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December 27, 2016
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Tall Houses

By kinixuki
I think after this no one is going to belive me when I say that I'm (hopefully) not insane and actually really lazy and have hard time focusing on stuff... but yeah this is what ate my past three months! It's for super open and SUPER FUN school assignment, which was about making a huge illustration big enough to be printed at 1x3 meters (rougly 3,3x10 feet). So I went for aaaaall the details ever.

I was hoping to get even more details there and I'm still a bit sad about not having them but even with this it got finished mostly because I ran out of time rather than actually finishing it ;; I went through technical problems hell with this too including my new laptop deciding to stop working and taking ages to fix, so I'm really glad this got "finished" before it spontaneously combusted or something.

The city is from my story project Fisher that I hope to draw as a comic one day, Narya, the blondie on the left, is the main guy there! I basically abused this to get more ideas on the paper about how the city and mostly Tall Houses part of it looks like, though I'm not sure about how close I'm gonna stick to this.

I wanted to have a cat counting minigame here too but there's way too many cats that are tiny or behind windows and it's kinda hard to see sometimes in the internet size so it probably wouldn't make sense and I didn't even count them myself to be honest :c I wish I could share a bigger version of this because the detailssss and because this is only about 20% size, but you know, freely sharing high res images on the internet isn't exactly safe ;;

Pencil sketch/lineart wips:…
Details from 50% zoom:…

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Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

this is majestic!!! not enough details though XD hehe

kinixuki's avatar

Thanks you! I could keep adding stuff forever if there wasn't any time limit xD

Sampdoria's avatar

You sure like to wrap all the drainage and cables outside the buildings! Wish we could do that in real life, would make architects' job much easier! :)

kinixuki's avatar

Well technically you could do that in real life, it just comes with a whole lot of different problems, and it isn't very aesthetically pleasing for most of people haha (I mean look how many people hate buildings like the Pompidou centre, and that's still pretty tame xD)

Sampdoria's avatar

Thanks for sharing, work like yours always keep me optimistic about art! :)

UndergroundRooster's avatar

Besides all the detail and life, I love the perspective. And the way you used shading and detail to create the light streaming into the city is just stunning and creates an amazing sense of depth and space. Just a pleasure to stare at!

kinixuki's avatar
DaniZanskar's avatar

Ooommmmmmmmmmgggg!! I love thiiiis, I saw this was in my favourites since... too long haha

If i spend more than... 2 hours in a drawing I get bored of it hahahaha. I'm awful XD

kinixuki's avatar
Thank you! I gotta distract myself from being bored by adding ALL THE THINGS, so stuff like this just kinda... happens.
Franck25's avatar
Unbelievable !
MTJpub's avatar
You're so talented it boggles my mind.

What a beautiful work of art!


Your gallery is stunning!
kinixuki's avatar
All of the yes.
VortexSupernova's avatar
The amount of details is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *infinite scream* I have no words to comprehend this!
A single house fire would be goddamned ruinous.
kinixuki's avatar
I read glorious instead of ruinous at first but yes. It would be. To be fair they probably pay good attention to fires so when something does happen the entire community works on putting that out asap but if it gets out of control... then it was nice knowing these neighbourhoods.
This illustration is awesome.  If you haven't heard of him before, I recommend you check out an artist named Ikeda Manabu, I think you would like his work. 
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