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The Merman's Captive Cast

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Well... at least some of them. One of the main characters, Korcha, never got a design finalized and I didn't post some of the other random folks that show up in the game. The game is played through Cyn's eyes and depending on your choices could be a BxG or BxB game.

Cyn has always lead a pretty solitary lifestyle, never tending to worry much about anything, unless Sorren manages to get him wrapped up in some type of scheme. But when he's strapped for stones and in need of some fast cash, a seemingly easy retrieval job becomes much more than he bargained for. Now he's saddled with an insufferable mer who's only wish is to go home and get as far away from him as possible. The only way he's going to solve his problems is by selling the mer to the highest bidder. But can he really doom another soul to a fate he's been fighting against his whole life? Or will he finally give in and live up to his Noct heritage?

Cast from left to right~


“Who knows? Maybe I took pity on a mer than needed help. Or maybe I just like playing with my food.”
Cyn is a rather jaded, stubborn, and pessimistic merman. Although he prefers a solitary existence his twisted sense of humor and temper has known to get him into trouble. Cyn’s lived a hard life but has somehow managed to eek out a living in the Abyss despite his shortcomings. He spends his days on the outskirts of the area hunting fish and other small creatures. Is used to being seen as a misfit and has come to enjoy his uneventful life. The only person he’d consider a friend is Sorren. And that’s only on a good day.


"I don't see what the big deal is! It's not like I was going to eat your house guest without asking if I have a bite?”
Sorren is a Neon merman and longtime friend of Cyn. He excels at seduction and gains pleasure from making his victims fall in love with him before destroying them completely. Is quite handsome and charismatic, but has a childish personality that tends to annoy those around him. Sorren was born with a pigmentation disorder that caused his coloring to come out lighter than that of a typical Neon. He sympathizes with Cyns’ predicament and tries his best to look out for him.


"We shouldn't have never gone outside the city gates Korcha! It's so dark down here...d-do you think they'll come after us?"
Orla is an Aquarian mermaid that was forced into captivity. She's a bit of a crybaby and is used to being coddled by her brother. His loss hits her hard and she blames herself for what happens to them both. Sees all Nocts as monstesr and hates that Cyn is holding her prisoner. Is weak but as she grows stronger will find a way to be free.

KORCHA (not shown)

"Stop being a baby Orla! lf you'd just go a little faster we could be back home before dark! We haven't run across anyone yet. I doubt they know we've escaped."
Korcha is an Aquarian merman that was forced into captivity. He's very impulsive, quick to anger and stubborn. Sees himself as a protector and is angry when he's unable to save his sister. Blames Cyn for his problems and balks at being held a prisoner. Will fight tooth and nail to be free.


"I see...she doesn't look very well...If this is what I was getting back, it hardly seemed worth the effort..."
A Twil merchant that collects and sells various things found in the upper sea levels to the people in the Abyss. One of the goods he deals in currently is the sale and capture of other mers to the Noct of the Abyss. Is well learned about other mer species and has a fine eye for detail. Because of his sensitivity to light he often asks Cyn to scavenge for goods in the upper sea levels.


"...what's the rush? Why not stay and have some fun?"
A Twil merman who seems to have a long standing history of dislike with Cyn. Is adamant about the purity of his race and sees anything less than that disgusting.''

Check out the GUI design here:
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HyptosisProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome work, and so many expressive portraits! :D
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You excel at characterization in places others do not do well.
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Thank you so much! I always worry my characters are a bit boring but reading your comment gave me a boost in confidence. ^^
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I love your work, and keep checking the comic site for updates!