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The One Where The Cake Ignites

Phoebe is in Central Perk with Ross. Ross is writing a poem to Rachel, unlikely as this may seem. Phoebe listens to him recite it, then Chandler walks in on the last few lines: "And Joey is a noey like Hannukah with Monica, so you see, you're left with me." "Monica and Hannukah?" says Chandler. "Gee, Ross, I thought you quit poetry." (Titles) Joey, elsewhere, is cooking with Rachel. They're baking a birthday cake for Chandler. Joey's idea. They're counting on Phoebe to keep him stalled. So, naturally, Phoebe tells Chandler to write a poem for Monica. "It's Phoebe's poetry workshop!" Chandler relents, but writes four lines for R


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