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Carpet Python Fursuit Complete

So, here he is all done and handsome looking. The absolutely stunning airbrushing is by none other than Miega, the commissioner, who also fixed his tongue (it broke in the mail and was the wrong colour for a carpet python anyways) and added the final touches. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

As seen in my previous pre-airbrushing pictures of him, I made the head and hands and eyes and "furred" (fleeced?) his head. Vision is through the black screen behind Jerome's skull that hopefully isn't too visible.

To see him moving around and check out the tongue in action, have a peek at this video at about 0:38 seconds in: [link]
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That is an awesome fursuit.

smokergirl7788's avatar
I have never seen a snake one like this this is awesome I love it! Good job! :)
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Absolutley amazing!!!
Animaltoon's avatar
I barely can notice the black screen because it blends in! Cool fursuit! Wait, are fursuits without fur even fursuits? More like a scalesuit!
comixgamer's avatar
finally; a fursuit that is both realistic, and not a mammal! all i need to find now is a fursuit depicting a tardegrade, and my life will be complete.:D
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whoa! Lol I see you posted this in 2009. I just happened to see it on google images. Let me say, This is really cool! I also like your idea on the tongue. I forget what they're called, but they're used at parties.
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This is better than awesome!
Cant wait until i get enough money to make my lizard fursuit. :3
SuzanneKikir's avatar
Very nice suit! Too cool and very original
ESUTERURE2006's avatar
Man I never really like snakes but after seeing this now I want one!!!, very good job!!!
Daikaiju-Danielle's avatar
Thats so adorable :333
xOhuLegendGinx's avatar
Wow thatsreally cool :) Never seen a snake fursuit..or scalesuit what ever you would call it lol. Its gorgerous too i love it :D
Warii's avatar
Thats bloody insan
luthien368's avatar
Wow, that's something new O_O Great job!
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Fuck yeah, that is amazing. Great job to both you and Miega.
JAWolf's avatar
That is extremely cool- I never ever thought a snake be done in that sort of manner.

I'm always surprised at what people make... this is no exception. A very nice departure from normal costumes!
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This has got to be the very first snake fursuit I've ever seen! The only one anyways. There can't be too many.

He's so awesome and unique holy cow! you two together did an outstanding job on him.^^

A party blower for a tongue? That's crazily ingenious. Excellent.
shickabooms's avatar
he looks so awsome
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