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Hello friends, to those of you who like graphic design, science fiction, alternate worlds and timelines, and other oddities; I welcome you to this humble little place.



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Red Harvest
In the near future a equatorial country attempted to used 
geoengineering to save their nation from being consumed by the
climate devastation ravaging the Earth. They however made a
miscalculation that ended up leading to a globe freeze.

As the world fell under a blanket of frost, a Polish AI
took control of it's people to save them from a slow death.
It launched a war on Eurasia to bring home resources
for it's beloved people. One by one nations fell to The
Demagogue, until the Americas where left as the only
Human lead nations on Earth.

Now the free peoples of the world rally in the Americas,
using mechanized walkers, and other powerful technologies;
they wait for the day when The Demagogue will come
across the sea to take what little they have left.
Tis a collaboration between:

Lineart: :iconravajava:
Coloring: :iconkingwillhamii:
Airfortress RADAR Wallpaper
I made this a little ways back as a cover for one of my art folders (You can still see it in my gallery.); it's
some projector screen RADAR console (Used by a random sap who likes sticky notes and coffee mugs.) at a
defense station somewhere in Arcea.

Has some in-universe references but the map is a little outdated due to us opting to change it.
The Royalist - Shirudo Invade Nordvest

- The Royalist -

Top Story: Shirudo Invade Nordvest;
Destroying Norinta; and sending the Nordvestian army into fighting retreat

by Karl Hobbs 
Bounty's Ending, 1800
Andula, and her family journey over the border to Karelia where they take in 
a moment of peace. The past month have not been kind to them. Andula’s 
family are from Norinta, and while life in the capital had it’s ups and downs 
they lived well for the most part.

That changed with the invasion; Andula and her brothers were in school
when the Shirudo attacked the city. When fighting started they were 
by Nordvestian soldiers, only to learn that their parents had been killed by enemy
shelling. As their convoy left the city they looked on to see Norinta under intense
bombardment by Shirudo airships, with most the old city in flames.

The war, Andula’s family and many like them found themselves in the middle of,
began with a Nordvestian ultimatum demanding the Shirudo withdraw from the
newly conquered Allerodian continent. The Shirudo’s replay was swift and devastating,
a full-scale invasion with Shirudo forces taking the largest cities and encircling and
destroying most of Nordvest’s outdated and poorly equipped army within the opening
engagements of the war.

The current situation for the beleaguered Nordvest is described in the best of light
as a fighting retreat and at worst a mass rout, as the Shirudo push remaining
Nordvestian troops deeper into the interior with each passing day. Nordvestians
interviewed by international outlets describe this campaign as being “hunted” or
“chased” with concerning reports of refugee convoys going missing on their
way to the border, and towns along the countryside not being heard from for
the past month after troops had left.

The Karelian government has issued a diplomatic protest and calls for the Shirudo
to withdraw and make peace. As of the time of the article there is no word as to
whether or not His Majesty's Government will intervene as part of it’s
obligation to the Northern Pact.

For Andula and her brothers, the war is over; they have lost everything
but they are safe and they have each other. For the soldiers that escorted them
and the others to safety, the war continues. 
Andula, her brothers, the other
refugees, and Karelian border guards wave goodbye to the Nordvestian soldiers
as they return to the fight.
Airfortress Group Page:



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