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Com: Yotsuyu from Final Fantasy XIV by KingXanaduu Com: Yotsuyu from Final Fantasy XIV :iconkingxanaduu:KingXanaduu 15 0 COM: Twilight SORA-kle: Ship of the Adorkables by KingXanaduu COM: Twilight SORA-kle: Ship of the Adorkables :iconkingxanaduu:KingXanaduu 23 5
The Storyteller: Equestria Girls Lore, E2 Part 4
Fallout Storyteller Ch. 2: Rainbow Rocks
While Trixie may have removed the Rainbooms from the competition, it was a sabotage that benefited the Dazzlings more than ever. With the Rainbooms cornered just below the stage, not only did Dazzlings have their biggest threat out of the way, but the Rainbooms squabbling ensured that they had an ample source of Equestrian magic right at their fingertips; magic that would’ve sent their own powers to a global scale. If something didn’t stop them then and there, The Dazzlings would’ve put on one heck of a Finale, both for them and this world.
But luckily, probably the most unexpected source of wisdom and friendship managed to snap the Rainbooms out of their argument. Yep, it turned out to be none other than Sunset Shimmer herself, who finally decided to step to the plate and remind her friends about what was supposed to bring them all together: The Magic of Friendship.
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The Storyteller: Equestria Girls Lore: E2, Part 3
Fallout Storyteller Ch. 2: Rainbow Rocks
While the inside of this pawnshop wasn’t particularly large, its selves were stocked with all kinds of items and nic-nacs of all kinds. The Storyteller took a minute to admire the selection that the shop had to offer.
But it was not soon after the duo entered the shop, that they were accosted by two very similar redheaded older men dressed in blue and white striped suits from out of nowhere!
“WELCOME VALUED CUSTOMER TO “THE FLIM-FLAM BROTHERS EVERYTHING-UNDER-THE-SUN EMPORIUM”!” they announced enthusiastically in unison. EDNA nearly overloaded her circuits in sheer shock from these two.
“I’M FLIM AND THIS IS FLAM.” One of the brothers gestured to his mustached sibling.
“AND IF YOU WANT IT, WE’VE GOT IT!” And with that, both brothers where zipping around the store, bombarding the Storyteller with a sales pitch for almos
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The Storyteller: Equestria Girls Lore: E2, Part 2
Fallout Storyteller Chapter 2: Rainbow Rocks
While Sunset was initially oblivious to their intentions, once inside Canterlot’s walls the Dazzlings put their “powers of persuasion” to work on the student body itself. Using their hypnotic and enthralling voices, they managed to hypnotize the entire school into turning the Showcase from an innocent musical talent show, into a brutal “Battle of the Bands”.
This may have seemed like a strange way to take over the school at first glance. Why create a “Battle of the Bands” when you can simply enthrall the population to do your own bidding? Well, their powers then and there were nowhere near their former glory, but as it turns out, their plan had a pretty ingenious two-pronged effect. First, while the rest of the school was too engrossed in their competitiveness, it took the attention completely off the Dazzlings as they concocted their little scheme, meaning they could now do whatever
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The Storyteller: Equestria Girls Lore, E2 Part 1
Fallout Storyteller Ch. 2: Rainbow Rocks
<<=======*BEGIN RECORDING*=======>>
“This shady, unkempt neighborhood in this part the city may seem a mite less colorful than the halls of Canterlot High, but it’s in places like this that I hope to find three troublemakers that took part in another attempt at magical mayhem back at the school.”
EDNA slowly zoomed back her vision away from her storytelling companion to give the video its much-needed establishing shot as he began. As the Storyteller put it, this alleyway was definitely a change of pace. Trash cans were overflowing with copious amounts of garbage radiating the most noxious of odors, which apparently didn’t deter the nearby rodent and feline population from continuing the city food chain. Thick plumes of steam were rising out of manholes and storm drains, giving the alley a humidity that was best left unspoken.
Luckily, the Storyteller and his eye
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COM: Flashimmer: I've Missed You... by KingXanaduu COM: Flashimmer: I've Missed You... :iconkingxanaduu:KingXanaduu 120 24 Q in a Nutshell... by KingXanaduu Q in a Nutshell... :iconkingxanaduu:KingXanaduu 4 2
EQG/Star Wars: Duel of Fates:
Prologue: The Fall

“Peace is a lie…..

There is only passion.
Through passion….
I gain strength.
Through strength….
I gain power.
Through power…..
I gain victory.
Through victory…..
My chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.”
-The Code of The Sith
Around four weeks ago…...
‘Finally, after all this time, my life has been building to this very moment,’ Sunset thought as she reached out to the glowing golden holocron, resting inches away from her fingers on the ancient pedestal. She could feel the power radiating from it, prickling at her fingertips.
‘No one can take this away from me, nobody.’ She thought as her heart raced, savoring this moment. ‘This is MY destiny, where I finally will
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The Storyteller:Equestria Girls Lore, Episode One
Episode One: Equestria Girls
Outside on the front lawn stood a lone slab of marble that was once the base of a mighty Equine statue, but what was left of the majestic mascot was just chunks of debris scattered in the grass due to events not too long ago.
It seemed to be a normal day on this once quiet, little world, but just as the past year proved to be anything but “normal”, this day unfortunately was to be yet another exception.
Not too far off from the statue base, space and time  began to unfold itself.  Space literally warped, stretched, and fractured before a large portal of unknown origin materialized on the front lawn.  As it warped, thundered, and tore at the very constant of reality, two strange and mysterious figures emerged from the anomaly.  
The first stranger that walked through the portal looked to be a man, or at least was hopefully a man of some kind.  He was covered completely head-to-toe in blackened powe
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Uncle Hoity by MustLoveFrogs Uncle Hoity :iconmustlovefrogs:MustLoveFrogs 199 105 Happy Medusa by WubcakeVA Happy Medusa :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 306 68 [Incredibles] - Voyd and Violet Milkshakes by VerumTee [Incredibles] - Voyd and Violet Milkshakes :iconverumtee:VerumTee 78 6 [Incredibles] - Voydlet xmas by VerumTee [Incredibles] - Voydlet xmas :iconverumtee:VerumTee 68 7 [ArtTrade] - EG - FlashShimmer by VerumTee [ArtTrade] - EG - FlashShimmer :iconverumtee:VerumTee 109 37 ! by dishwasher1910 ! :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 4,996 349 IncrediGirls by jake-heritagu IncrediGirls :iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 25 4 Vanish | Christmas Eve 1961 by adgerelli Vanish | Christmas Eve 1961 :iconadgerelli:adgerelli 28 7 SS - Ch2P32- Background Frame image by VerumTee SS - Ch2P32- Background Frame image :iconverumtee:VerumTee 64 31 Pondering.. by WubcakeVA Pondering.. :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 315 50 [FFXIV] Yotsuyu by 3yuazr [FFXIV] Yotsuyu :icon3yuazr:3yuazr 34 1 Under the Sea by MichaelMayne Under the Sea :iconmichaelmayne:MichaelMayne 267 33 A StarTrix Christmas (December 2018 Patreon) by jake-heritagu A StarTrix Christmas (December 2018 Patreon) :iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 96 10 You're so cute ! by Marenlicious You're so cute ! :iconmarenlicious:Marenlicious 1,515 66 Element of Guidance by Crydius Element of Guidance :iconcrydius:Crydius 243 48 Commission: Fire breathing monsterkid by AbsoluteDream Commission: Fire breathing monsterkid :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 6,224 274



Com: Yotsuyu from Final Fantasy XIV
Once again, another great commission from :iconjake-heritagu: , this time of probably one of my newest favorite characters of the Final Fantasy lore, Yotsuyu, the Imperial Viceroy of Doma for the expansion of Stormblood.

Leave it again for Square-Enix and Yoshi-P to create a character that at the beginning, I absolutely HATED her guts,....but in the end saw that she was probably the most tragic character to ever exist in the realm of Final fantasy.
Her ethereal beauty and amoral heart of stone hides a woman who's entire life has been nothing but tragedy after tragedy, and pain after pain.
Her story reminds me of a quote I once heard:

"You taught me that 'evil' is just a word. Under the skin, it's simple pain."
         -Eleanor Lamb, Bioshock 2

She's a character that I hope will leave a long mark on the world of Final Fantasy, and hopefully enforces the thought that there's more to a "villain" than what they show on the surface

Once again, I thank :iconjake-heritagu: for the art behind this great commission, and everyone please feel free to commission him, he could use the help for upcoming cons this year. 
Art (C) :iconjake-heritagu:
Yotsuyu (C) Square-Enix
COM: Twilight SORA-kle: Ship of the Adorkables
Probably one of my favorite crossover ships of all time, I can help but fall in love with these two lovable dorks.  Heart 

Sora, with his goofy Heart of Pure Light,  Come Forth Blue Eyes White Dragon (Sora)  and Princess Twilight Sparkle, with her love of her friends and her neurotic worry of being the Princess of Friendship. twilight sparkle EqG (i'm back) plz 

How can you NOT fall in love with these two?

Personally, I blame YOU Terry. LOL   :icontyrranux:

This was a commission that I requested at a recent animecon by the artist, Modeko :iconmodeko: , and I am very happy to have this piece to my collection.

Please, feel free to send her a PM for a commission, she could really use it.  Thanks again!

Art (C) :iconmodeko:
Princess Twilight Sparkle (C) Hasbro
Sora (C) Square Enix and Disney

Any thoughts?...
Finally!  I have the second chapter of the Fallout/Equestria Girls Storyteller fic done. :P

It took forever, but it was WORTH it.
Fallout Storyteller Ch. 2: Rainbow Rocks


While Trixie may have removed the Rainbooms from the competition, it was a sabotage that benefited the Dazzlings more than ever. With the Rainbooms cornered just below the stage, not only did Dazzlings have their biggest threat out of the way, but the Rainbooms squabbling ensured that they had an ample source of Equestrian magic right at their fingertips; magic that would’ve sent their own powers to a global scale. If something didn’t stop them then and there, The Dazzlings would’ve put on one heck of a Finale, both for them and this world.


But luckily, probably the most unexpected source of wisdom and friendship managed to snap the Rainbooms out of their argument. Yep, it turned out to be none other than Sunset Shimmer herself, who finally decided to step to the plate and remind her friends about what was supposed to bring them all together: The Magic of Friendship.


It was probably that moment that Sunset Shimmer had cemented herself, in my eyes at least, as a true student of friendship. Got to give her some points for her courage too. Must have been hard for her to deal with pressure of trying to reform when nobody was willing to give her a chance, or not knowing if she should’ve spoken up because of her past. Most people would’ve been content to throw their detractors to the wolves, but Sunset endured that abuse, and helped strengthen the bond between her and all her friends. With the Rainbooms united once again, they were determined to give the Dazzlings a show that they wouldn’t soon forget.



EDNA perked up some jittering blips as they continued walking.


“What? Oh well, it wasn’t really hard getting out of that storage closet. It turns out that the Dazzlings overlooked one member of Twilight’s troupe to trap: Her number one assistant and loyal canine companion, Spike.” The Storyteller elaborated, “Well, he didn’t do it alone of course, disadvantage of having no thumbs. He did manage to get at least some help from an unexpected source.”


It was just at that moment, that a familiar blue-haired, purple-shade-wearing punk girl managed to walk by, blaring another song through her headphones beyond any sensible volume.


Feel the wave of sound,
As it crashes down!
You can't turn away,
We'll make you wanna sta-a-a-ay


We will be adored,
Tell us that you want us!
We won't be ignored,
It's time for our reward!


Now you need us,
Come and heed us,
Nothing can stop us now!


With a content smile on her face and bobbing her head to the beats, the bluenette walked past the two Wastelanders, but not before turning back and shooting a friendly “thumbs-up-pointer” back at the Storyteller. The Storyteller in turn returned the gesture before turning back to EDNA.


“Well, it’s nice to know that there are some friendlier faces in this world.” Said the Storyteller, as EDNA beeped in agreement.


With the help of this “unexpected source”, the Rainbooms chose now or never to see if Princess Twilight’s musical counter-spell would finally do the job. What once began as a simple showcase of musical prowess had now evolved into a symphonic clash that would decide the very fate of this world.


The true “Battle of the Bands” had begun.


With their hearts united and their instruments tuned, Twilight and the Rainbooms put on a spectacle that did nothing less than, if you’ll pardon the vernacular, “rock the joint”. But even with the Magic of Friendship and a hip counter-spell at their disposal, the Dazzlings were already one step ahead. With all the negative energy that they had absorbed through the duration of the competition, including the Equestrian magic of the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings managed to overpower their efforts by turning into perverted Siren versions of the Rainbooms’ “Ponying up” transformations. Twilight may have had the Magic on Friendship on her side, but the Dazzlings unfortunately had talent and experience at their disposal.


With Twilight and the Mane Five nearly overcome by the Dazzling’s vocal superiority, all hope seemed lost in this darkest hour. But once again, in a fabulous display of courage and determination, Sunset Shimmer, former bully and demon of Canterlot High, joined the Rainbooms in their chorus of the ages.


Cementing herself even further in her arc of redemption, Sunset Shimmer even managed to obtain her own power of “Ponying up” as she too was engrossed both in the power of music, and of course, the Magic of Friendship. Some would even say that day, she became her own Element of Harmony…


With all seven united in their magical musical, armed with the power of Equestrian Magic, the Rainbooms managed to overcome the Dazzlings own siren’s song, and break their spell over this world, once and for all.


Despite my best efforts though, I wasn’t really able to recover any actual data or evidence of exactly how the Rainbooms managed to defeat the Dazzlings; apparently too many people were engrossed in the music to make their own accounts or acquire any photographic evidence of what happened. However, from what little scraps I could gather, it was a performance that could only be described as “A show that shook the very Gates of Valhalla”.


With the Dazzlings defeated, Canterlot High was free from the enthrallment of three embittered sirens, and had managed to put on a musical showcase that probably would be talked about for decades, albeit with one minor grievance from Trixie.


But more importantly, this event proved that Sunset Shimmer had committed herself to her reformation to the ideals of Friendship, and as a reward for her efforts was now fully inducted to the Rainbooms as an official member of the band. I imagine her slick guitar skills would’ve be a welcome addition to their group. But even more so, upon her return to Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle personally enrolled Sunset Shimmer as her own “student of Friendship”, just as Princess Celestia did to Sunset so many moons ago. To this day, I hear rumors of Sunset writing in that special journal of hers, sending off reports of friendship to someone far away, but close at the same time. This was definitely a happy ending well deserved for this particular story.


EDNA was jittering with mechanical thrills as the Storyteller finished recounting this exciting tale to the floating eyebot. However, there was one question that lingered in her circuits, which she was quick to beep back at the Storyteller.


“What happened to the Dazzlings? Well, after the Battle of the Bands, no one knows for sure. During their number, their jeweled necklaces that were the source of their enthralling magic was destroyed in the ensuing battle. Their loss not only rid the Dazzlings of any magical power, but also of any coherent singing talent as well.” The Storyteller recounted, as they continued walking through the city.


As they continued down on Messina Lane, the Storyteller decided to take a scenic shortcut and turned into a nearby alleyway with his companion following behind.


“Once defeated, the Dazzlings were immediately booed off-staged and haven’t been seen from since. So far, there have only been rumored sightings all around the city from the gossipy halls of Canterlot High, but their validity is dubious at best.”


EDNA beeped questioningly, albeit sounding somewhat disappointed.


“Well, after their terrible finale, I doubt that they would’ve wanted to stick around,” The Storyteller answered, as he stopped to face his robotic friend. “All we know of them so far are just based on rumors and secondhand accounts. Despite them being a memorable event to the school, the Dazzlings today still remain a mystery. Nope, I doubt anyone has really seen them since EDNA, and with the way our luck has been, they’re probably long gone by now.”






The sound of glass shattering echoed loudly across the walls of the alleyway, as a large bottle of some kind was dropped HARD onto the Storyteller’s helmet. Such an impact would’ve left anyone with a concussion easily. Luckily, that effort was pretty useless when you had a full inch of Brotherhood of Steel power armor between you and the world.


The Storyteller darted his vision back and forth to determine just what the heck it was that hit him, before he looked up to the fire escape staircase above them. There up in the rafters with at least two or three more bottles in hand, was a teenaged girl in a sweater with large poofy array of orange and yellow disheveled hair, glaring fury and daggers on the two wanderers.


“HEY, BEAT IT JERK!” The girl yelled from above, threatening to toss another bottle, “THIS IS OUR TURF!”


The Storyteller momentarily stared in wonder of the sheer luck of this miraculous encounter. “Ah, Adagio Dazzle I presume?” He said rather calmly, “It’s a pleasure to finally find you after what we’ve been through today.”


Adagio eyes widened in shock at the mere mention of her name. “W-wait, WHAT? HOW DO YOU ME? WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? YOU SOME KIND OF COP OR SOMETHING!?” she yelled, threatening to lob another bottle.


EDNA could be heard powering up an energy cell, but the Storyteller raised his hand to stave off any possible bloodshed. “Calm down Adagio, and try to relax,” he said peacefully while raising his hands in a non-threatening gesture. “I know we look rather strange, but I’m not here to give you any trouble. In fact, me and my Eyebot companion here are actually interested in your story.” EDNA beeped in agreement, albeit a bit cautiously, especially with a large glass bottle aimed right at her chassis.


Adagio’s face scrunched up in confusion. “…W-WHAT? WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! ARE YOU SOME KIND OF CREEPER OR SOMETHING?!”


In the midst of her yelling, the window behind Adagio had just opened as a rather tired-looking teenage girl purple hair with green streaks in pigtails stepped out, rubbing her eyes in exhaustion.


“What the heck’s going on?” The tired teen asked between yawns, “I can’t get any beauty sleep with you all yelling.”


“It’s four o’clock in the afternoon.” The Storyteller called up, “How could you be sleeping this early in the day?”


The girl with purple hair blinked a bit at the Storyteller addressing her. “Who’s the weirdo?”


“Some creeper cop Aria.” Adagio said accusingly, “And unless he wants another one of THESE lobbed at his head, he better get off our turf, NOW!”


The Storyteller mostly ignored Adagio’s threats. “Ah, Aria Blaze. Nice to know that the Dazzlings are still together, even after your defeat from the Rainbooms. A good sign that you two are still together.”


The mention of their rival band set off something in Aria, whose eyes began to twitch a bit as she glared down at the armored assailant infiltrating their territory. “Deck him ‘Dagi,” she uttered coldly.


And with that, Adagio through another bottle with all her might at the Storyteller, who effortlessly dodged it as it shattered on the ground. “Calm down you two.” The Storyteller urged, “I know it’s hard to believe, but I can assure you, I’m not your enemy. If anything, I’m probably one of the few people here that are interested in your stories.”


EDNA didn’t seem as confident of this diplomatic solution and bleeped a voice of concern at the Storyteller.


“Relax EDNA.” The Storyteller said assuringly, “I know they’re mad now, but I doubt that aiming our blasters at them is going to make things less confrontational.”


EDNA conceded a blip in agreement, that is until suddenly…





EDNA’s entire visual screen was then engulfed by some fleshy bright blue blur that seemed to be hopped up on pixie sticks! Fighting the urge to incinerate whatever was in front of her, EDNA immediately veered off and levitated to a higher altitude, away from whatever was overloading her sensors.


Once high enough, EDNA finally got a glimpse at what pounced on her and found that it was yet another teenage girl with striped blue hair in a ponytail, who probably had the biggest and most excited looking grin she had ever seen.


“And then there were three,” The Storyteller said, “I trust that you’re Sonata Dusk. Apparently you three didn’t go as far as I thought.”


Sonata smiled back as she pointed at EDNA, “Yep! Is this your robot yours? That’s AWESOME! I’d always thought it would be so COOL to have a robot friend!” She said gleefully in excitement.


EDNA briefly shivered alarm at the thought of being manhandled by another “kid”, but once she heard the praises that this girl was giving her, she slowly lowered back to eye-level altitude, piqued by curiosity.

“Wow, you are just so cool looking!” Sonata exclaimed, “I’ve never seen a bot like you. I’m Sonata, what’s your name?”




“EDNA, huh? That’s a nice name for a robot. Most robots have such boring names with only numbers and letters. Although, I think I remember one robot named “Johnny” for some reason. That was weird.”




“Oh, I agree, robots do get a very bad rap these days. You’re not one of those “I’ll take over the world bots”, are you? Not that I’d have a problem with it since you seem nice.”




The Storyteller couldn’t help but look amazement at this new “friendship” developing before him. “I’m actually impressed,” the Storyteller said slightly amused, “Not many people are that eager to get to know EDNA. Most days, people are content just to shoot her on sight.”






The Storyteller then groaned in annoyance as yet another bottle was lobed straight as his head, before turning to its source.


“HEY, DON’T IGNORE ME YOU HULKING METAL FREAK!” Adagio shouted back, as she reached for another bottle to toss. “Why they heck are you even interested in us? Haven’t you already heard? We can’t sing anymore! Nobody wants to hear us! Nobody bothers with us at all! We’re washouts, okay? We don’t… we don’t have ANYTHING!!” She shrieked. For a brief second, it almost looked as if Adagio… was on the verge of tears with her shouting. Even Aria looked briefly dejected as Adagio shouted. “So YEAH, we’re not the Dazzlings anymore, so what would you even want with a couple of washouts?!”


“I wouldn’t be so dismissive of yourself just yet Adagio.” The Storyteller reassured, “You’d be surprised how much influence one person can have, even after their time in the limelight.”



In fact, it’s because of your influence in Equestrian Magic, along with Sunset Shimmer’s efforts, that you’ve managed to catch the analytical eye of that of a rather familiar face. It’s a tale of an inquisitive outcast whose desire for knowledge led her to forces beyond her control, and whose idle curiosity nearly put the fate of this world, and that of Equestria, in dire jeopardy.

But THAT, is a story for another day…



“…Wait, WHAT? What are you even blabbering about?! “Story for another day”!? Who are you even TALKING to?!” Adagio yelled.


The Storyteller could only groan.

The Storyteller: Equestria Girls Lore, E2 Part 4
And FINALLY, the second chapter of "The Equestria Girls Lore" series is finally UP!

I'm really sorry that it took so long to finally come out. It's been a hectic life-changing year and a half for me, so I didn't have that much time to sit down and organize my writing. This was a heck of a chapter to write, especially being the most popular of the Equestria Girls movie. Though, I have a feeling the next chapter will be a treat to write and may come out a lot faster, since now the Storyteller has some new "Companions" to tell stories to.

I want to give a shout out to, of course, Shoddycast for once again creating probably the best lore teacher for the Fallout series; and even though this is old news, I want to thank them again for their tribute to this fic with their episode dedication. Check it out if you guys have the time.

I also want to give a special thanks to LanceOmnikron and Tarbtano, two very good friends of mine for taking time out of their days to edit my fic. Thanks guys, every bit helps. Also, because deviantart won't accept word document because it's TOO big, I have to seperate the story into seperate "parts". XP

Stay tuned for the next chapter everyone, as the Dazzlings will soon find out that not everyone is as gifted as controlling magic as they once were, even down to a science...


Any thoughts?...


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