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Screentone Pattern_Sai
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Published: November 5, 2013
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Longtime no updates :D! ah... I've made some pixel brushes!! 

I mostly just use gray tones, but sometimes I really miss screen tone like quality when doin' uh, comic art?! I have made both Photoshop and SaiTool versions, so I decided to share~I'll try to update if I make more screen tone-like brushes or shapes.

Instructions on how to install is included in the zip file.


Sorry I wasn't too clear on instruction :o:!

How can I open brushtex.cof in notepad?

In order to open up the brushtex.conf, you must right click the file and go to property.
Change the open with to notepad, and once you click OK you'll be able to open it just fine
OR You can just open up a notepad and file/ open/change the open setting from Text file to All files and double-click brushtex.conf to open

If I pass over a spot multiple times, I get these muddy look. How can I fix it?

Try adjusting density level to about 50-60, It will help out!

I've followed the instruction and it still won't work!

The instruction that I wrote is actually an old-school way, since you are fiddling with the conf file itself. If you have problem saving conf file, it might be that computer isn't recognizing you as an administrator. Try following instruction Here. There is a program that sets everything for you instead of having to change/save conf file yourself. Don't forget say "Thank you" to the person I linked to :)

Can these be used Commercially?

Yes these can be used commercially. Both SaiTool and Photoshop Versions. I just made them for myself and for fun, feel free to use however you want!

------- Please Read if you downloaded the file before (November/ 14/ 2013) ------------------------------

So over the past week I've received tones of request on re-making the pixel brush for SAITool, since good portion of the patterns weren't as clean as the others. I've went ahead and tried to re-build the patterns, however, due  to SaiTool only supporting 512px by 512px images, the patterns could only be the factor of 2 (I don't know if I make Sense...) 
So... basically, I just took out the bad apples, and reorganized/renamed the brushes. 

If you have already installed them and too lazy to reinstall, just erase


from brushtex.conf file.


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Comments (274)
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Kyeire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
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how do I download these and use them in fire alpaca?? I want to make comics with manga/screentone brushes ;;;;w;;;;;;

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Duhita283|Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG thank you so much
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M0kyn|Student Digital Artist
thank you very muchh~ you saved my life
-oh, and I used the files for papertex, it worked pretty well ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
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Watagachi|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much
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RM-Keyblade-Mistress's avatar
RM-Keyblade-Mistress|Hobbyist General Artist
say uh, how can i put this on photoshop CS6
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wheres the link for the zip file?? I can not find itWaaaah!
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The-Shrimp|Student Digital Artist
this is late but it's on the right under the ''add to favorites'' button
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LunaTheHedgie12's avatar
LunaTheHedgie12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wheres the link for the zip file??
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LunaTheHedgie12's avatar
LunaTheHedgie12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nevermind i'm an idiot FUCK
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TrippyLove|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you so much <3
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RGeru| Traditional Artist
Awesome Thank you so much for share your knowlodge <3<3<3
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StarryAether's avatar
StarryAether|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh, it's no longer available
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mupaa|Student Digital Artist
HEY thanks so much!!^^
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Viny-deWonderful's avatar
Viny-deWonderful|Professional General Artist
These are looking good my friend. I can't wait to test them out. Thanks for your contribution to the world of art!
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vangerlove29|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank u! :D (Big Grin) 
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Ashlynneatscookies's avatar
Ashlynneatscookies|Student Digital Artist
Thanks, mate. I'm about to start a cute little comic and I need some manga tones~
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YumiAm3|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! Took me a while to figure out but I got it!
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THANKS a lot MAN !
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sorry to bother you but can you reupload these? I keep trying to download it but da tells me theres a 404 error which sucks bc I really wanna use these screentones (if you cant thats cool too though!)
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kochikaduy| Digital Artist
hello, thank you for sharing.. 
i want to ask, do you know how to add it to SAI 2 ? 
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If you duplicate the Linepen tool and use these textures, the muddy look will go away. :) It works at any density, too.
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YumiAm3|Hobbyist General Artist
nvm I figured out how to take off that gray stuff
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YumiAm3|Hobbyist General Artist
how do you duplicate it?
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