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Fairly odd Potter

well after drawing me and rad the other day as fairies from fairly odd parents, i decided to draw some fan art of harry potter and my fave characters from the books in Fairly odd parents style!! :dance:

loads of fun!! i did this using flash. hope everyone likes!!! :XD:
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awww great crossover *A*
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Hermione n' Ron

Wanda n' Cosmo
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O.O that so cooooool!
Luna is cool and Voldemort (as Always) is ugly
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Fairly Odd Potter. My life in now complete.
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i get everyone else but the one on the very top left

Soooooo Awesome!!!!!!!!!
I love it! :D I want to do a poster of it, for my room, not to make money or anything! Do you have it bigger?
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Get Voldys wand! And bellatrixes too!
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:-O Now I've seen everything.
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yay!! cool! Harry looks like Cosmo!!
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I cannot figure out who the floating person is on top.
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Thanks, that was confusing me. :)
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Love Bella's hair!
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Awesome! Love Ron and Luna!
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hehe this is great! :D
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Bella looks like she trips over her own hair a lot.
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All i have to say.. one world : AWESOME!!
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