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Dungeons and Dragons and It Was Advanced

By kinjamin
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This was up at the Six Seasons & A Movie Art Show this past weekend. I didn't want to have it up until the show is over.


This is completely going to date me. You'd have to be familiar with Community and it's D&D episode AND the old 80's D&D cartoon to fully get this. It's kind of a mash-up in a mash-up in a mash-up.


(bottom row)
- Chang as Presto / Brutalitops (Magic User, Baby!)
- Britta as Sheila / Lavernica (with Boots... Belt...)
- Troy as Hank / Bing-Bong, the Archer and such
- Annie as Eric / Hector the Well Endowed
- Abed as Dungeon Master / Dungeon Master / Elf Maiden / Kyle the Gnome
- Jeff as Bobby / Marrrrrr
- Dean as Uni (or Deani the Deanicorn)
- Shirley as Diana / Zippedy-Doo

(top row)
- Pierce Hawthorne as Venger / Pierce Hawthorne (the dickish)
- Neil as StrongHeart (seriously, if you get that reference, you're a geek... like me.) / Ducane of the Clan Ducane (Edit: it's Dequesne... geez, calm down, reddit)
- Dan Harmon as Bahamut / Draconus
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I'm not one who's prone to hyperbole, but this is one of the most AWESOME pics I've ever seen anywhere.  Having created a human warrior character named Lavernica for one of my PC games, I searched her name on a whim and on the off-chance someone might have created a piece of fan art.  When this image popped up, it blew my mind, not only because this episode is a classic, but I was also a fan of the cartoon as a kid.  Too bad it's not available to buy as a print, because I really want to frame it and hang it up - - it's that perfect (with only a very minor nitpick: Hector's blindfold was ripped from the tunic and not cloak).  Thanks for creating and sharing this (along with your other outstanding Community submissions)!

5 MeowMeowBeenz for you!
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awesome dude, ty for the timeline photo :)
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cool cool cool
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That is freaking spectacular!
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BRILLIANT! Thanks for making this a real thing.
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Pierce is the best Venger.
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Haha soo cool Art of Community I a;ways wanted to see about the Dungens & Dragons episode :)
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This was one of my favorites at the show (having been a Dungeons and Dragons player, watched the old 80's cartoon, and memorized Pierce's "Tell me Abed..." speech from the 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' episode) could say I was amazed. Great work!
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thanks man!!! Your stuff made the Dreamatorium section of the show awesome!
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this was easily my favorite episode (zombie episode being a close second)!
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Amazing! You always do the best Community/parody/art! Great job!
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thanks man! And thanks for always supporting my work!
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