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Great Hunter of the South
This image is a great egret wading in the swamps of Louisiana. There are bald cypress and southern cattails growing in the landscape
Hey everybody. I haven't been posting any artwork lately because of school. But I'm now introducing some new artwork.
#great egret #swamps #southern cattails #bald cypress

embedded_item1544754616582 by kinhj
I have been a member of Deviantart for four years and I have enjoyed the website to look at people's artwork. There have been really cool artists that ranged from hobbyists who are doing art for fun to professional artists that are comic book artists to game designers. But I have some issues with the website.
1)The main problem is the disturbing fetishes that are in the website. The following fetishes I have seen are disturbing BDSM artwork, diapers, farting, peeing, scat, inflation, guro, vore, bizarre transformations and fusions, feederism, grotesque body proportions, futanari, Male pregnancy, feet, disturbing contortions, petrification, quicksand, muscular women with pecs instead of breasts, incest, selfcest, bestiality, crushing, rape, abusive behavior, tickling, body parts expansion, obesity, navel worship, spread vaginas, and licking🤢. This is supposed to be a art website why can't these disgusting people show their artwork on a rule 34 website😡. I may have some fetishes but it's mostly stuff that are normally accepted in society.
2)Another problem I have with Deviantart are the pedophiles on the website. It's disturbing that there are artists  and photographers drawing underage characters or real minors in their artwork being used for sexual artwork or fetishes. I don't care if child marriage is is legal in other countries or the age of consent is different in other countries. I hate these monsters they need to go burn in hell and spend their life in jail or get executed. Whenever I look at any erotic art I have to make sure the characters are 18+ and are actually adults.
3) The third issue are the fandoms on the website. There are artists that are really good at fan art.  But the issue is that a lot of fans are immature, pedophiles, perverted, and crazy. I see a lot of fan artists giving insults to each other because of their favorite franchise. But it's when they're drawing characters in nasty fetishes; fan characters, shipping that doesn't make sense; and crossovers. I see a lot of fans draw Goku and Vegeta being homosexual which is very out of character. They are heterosexual and are married to Chi-Chi and Bulma. I also don't like fan characters because most of the time the characters are Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Self-Inserts and they're not even original characters because they are just characters that are made for fandoms. I also think a lot of crossovers are ridiculous like Sailor Moon and Dragon ball but it gets nasty when fans are shipping Goku with Sailor Moon because there is a major problem. Sailor Moon is 14-16 years old and Goku is in his 40s. That's really pedophilia, and it's really gross that people are shipping an adult with a minor. I also forgot fan artists are more likely to get favorites, watchers, comments, and pageviews while original content is ignored.
4)Premium Membership is replaced by Core. The staff never gave any information about Core Membership but also because it's more expensive.
5) The trolls and cyberbullies  are another problem. I see a lot of people making hurtful or disturbing comments about people's artwork; making comments that have nothing related to the artwork and posting links that are websites filled with viruses.
6) Art thieves have been a big problem. There are too many people posting pictures that don't belong to them without giving any credit; tracing someone else's artwork; or they are recoloring artwork that's not theirs.
7) I don't like the new Deviantart logo. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a D or an A.
8) The photographers that are taking pictures of naked bodies and genitals but think they're going to be popular. This is disgusting and it's degrading to the website.
9) Artists will block you over anything like a comment that's supposed to be helpful.
10) The Report deviation doesn't anymore. I liked when the staff was actually concerned about the website and the artists that reported any artwork that doesn't follow the rules.
This is my opinion of Deviantart. I miss when Deviantart was a decent art website where people can show their artwork.


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Jordan Burks
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Just a person who likes original art. I enjoy looking also original artwork where people can make their own characters and settings. But I like to submit my own art and I'll watch any artists that are not posting any disturbing fetishes or child pornography.


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