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halftone 4

By kingstom
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Halftone stencil painted on wood panel.
130x40 cm (51x15 inch).
Montana hardcore glossy black and 94 spray paint.
This one has about 6000 squares handcut and took me about 2 weeks. there are probably other versions coming up soon.
Featuring scarlett johansson.
Image size
3120x933px 3.58 MB
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
22 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 16, 2012, 8:15:49 PM
Sensor Size
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Good job! Bravo!!
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Awesome technique! Best halftone stencil on the internet imho!

I will try this too using your explanation below. Btw I also make halftone stencils, but using another technique.. check my IG if you're interested! #chasinart
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oh cool, that's Johnny Mnemonic.
i recognized him right away :)
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Featured here and here… (Same article just posted in two separate places).
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The process of cutting is a perfect meditation time that no other form of art can provide. Great detail my friend.
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I want this on my wall ASAP
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How did you set up the spacing of the dots? i know nothing really on how to do this and wood like to lern. its a really amazing peace
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hey, i'd like to help you, i first need to know if you know photoshop a little bit (nothing tricky).
go have a look on youtube and type "halftone stencil turorial", look for one that shows you how to do line, when you get it, you just open your original image again, repeat the operation but change the angle to opposite. when you're done, importe the first image up to the second and use the magic wand tool to remove the white on the upper image, and there you go, just print it and start hand cuting :)
good luck
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The technique is amazing ... would be wonderful if you had a video tutorial of how made from photoshop !!!
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Are you freaking kidding me?!? AMAZING!!
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Ok I've been interested in the halftone stencil technique and I've seen quite a few different techniques. I even own a copy of Rasterbator (which I need to learn how to utilize properly). I would like to know what technique in Photoshop/Illustrator worked for you and how you were able to separate the layers into colors.
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How did you seperate the colors? O.o Awesome work dude
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man that is so cool, did you spray it outside? how do you do it? do you spaint everything black and then spray the other colours?
awesome awesome awesome
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looks awesome but that was probably a pain on the ass to cut out. great work
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Good god, this is amazing work. A lot of stencil art all looks the same after you've seen a bunch of it, but this is really something else. Seriously, awesome job.
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thanks a lot, i try not to do twice the same work so it's the best comment you could make :)
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that is frigging awesome man! Fair play on the hard work, 6000 holes?? Jesus your fingers must hurt!
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thanks a lot. Otherwise, my cuting finger is much stronger than when i started painting so i don't feel pain anymore :)
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Would very much like to see this without the crop, looks too much like a screen print!
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just plain awesome!
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oh my god, AMAZING job!!!!
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