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'Old Age' Lashes 23

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... Why did you remind me... I've been on this site way too long
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YAY update; I've missed these! 
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Death and I have an understanding… I told him my infatuation with the comic isn't THAT kind of infatuation and so he has nothing to worry about. We're cool… we're cool~
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Still here . . . older but not dying yet :XD:
animaloversammy's avatar
LASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 
paintitblack54's avatar
Yay! I missed these girls :3
Ioialoha's avatar
lol welcome back
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I've gotta be honest, I love your design and pinup work, but I almost never get these comics. I don't know if I'm missing a punchline or if they're just intended for a different demographic...
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Haha thats ok... u might not get my humour.
In this one im implying that death has killed all my followers cos its been over a year since I last drew these comics.(its more a dig at myself for being lazy! ) lol
Death has a recurring role as he is besotted with Romy.
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Nah, we're still alive and kickin'.

Snowshoe Kitty wants to have Fred's children!

Neat trick, considering she's fixed.

They can still try!
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Im usually quite silent, but I watched you because of these guys. Good to see them again :3
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Finally, more Lashes! :D
CutieKittie999's avatar
I literally read like half of these :3
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Yeah, I'm more of a silent watcher too, I'll comment whenever I think I should say something lol
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I remember discovering these lil shorts in your gallery a while ago i really enjoyed them and read them all though most likly i was just being a silent watcher xD but im glad to see more! <3
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