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This week ^Kaz-D and myself are bringing you an overview of the Photography Galleries on deviantART. This won't replace the full weeks planned by the specific community volunteers for specific galleries - but instead it will help to give you a mini introduction into what's out there.

Still Life

Still life showcases studio-style photography that features inanimate objects.
Crayons No. 1 by pessimist

Photographing Still Life - Tips

:bulletpink: Keep the background simple! Keep it clutter and crease free, these will only detract from the final image. You can always add extra textures such as scarves if needed.
:bulletpink: Take your time. Make sure the composition works - if it doesn't look quite right, keep tweaking until you're happy with the layout of the shot.
:bulletpink: Lighting is an important factor. Depending on the light available, you may need to use a tripod if using a longer shutter speed. Shooting in natural light, such as near a window during the day, also really helps give the shot a softer touch.
:bulletpink: Varying the focus can make for some interesting shots too. A shallow depth of field can give a soft effect whilst a wider DOF will allow everything to stay in focus.


Cut Flower and Plant Arrangement

Arrangements of cut flowers and plants displayed for the purpose of being photographed.
don't mind my voice by leelloor

Dolls and Figures

Photography of dolls and other inanimate figures that represent living forms.
Facebook by Knibitz

Food and Drink

Photographs depicting food items, drinks, and the objects usually associated with them.
Milk by Kiaeda


Other still life arrangements of inanimate objects.
Wait... Hope... by andokadesbois


Me want cookie by ZoeWieZo Have a wonderful time by onixa:thumb154806627:
21 by chpsauce Gravity. ... by addy-ack Meowss by EliseEnchanted

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