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Was mothers day a couple of weeks back and I thought of this comic but didnt have time to finish it until today.
ENJOY! :heart:


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LlamaWithAHat's avatar
Fred <3 Love that cat :3
silver-elena's avatar
In that case I have another day where I can get presents now.
AnimeOtaku4444's avatar
LOL! That's adorable! I think I should get a pet before next Mothers' Day, I wouldn't mind getting some chocolates and flowers either. :-D
kikilemon1's avatar
yep, i get gifet from my 'babies' every day
....dead mice and stuff...
jealousapples's avatar
I luv this comic <3
sunyatta8's avatar
haha! Love it!
Poezekate's avatar
Yay a new lashes comic! I love these, they're so funny!
KuriosiT-kat's avatar
Pfft! XD that's funny, just too funny! XD
Brandonstarr's avatar
That's too funny... my tabby cat is also named Fred!
Believe-Reality's avatar
I have a ginger cat named Fred.
JumpySquirrel's avatar
Mothers day is next month...
kinkei's avatar
its in march in the UK
JumpySquirrel's avatar
wow thats kinda weird for us..i live in canada
XxDeadlyWhispersxX's avatar
Osmatar's avatar
Awesome! I now have an excuse to buy myself gifts for mothers day! :D
Isha-Ann's avatar
She's got a point....
MitokoHikari's avatar
This is true with me and my cat as well :D
kuutamoxpiru's avatar
I just had a petite freak out thinking I forgot mothers' day. But then I realized we're in different countries. Crisis averted.
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