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Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood... evil!

The others i have done...
Alice in wonderland [link]
Dorothy from the wizard of oz [link]
Snow white [link]
Sarah from Labyrinth [link]
The nightmare b4 christmas [link]
Sleeping beauty [link]
The little mermaid [link]
My original character with cats [link]
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Reminds me of a poem I once wrote (which can be found in my gallery in the Written Things folder).
Persephone479's avatar
this style reminds me of mary blair
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
Awww...she's so sweet and bloodthirsty!
snazzi-jazzi's avatar
little killing hood lol
EvilChickSquad's avatar
anjelynn12's avatar
wickedly creepy!
dfritillary's avatar
Found this while google-searching images of "red riding hood" and just HAD to fave it!
Love the paw prints in the blood particularly.

LeDarkness1's avatar
little red isn't so defenceless after all!

love it
LivingWater333's avatar
as always lovin the lashes!
AnnaAhiru's avatar
ohh. how cute and evil >w<
BreathOfNocte's avatar
how adorably morbid! i love it. :)
ColDra's avatar

Love it. ^^ You rock me socks. :D
jokersdoll's avatar
Fantastically twisted!
chrysanthema's avatar
um.... whats up with the ax?
j-rok's avatar
Great piece! I love the "hints" of violence juxtaposed (how's that for a word!) to the cuteness of Red.
apeljuice's avatar
i love fairytales! and this is my favorite character... because i'm crazy in love white the color red.
MajEnn's avatar
I looked at all the other ones. They're all so awesome!
Love this style. I feel sorta bad for the wolf. :D
Shikisai-kunstgriff's avatar
kinkei's avatar
Thank you very much x
Insanityismorefun's avatar
I love your drawing style!!!
Its really cool and modern...
Kydoon's avatar
Not that it doesn't fit though. The picture, of course, still kicks ass!
Kydoon's avatar
Funny, I never pictured Little Red Ridinghood as a blond for some reason. :hmm:
HILDOOM's avatar
They used to call me little BLACK riding hood when i was in school cuz i always had a black hooded jacket on... FAVE!
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