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September 2018: still somehow busy, but that seems to be the new norm, so I might just do some more commissions before I get super busy again in few months. Or at least finally update the sheet....

The list:
1) ---
2) ---
3) ---

I really need to update the commission sheet but here's the old one to get the general idea:
  Commission sheet by kinixuki
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My last post of any kind was in August...and that's already few months back =__=; I'm still pretty much alive and making art all the time (which suddenly goes by so faaaaaast), just most of it is for school or work and I don't feel confident enough to post it here. Actually with work stuff I don't even know if I actually can but I'll try to remember to ask and post something once it's finished - I'm making things for an educational site for children and so far I'm super happy about it except it takes most of my non-school time and I barely have time to work on own stuff...or any stuff that doesn't have strict deadline or isn't so important so there go all the contests I meant to do and a single commission I'm trying to finish forever >>;

I should have something finished soon though and I'm really looking forward to have something to post again but for now here's at least this update that I haven't forgot about DA. Aaaand also a reminder that while my DA is a bit dead my tumblr is still full of sketches...or at least there is something happening -

Now back to storymaking, I'm restarting my final semestral comic because I suck and because I didn't have any time even before that. I need to turn into a wizard.

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:iconyonetee: made me this for my birthday:

 Trying to hide by Yonetee

AND THEN :iconkazumaki: made me this:

 Trying to escape by Kazumaki

As I'm writing this I'm officially free of high school for good and I have basically nothing to do till end of September when the college starts. Aaand it's going to be awesome and full of art. Of course until that there will be lots of art too and storymaking and hopeless search for summer job but but there might be something else too...

Not that I actually thought this is going to happen and I don't even have paypal yet but I can at least try (also because I'm poorer than a beggar). It would something between these -… and… - in terms of quality, either digital, traditional or mixed (which is the best) with base price at $25. So if anyone was interested either comment here or note me so I can know if it's worth to make paypal now.
(pro Čechy samozřejmě bankovní převod jde taky, cena by byla kolem těch 500Kč :3)
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After ages of thinking about it, Yonetee finally conviced me to get my place to tweet. So I did!

As for any other updates, I have been pretty lazy lately = l I have some sketches, buuuuut first I must learn to don't attemp to paint with pencil *headdesk*
Sketches! I love them and I love looking at them, but I do little for return. I already have some kind of weird sketchblog together with random rantings, but it's in Czech, so I am thinking about getting some en blog only for sketches (and little randomly random rants, hopefully only about sketches). there any non-czech person or any other being that has some interest?

Edit! I am becoming social Here's my tumblr sketchblog: I just hope I will stop being so lazy and the sketches won't be ugly anymore.
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(whoa, this new journal thingy looks really...weird)

So...:iconyonetee: unexpectedly tagged me 8 ]

Post 9 facts about your character
Tag 8 users to do the same task
Tagbacks allowed!

So, the name of our "victim" is Kirta, because I can't choose from aaaaaall of my characters and Yone suggested him. Also, this is going to be really really weird, because no one except Yone don't know who I'm talking about, because I somehow forgot to draw my own characters. I am going to change this soon >8l Hopefuly.

:bulletblack: he's a powerful shaman
:bulletblack: he leads small clan/tribe
:bulletblack: he's about 35 years old
:bulletblack: he's very charismatic, intelligent and patient
:bulletblack: he's rarely suprised
:bulletblack: his gaze makes people want to say everything. It's really hard to keep a secret from him.
:bulletblack: he smiles a lot. With all unusual types of smiles.
:bulletblack: he is master of mental manipulation
:bulletblack: if I say he hates his brother, it still won't be accurate. He sort of acts like psychopath when his brother is around.

And now I should tag other people...buuuut...I don't know who, because I am bad at remembering others OCs *wall of shame* and...I don't know. Maybe I just don't want to bother people x___x (not that this was bothering me! D: I like this stuff).  So if you want to share your OCs with the world, I tag youuuu *points the finger*

*afraid of publish entry button*

:iconvalerie-v: tagged me as well. She chose Teeku, who...don't have any finished picture too, but...he will! I promise >8l

:bulletblack: he's also shaman
:bulletblack: and he also leads small clan, but bigger than Kirta's
:bulletblack: he's about 30 years old
:bulletblack: he's very...knowledgeable. I think that this is the right word...
:bulletblack: he overuses herbs
:bulletblack: even if it doesn't look like that, because he usually act cold and sometimes somewhat ruthless, he is a good observer and knows how do people feel
:bulletblack: hunger is something that he ignores. He's very good at ignoring people too.
:bulletblack: he hates his apprentice (and his apprentice is scared of him)
:bulletblack: he spends unhealthy amount of time depressed

I like him 8 ] *gets hit*