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New Avatar 2019 by KingZanderSanchez-i New Avatar 2019 :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 7 24 Rant #30- Nutri-Ventures Arc1 (4 Year Anniversary) by KingZanderSanchez-i Rant #30- Nutri-Ventures Arc1 (4 Year Anniversary) :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 8 19 Merry NetfliX-Mas- Advent Calendar 2018 by KingZanderSanchez-i Merry NetfliX-Mas- Advent Calendar 2018 :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 10 0
The Sanchez Chronicles Chapter 3
(Morning finally breaks in through Katie's window. Her new room looks fairly similar to her original bedroom back on Earth, but with dark lavender walls, a larger bed, and a big TV. Katie looks around her new surroundings, reminded of her familiar room).
Katie- I'm home? It was all just a dream. That must mean that— (she notices Charlie standing outside the door, only wearing a pair of tight boxers).
Charlie- not a dream, sorry. (Katie's expression fades quickly) Hey, it's not all bad. If it makes ya feel any better, we’re making chocolate chip pancakes, your favorite.
Katie- I'll be down in a minute. Why didn't my alarm go off?
Charlie- Dad told me ta turn it off, said he thought ya needed ta sleep in a little; did the same my first couple nights too. If ya need anyone ta talk to, most everyone else comes ta me.
Katie- thanks Charlie. Kinda wish I'd brought my own clothes with me, if I would've known I'd be stuck here.
Charlie- talk ta Lacey, she knows clothes and girl stu
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 0 0
Rant #29- Henry Danger 'Christmas Danger' by KingZanderSanchez-i Rant #29- Henry Danger 'Christmas Danger' :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 6 19
Back From the Movies #26- Robin Hood/Grindlewald
Robin Hood 2018- alright, as everyone knows there’s only 3 good Robin Hood movies: the Errol Flynn version, the Disney version, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. This not a terrible film. It hits all the beats you’d expect from a Robin Hood story (John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, Sheriff of Nottingham, all that), but the question isn’t is this movie as bad as the last time. Here’s the real question: is Robin Hood better or worse than King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? That should be easier to answer than it is. I’m not saying we need to add a fourth good Robin Hood but this one at least kept my attention, it had some fun moments, Tom Hardy is pretty much good in everything, so I guess I can say this is at least a movie; not good, not bad, just...a movie. It’s watchable.
The Crimes of Grindelwald- now, I actually kinda liked the Fantastic Beasts as Harry Potter Extended Universe canon; it shows how muggles (or Nomag as they’re called in Ameri
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 1 2
Rave #29- The Loud House 'Really Loud Music' by KingZanderSanchez-i Rave #29- The Loud House 'Really Loud Music' :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 10 14
Back From the Movies #25- Wreck-it Ralph 2/Widows
Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck-it Ralph 2)- I was looking forward to this one all year!!!! Wreck-it Ralph wasn’t my favorite movie of all time or anything but I’d still say it’s an awesome movie, certainly worth exploring a bit more. So the idea of seeing these characters exploring the vast reaches of the internet should be amazing...right? This is a truly great movie. I was just expecting it to be a better version of The Emoji Movie, but it’s so much better than I thought it would be. Personally, though, I kinda wish they’d kept Vanellope meeting the Disney Princesses until the actual movie came out so it could be a surprise; that’s got nothing to do with the actual movie though. This one is probably gonna end up ranking pretty high alongside some of the best Disney movies of the decade (as long as we don’t include Pixar because with Inside Out and Coco, at that point it’s just not a comparison anymore). My only real complaint I have i
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 4 16
Mature content
Sanchez Chronicles Chapter 2 :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 0 0
Back From the Movies #24- The Grinch 2018
The Grinch 2018- Who. Fucking. Called it! Illumination is a company that honestly just pisses me off in the same way I’m pissed off by Dan Schneider’s continued success with Game Shakers, Henry Danger, and Sam & Cat wasn’t as bad as those first two but I’m counting it anyway; not because they do anything necessarily wrong, but that’s the problem. Because they don’t try, they can’t fail and it’s annoying how they’ve managed to fail upwards they way they have. The Grinch isn’t quite as bad as The Lorax, I don’t even think I hate it as much as that Horton Hears a Who Movie from ten years ago, but it’s honestly because there’s nothing here. I haven’t felt a cinematic experience that seemed more like dangling keys in front of my face since Minions. What plot is there to go over? It’s just the Grinch...with all the edges sanded down. Here’s a simple, honest question to sum up: if the movie is bend
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 9 13
Sanchez Chronicles Chapter 1
(Open to a man in a suit running for his life down a wide empty street. He's bleeding from the right arm, head, and left leg, and struggling desperately to flee from whatever's chasing him or trying to get help. A teenage girl in a black dress phases through a shadow on the building he stops at. This is Lacey Alexis—who will periodically switch from being referred to by her full name and just Lacey for short.)
Lacey Alexis- there's no use running, Peter Smith. (She flips her hair aside, revealing an Olde English style S, the symbol of the Sanchez Family, on the right side of her neck.) By the name of Zander Sanchez, leader of the Sanchez clan, for the crimes you have committed against humans, I'm here to take your undeserving immortal soul!
(The man, now identified as Peter, begins laughing hysterically. Lacey cocks her right eyebrow slightly as if to say “seriously?”)
Peter- you think I'm SORRY for what I did to this kids? Those frickin’ URCHINS had it coming.
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 1 2
Berzerk Review #3- Cinderella 3- A Twist in Time by KingZanderSanchez-i Berzerk Review #3- Cinderella 3- A Twist in Time :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 18 6 Netflix Binge+Purge Vol. 2 by KingZanderSanchez-i Netflix Binge+Purge Vol. 2 :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 12 9 Rave #28- Trick r Treat by KingZanderSanchez-i Rave #28- Trick r Treat :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 10 4
Back From the Movies #23
I totally forgot to submit this one. Would’ve done it sooner if my battery didn’t die. Anyway, here’s Bad Times at the El Royale and Halloween- the Re-Revenge of Lori Strode.
Bad Times at the El Royale- I hate movies like this...from a reviewing perspective, I mean. This movie is goddamn awesome but just telling you WHY it’s awesome would ruin the film for you. So, since I can’t go into heavy spoilers here, I’ll just say this much: it’s a great movie, full of some of the most talented people on both sides of the camera, and you’re not gonna wanna miss the chance to catch this on the big screen. Or, to put it another way, you remember that movie The Loft that felt like a whole season of a trashy network TV drama? Here’s the GOOD version of that. If you want my full thoughts, or don’t care about spoilers, I might need to write a follow-up to this one but it seems redundant telling people to see something they’ve already se
:iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 3 0
Rant #28- The Apparition by KingZanderSanchez-i Rant #28- The Apparition :iconkingzandersanchez-i:KingZanderSanchez-i 7 7


That's Me In The Spotlight by MentalCrash That's Me In The Spotlight :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 85 17 Chiffon Swirl with cake by CloudyGlow Chiffon Swirl with cake :iconcloudyglow:CloudyGlow 48 0 Chiffon Swirl by CloudyGlow Chiffon Swirl :iconcloudyglow:CloudyGlow 54 0 Lil Mousy by Eokoi Lil Mousy :iconeokoi:Eokoi 17 0 Bubbles Doodle by Eokoi Bubbles Doodle :iconeokoi:Eokoi 19 0 Comfy Ariel Singing by JoshuaOrro Comfy Ariel Singing :iconjoshuaorro:JoshuaOrro 33 5 GA Movie Posters - Grown-Ups by MrEnter GA Movie Posters - Grown-Ups :iconmrenter:MrEnter 29 12 Mama Who Bore Me by CarouselUnique Mama Who Bore Me :iconcarouselunique:CarouselUnique 34 1 Dance Magic Pinkie Pie (MLP): Yu-Gi-Oh! Card by PopPixieRex Dance Magic Pinkie Pie (MLP): Yu-Gi-Oh! Card :iconpoppixierex:PopPixieRex 9 1 Shadow Strike by Tsitra360 Shadow Strike :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,119 185 ''The Fox and the Hanlon'' by Kosperry ''The Fox and the Hanlon'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 325 14 Lily Loud by TheFreshKnight Lily Loud :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 243 70 [cm] Midnight snacking by bakki [cm] Midnight snacking :iconbakki:bakki 399 13 [cm] Rossa Marquez by bakki [cm] Rossa Marquez :iconbakki:bakki 243 3 The Love Goddess~ by PurfectPrincessGirl The Love Goddess~ :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 87 25 Red Lightning Enlightenment Dragon by Neo-RedRanger Red Lightning Enlightenment Dragon :iconneo-redranger:Neo-RedRanger 2 0


Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, and I'm looking forward to posting a new Review very soon. 

In IRL News: I'm up for a job at Family Video just outside my house and I'm very excited to finally have a job where I'm making at least SOME money--because, as I've said before, YouTube is a fucking joke.
Happy birthday to me! I’ve got a few reviews that I know I NEED to get to: not to give too much away, one of them is a review for Trump Guy, one is a Top 5/10, and another is that I want a platform to rant about Starlight Glimmer specifically and I don’t know if that should just be a Top 10 Worst Starlight episodes or just an entire editorial like I did for Fairly OddParemts Season 10. Any thoughts?
So, tomorrow is January 18th, which is my birthday and I’m turning 25. It’s actually a pretty amazing thing for me, but I’m reminded that things are starting to seem like it’s going to get a whole hell of a lot worse before it starts getting better.
Well, I finally posted my old Care Bears Movie 2 review...and it got INSTANTLY flagged because YouTube is bullshit. Whatever; it’s being disputed, I’m getting it sorted out, no worries.
New Avatar 2019
Here it is, my new avatar that I'll be using for 2019 (maybe not ALL of 2019, but this is my current avatar at the time of this writing). Sorry I haven't posted anything new lately; I've been kinda preoccupied with Tabletop Simulator and I started really going on my writing project. I hope to see the ending of Chapter 5 by the end of next month at the latest (hopefully sooner, but inspiration is kinda funny like that y'know).

Now, from top left to bottom right: Asta (Black Clover; in his dark power-up form), Audrey Smith (Harvey Street Kids), Sunset Shimmer (MLP: Equestria Girls; yeah, I decided to keep this one because Sunset is still my favorite character), and Mewtwo (Pokemon- The First Movie). These might be shuffled around, swapped out, or the pictures themselves altered at any time.



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I'm here with a purpose, to spread my creativity throughtout the internet and see just how far I can go with my original race Trossels.

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Personal Quote: 'Redemption is only for those who deserve it.'



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Tough one. I’d say Fruless, Audrey the Elder, and While You Weren’t Sleeping are some of my favorites, War and Trees is definitely up there. I’d say Monster are Due in Harvey Street but we haven’t seen the resolution to that cliffhanger yet.
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Audrey the Elder? I think you mean Elder Skelter. But aside from that, any episode of Harvey Street Kids that you did not liked as of Season 1?
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