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[DotW] Taibhse - Xassa


Name: Taibhse (Pronunciation: Tuh-ow-Shuh)
- Nickname: Ghost, "The Ghost of the Valley"/"The Ghost of Highvalley"
Age: Adult (7 years)
Gender: Female

Tall and elegant, Taibhse is unusually large for a female wolf, although her size is in her height. While well-muscled, her strength is in lean muscle more than sheer weight and bulk. Her head is narrow and she has flowing fur that is longer than usual on her cheeks, a trait of her bloodline. She possesses a wispy tuft of fur on her back near her neck and long, flowing fur on her elbows and haunches.


Mother - (NPC) Ora
Father - (NPC) Kilin
Uncle - Eadric
-- Siblings
---- Baelor (Brother - NPC), Estyr (Sister - NPC)
-- Extended Family
---- Rodwen (First Cousin)
Klaus (Nephew) | Vladimir (Nephew) | Ava (Niece) | Sveta (Niece) | Lapis (Niece)
---- Rune (Half Uncle)
Mate: None
Orientation: Demisexual
Delta Su'En


  • Grass and dry earth

Voice - Cate Blanchett as Lady Galadriel

Theme song(s):

"The Call" - Celtic Woman
"My Land" - Celtic Woman
"Ice Queen" - Within Temptation



Bullet; Green Intelligent - Taibhse is highly intelligent and calculating, able to out-think most other wolves she meets, particularly those outside of Highvalley. Her smarts make her an exceptional negotiator and has saved face for herself and the pack more than once.

Bullet; Green Loyal - Fiercely loyal to Highvalley and her bloodline, Taibhse holds the pack dear to her heart. Despite her tendency to make light of the pack, she'd defend it with her life if she needed to. She is able to see the problem in keeping the bloodline pure by inbreeding and isn't the biggest fan but she'd never want to do anything to bring shame upon her family.

Bullet; Green Charismatic - Thanks to her intelligence Taibhse has quite a way with words and her experience with meeting wolves from other packs has made her an expert conversationalist. She can come off over-confident and will often get on the nerves of those with short tempers for her kind of personality but she finds their ire more amusing than anything else.

Bullet; Yellow Flirtatious - Although Taibhse has little interest in actually taking a mate she will flirt with anyone. Their gender and openness to it make little difference to her. She enjoys seeing the reaction of those she flirts with and takes great pleasure in being a tease.

Bullet; Yellow Detatched - Unwilling to let anyone too close to her, Taibhse doesn't remain attached to any one wolf. As much as she secretly wishes for a deep romance, akin to those in tales and songs, her only real love is the land of Highvalley. This attitude helps her to see things from an outside perspective and aids her decision making when on diplomatic missions to other packs, but it does little to help her maintain close relationships even to her family and causes her to come off as cold.

Bullet; Red Aloof - The petty squabbles of other packs mean little to her, much more of an amusement than anything to be taken seriously, although she'd never disgrace her pack and their name by voicing any of her distaste aloud while in the presence of those not of Highvalley. While she will defend even her Lowborn kin and follows the pack laws of respect devoutly she is very much of the opinion she is above becoming too involved with them.

Bullet; Red Self-Centered - While she loves her pack and her land, Taibhse holds her own interests above those of others. If she is called upon to do something she has little taste for personally or that would inconvenience her she has no issue voicing her displeasure clearly, even to her High King, as she obeys the order that has put her out.

Pre-Group History:

Being born to the prestigious Highvalley, Taibhse held her head high almost from the moment of her birth. While her father was a brother to High King Eadric and not High King himself, their blood position so close to the High King carried with it many benefits that Taibhse was more than happy to indulge in.
Taibhse held no real interest for the inner machinations of the pack, watching events unfold from the sidelines with a mixture of distaste and concern. While her puphood was filled with plenty of socialization and training, the troubles caused by the High King proved to be an unwelcome distraction.

The wars that raged as she and her extended family grew did little to endear her to forming close bonds with anyone. Her mother was a talented Seeker and taught her aspiring children well, the life of a Seeker being something Taibhse finally connected to, and she would often steal away to continue her training away from her siblings, determined to be the best of them.
The wars grew increasingly bloody and violent, and Taibhse saw much of the bloodshed on her excursions. While she wasn't especially squeamish about blood, having aided her mother in giving birth to later litters more than once, the death did take its toll on her. Having seen many wolves cut down by enemies she felt the need to intensify her training, learn how to truly fight so she would never be another broken, lifeless body laying in a pool of its own blood. Her unusual size made her a formidable force, while she didn't possess a particularly muscular body like her bulkier kin, her size and lean muscle made up for what she lacked in brute strength.
Her father attempted to convince her to become a High Guard, or at least a Keeper, both of which she would be good at with her training, but Taibhse refused. Her opinion of her uncle wasn't particularly favourable, and while she didn't mind her cousin Rodwen as High King she'd grown to care more about the land and her potential life as a Seeker more than anything else.

Her light coloured pelt and speed, added to her more singular existence as a Seeker, earned her a reputation among her kin and any loners or members of other packs who happened to catch a glimpse of her stalking through the land as "the Ghost of Highvalley". She prides herself on her knowledge of the movements of other packs and lone wolves who happen to venture within in any real distance of Highvalley borders, constantly watching from a distance and assessing the various alliances, disputes and daily lives of the rest of the Domain. She doesn't often approach others, preferring her position of neutrality as an outside spectator free of the biased comments and opinions of those involved.
Her reputation as ghost of the valleys and mountains pleases her no end, finding it a fitting and respectable title, and enjoying the reaction her presence will often inspire when she does make contact with those she's observed from her watches.

Taibhse's life is now solely focused upon being the best Seeker of Highvalley, helping her cousin to rebuild the pack from the tattered state Eadric left it in, in her own way.

The Great Flood of Highvalley:
Following the Great Flood that ravished Highvalley and the sickness that took the life of High King Rodwen, Taibhse chose to not follow Vladimir at first, preferring to stay in the land she'd always known as home. Over time, with other previous Highvallians either leaving or succumbing to the embrace of death, the silence of the once vibrant lands became too much for her to bear and she left the Domain in search of Vladimir and the small group of Highvalley refugees that went with him.

She searched for many moons, and found no trace of her former family now they are scattered to the winds. Disheartened, she turned once again in the direction of the Domain where she could live out her days in a place that was at least somewhat familiar - although she couldn't bear to return to Highvalley's former territory.
Instead she turned North-East, skirting the coast to keep herself fed until she reached the mouth of a river. She chose to follow the river upstream, unknowingly walking directly into the territory of Xassa, where she was intercepted by Nineveh.
Now she has a new home, far from the world she was used to, and must find a new place for herself in the world devoid of Highvalley's High Blood status.



Her name is Irish Gaelic for “ghost”.

Season - Winter
Food - Elk
Flower - Wild Rose
Terrain - Mountainous forest
Colour - Icy blue
Weather - Slightly Overcast

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