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Community Justice

Made this in time for the season 4 premiere! YES! Six Seasons And A Movie!!!!

Some notes:

(From left to right, top row)
Chang as the Martian Manhunter - Honestly, the only reason I made him J'onn is so I can name him Ch'ang Ch'angzz the Martian Changhunter
Shirley as Hawkgirl - Or, more appropriately, Shirleyra Hol. I really wanted her to be something fierce and war-like. Hawkgirl is perfect for that (particularly to those who followed the animated series) Part of me wanted to go the New 52 route and deck her out with all the ridiculous armor Hawkman currently wears. But alas, consistency won out.
Jeff as Superman - Just to show the world I don't hate Jeff. Because I really don't. But previously he's always been the secondary hero (he was Harvey Dent and Guile) - and that's only an artifact of the fact Troy and Abed rule the land of imagination. that being said, something would of felt amiss if I didn't cast the primary alpha male of the show as the primary alpha male of the JLA
Troy as Green Lantern - Speaking of imagination, Troy is second only to Abed.. and therefore was a shoe-in for Green Lantern. And having him conjure up plumber tools? Couldn't resist. I'd like to note I do try not to race cast characters, as Troy is essentially taking the role of the Green Lantern John Stewart.. but it happened to fall into place.

(from left to right, bottom row)
Pierce as Aquaman - Interestingly enough, I actually wanted to put Britta in the Aquaman role, since he's considered 'the worst' of the Justice League. And I would of had her trying to talk to a fish in a bowl, and the fish would be replying back "you are the worst!" -- However, adding word balloons and having to convey that kind of exposition disrupts the whole pin-up feel of the image. In any case, Pierce makes an excellent Arthur Curry. Or rather, he fittingly makes the most awful kind of Aquaman as is evident in his actions in this piece.
Britta as Black Canary - So I had the lyrics to her Christmas song from the episode "Regional Holiday Music" spiraling around her to emulate Dinah's canary cry. But it kind of made Britta too much of a focal point, so I regrettably got rid of it. People familiar with that episode will recognize Britta's pose here.
Annie as Wonder Woman - Annie being the third able to maneuver the Dreamatorium of course gets the primary lead female role. And she fills the costume out nicely, too.
Abed as Batman - I mean, really.. was there any question?
Dean as the Flash - So I wanted to avoid doing the 'Dean in drag' bit again. The dean is also notorious for taking some costume that's typically butch, and completely feminizing it. (Is that a real word?) In any case, the Flash was a perfect candidate for that. In addition, I really envision him changing into different costumes anyway at light speeds.

Anyway, hope you guys like it. I apologize to Community fans that follow me for taking so long to do a piece.
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Not that it fits the theme in the same way, but you know who Dean Pelton would be good as? Mr. Mxyzptlk.
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This is fantastic! ♡
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Annie  should have been black canary after that scream when she lost her pen
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You know, Allison Brie WOULD makes a better Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot.
Awesome. Awesome, awesome possum. But...why not just call them Justice Community? That makes a lot more sense. Abed would be disappointed.
Love your work man and hopefully you can add your Community art as options to purchase as prints.  These really are exceptional.  Thanks!
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This one I would read and watch as a movie animated or live action
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I feel like Troy would be better as Cyborg, they both play football and Troy was a robot in the Halloween episode
Purgatory367's avatar
Other than that though great work
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This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
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You actually peaked my interest in Community about a three weeks ago.
Found it on Hulu, already on season 4.
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nice!!! im glad I could do that!  Uhh.. but season 4 is unfortunately the weakest season.  Still a lot better than a lot of the crap that's on TV tho.
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Troy and Abed save the plaaanet.
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LOL C'mon now You could do Chevy better than that. He's much cooler than Aquaman. xD
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........ wait.. are you being serious?
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Lol Well, I've always loved Chevy Chase at least the young version of him.
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Love it! this was fun!
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AWESOME!!! LOVE THIS! Amazing job!
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This is so appropriate.
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Glad its back on... about to go watch the new season now! Great work by the way. I hope they feature some of your stuff on the show if they can.
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Haha, how cool!
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