapunzel with short hair i like it
EvilChickSquad's avatar
i think this s my fav out of your whole gallery! she looks so rebellious :XD: "Prince? What prince?i dont need no friggin prince!"
Nightmare-forever's avatar
Hehe, I just adore your version! Her dress is so pretty and I love how she's cutting her own hair. :XD:
dance-drawing-dumbo's avatar
She looks like such a rebellious teenager! :heart:
kgallamore817's avatar
I love this style!
i love her. a princess with an attitude
snowwhitehatterloli's avatar
i love the way it looks like she is saying 'i dont need no prince darlin!' she looks very independant
DredPirateLeena's avatar
Been browsing this series and I must say I LOVE this one! The expression on her face with the sneer of her lips and direct stare of the eyes is perfect! I was thinking that these (if only you owned the characters!) would make an awesome calender series.
RippleInTheWater's avatar
love it! I think this is one of the best in the album!
madmoiselleclau's avatar
this drawing fits perfect to my art jam topic of this month! :) If you want to participate please send me the thumbnail (thumb number at the area of "sare") to my journaL! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaksy20's avatar
Oh,wow, she looks really pissed! I hope she didn't mind making a few cuts!
may12324's avatar
ha! this is so cool, deffinite fave ! :D
AnnaAhiru's avatar
ohhh. she looks angry. very cool. : ]
rikkimusmaximus's avatar
i love her little feets!
cappy-code's avatar
hehe very very cute! hehe!!! :D
rubberbend's avatar
That's really cool!
How do you choose your colors? Practice or something? :D
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