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Problem with men!

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man and that one guy in the middle... HOTTIE!!!
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death is awesome! and wow, he really likes romy.
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Why did you stop this comic?
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
yes, because not showing enough clevage will cause all the men u date to die. Yes, Romy, that is obviously what is going on.
KuriosiT-kat's avatar
Death is probably one of my favourite characters. just so much comedy! (and I like the outfit variations now I know that she has a wardrobe like any normal person XP)
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You have to introduce Death to this girl [link] ^_^
silver-elena's avatar
Hahaha! Love it ^_^
EnigmaMaiden's avatar
A jealous death is an adorable death. :3
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ahahahah LOL!!! this is amazing!
ChameleonCove's avatar
The boobs are the least of her dating problems.
based on a true story?
Gagajolie123's avatar
Death! XD I knew it. :P
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That's pretty cute how Death is doing all of that just because she's dating men who aren't him. A little weird, yes, but humorous!
I love how Death is in love with her :3 And I especially love how you put it in such a sweet comedic way instead of a scary stalker way X3
Gaurdian-of-Dreamers's avatar
Obviously!XD Haha, I had to read this twice because I hadn't realized Death was in the panels at first!XD
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"Either that or the grim reaper is conspiring against her." (sorry if I had to spell that all out.) Anyway, love the comic.
pestopollux's avatar
wait.. her tattoo is the other side..?
yes defiantly not enough boob if i noticed that.. :P
LunarLadyLupa's avatar
I love Death stories. :3
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