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Roommates p20 by kinixuki Roommates p20 by kinixuki
You can now read this entire comic on Tapas here - ! So if you were waiting for the entire thing to be there and read all of it in one go, now you can. If you just found out about this, then you can read the whole thing right away without any waiting!

This is one of the later pages, but I think it's so out of context that it's not really a spoiler, and I really like how it looks. I was really excited about drawing interactions with Kal, the angry black haired guy here, and Siva, the doctor, they can't stand each other but also aren't exactly allowed to actually show it. Kal has some serious problems about keeping his anger in check though, and that's basically what this entire comic is about.

I want to continue with this Fisher related side story with two more parts (and then start with the comic for the actual story), but I also have another comic as my graduation project that I really want to make, so I'll probably need to do that first. BUT WHEN THAT'S DONE. I'M GONNA DO THIS. TELLING MY STORIES MAKES ME EXCITED.

DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shittttt man.
I absolutely love this whole style-thing you're got going on. It looks so unique and intriguing. Faving this so I can't read the whole comic once I got the time :heart:
kinixuki Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Student
Thanksssss I'm glad you like the style ;v; it's fairly quick and seems to work well enough for the story, so that all I could really ask for. It's not too long, I hope you'll enjoy reading it \o/
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