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2035: A House Divided

This map and scenario was requested by alternatehistorybuff and was inspired by Brian Wood’s DMZ comic series along with elements from my own imagination.

The 2020s were a dark decade in the history of the United States. Though it saw great innovation throughout many fields of Science and Technology, the decade also coincided with numerous global pandemics brought on by the emergence of a new disease, economic recession, a wave of deadly terrorist attacks in the form of Radical Environmentalism, and all on top of existing political polarization which had been building up in the United States since the mid 2010s. The climax of this turbulent decade was the unexpected outcome of the 2028 Election, where the first openly Socialist candidate Maria Reyes was elected the 47th President of the United States of America. Once taking office President Reyes began a series of executive orders including the nationalization of nearly every major U.S. based corporation. She stacked the Supreme Court with 12 additional Progressive judges, raised taxes on middle to upper class Americans in order to pay reparations to racial minorities, forced the dissolution of privately chartered schools, made it illegal to own more than one vehicle per household, and most controversially enacted a strict 1 child policy to curb overpopulation. President Reyes also turned a blind eye to the growth of left-wing paramilitary organizations which often acted as the enforcement arm of her policies in harassing political opponents as well as many Americans who protested the President’s actions. In 2032 after giving a speech during her reelection campaign, President Reyes was assassinated by members of a right-wing militia known as the United Patriots Movement. In the immediate aftermath, Reyes’s successor David Becker declared a national emergency, suspending the upcoming election and mobilizing the National Guard in several states to raid Patriot training grounds and confiscate their weapons, this was then followed by an executive order outlawing all Americans from owning any firearm designated as an Assault Weapon.

The following year in the summer of 2033, President Becker ordered a massive raid on the Patriot friendly Allentown, Pennsylvania. Here what should have been a quick and easy raid turned into a bloody month long siege and ultimately resulted in the first shots of the Second American Civil War. Soon after the clash at Allentown, Militia groups across the country began a series of attacks on federal troops, seizing control of their state legislature and declaring their independence from the United States. By the end of August a coalition of these factions had emerged known as the Free States Alliance, while it’s member states retained much autonomy, the organization’s purpose was to better coordinate allied troops and logistics in order to better resist any counter offensive made by the Federal Government. Meanwhile in Washington, President Becker’s complete mismanagement of the situation had lost him the faith of both his cabinet and more importantly the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Already disillusioned by the direction in which the former President had been taking the country, on September 9 the Joint Chiefs launched a military coup which successfully removed Becker and his administration from office as well as purging Congress and the Supreme Court of his supporters. In a speech given from the Oval Office that evening, the acting Director of the Joint Staff and retired Admiral Mathew O’Hara, proclaimed the establishment of a Provisional Government and that he would be acting as it’s head for the duration of the present crisis. Those Progressives who survived the purge along with even more moderate political leaders who feared the prospect of military rule, fled Washington for Sacramento, California. Here they would reorganize and declare themselves in direct opposition to the Provisional Government with the proclamation of the Federative Republic of Western States. A new nation built on the Progressive ideals of President Reyes and one which sought to liberate the country from rogue states they perceived as either Reactionary or Fascist.

Thus by the end of 2033 the stage had been set for the bloodiest conflict ever fought in the Western Hemisphere. Now it is the year 2035 and the war is at a stalemate with no end in sight, millions are dead or displaced, Meanwhile the rest of the world is forced to choose a side as China and the European Union recognize and send aide to the Western States, the nations of the CANZUK agreement and Brazil support the Provisional Government, and the Russian Federation has even gone so far as to deploy an Expeditionary Force to train and assist the Free States. The United Nations now based in Geneva have declared the states of Hawaii and Alaska to be U.N. Mandates and have attempted to resettle as many American refugees there as possible while providing humanitarian aid to those in camps set up in Mexico and Canada. Nowhere has the sheer brutality of the war been on better display for the rest of the world than in the ongoing Siege of New York. Since the early days of the conflict, the once great metropolis had become a battlefield between all sides. Free States forces however managed to gain the upper hand when a group known as the American Iron Guard managed to breakthrough the Federal line at Yonkers. From there they managed to relieve The embattled Patriots within the city and take full control of the Island of Manhattan. Though after clearing Brooklyn of Progressivist militias, Forces of the Provisional Government focused all their efforts into retaking Manhattan from the entrenched Patriots and Iron Guard. For almost two years Federal troops have bombarded the city and launched a number of costly assaults which have only gained minor beachheads on the island.

Furthermore each faction is plagued by insurgent groups who use bombings and launch hit and run attacks to terrorize their respective populations and wreak havoc on their supply chain networks. Each faction has their own method of dealing with the insurgency as well as other political dissidents within their territory. In the Western States, militia groups such as the American People’s Army (APA) are given free reign to use all methods necessary to apprehend or execute them, In the Free States acts of terror are simply punished with the swift execution of all suspected insurgents as well as all those individuals associated with them, and finally it is the Provisional Government with the arguably most humane approach. The Promptly named “Grant Doctrine” proposed to Director-General O’Hara by the Army Chief of Staff, General John D. Grant, involves the mass incarceration of potentially hostile populations to internment camps with the interned populations being replaced with known government loyalists and displaced families of servicemen. Over the course of the conflict it is also worth noting how each faction has developed their own identity separate from that of the old United States. For the Provisional Government while still proclaiming to be the legitimate United States, has seen a substantial curtailing of powers in both the Legislative and Judicial branches favoring instead an all powerful Executive in the form of the newly created office of Director-General. Within Provisional territory the line separating soldier from civilian is blurred to the point of nonexistence as every man, woman, and child is expected to do their part in achieving final victory. The offices of the civilian and military administration have largely been merged into one with many high ranking officers becoming a sort of military governor of an entire region or alternatively being named the new CEO of key corporations vital for war production.

Meanwhile the Western States have doubled down on the policies of President Reyes and have looked to their key ally, The People’s Republic of China for assistance in building their new government. All political parties have been outlawed with the sole exception of the newly established Social Progressive Party, of which one must be a member of to hold public office or be eligible for government aide. All sectors of the economy have been officially nationalized though much like in China, private individuals are allowed to operate in place of the central government and even make a profit from them. A massive cult of personality has sprung up around the acting President of the Western States, a one time journalist and small time actor Julian Hernandez. With his good looks and charming personality, Hernandez has gained the popularity of people across the Western States though he largely serves as a figurehead for the Party, whose core members are the real power and driving force behind all policy and military action taken by the state. For those allied with the Free States there is not one governing principle or any individual set of economic or social organization blanketed for all member states. For example the governments of Sioux and Greater Missouri seek to emulate the old United States though based more along the lines of Libertarianism, alternatively North Texas invokes the spirit of state Nationalism in affirming it’s right to be an independent nation separate from the union and uses populist demagoguery to encourage their citizens to be wary of outsiders even if they had once been their fellow countrymen. In contrast to the strong sense of Civic Nationalism promoted by North Texas, The Teuton Imperative of the northwest rejects all forms of secular society and in turn embraces the fringe ideologies of Neo-Nazism and White Nationalism. Here numerous acts of ethnic cleansing have reportedly occurred with even much of the Imperative’s white population being put to death for the crimes of either being judged a race traitor or revealed to be of Jewish origin.

While the rest of the Free States have tried to distance themselves from the Imperative, the fact remains that they hold a strategically important sector and in turn are forced to prop it up to the detriment of their image on the world stage. The petty warlords which makeup the League of the South also differ in their governing approach and are more likely to fight one another more than the Provisional Government or Western States aligned New Afrika. Interestingly enough it is the Mormon Free State with the most stable and egalitarian government of the Alliance. Though officially a Mormon religious state administered by the leadership of the Church, it has been remarkably accepting to people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds who come to fight with them. The Mormons also guarantee free passage of refugees and are mainly focused on protecting their own people through a series of surgical strikes and retreats into the Rocky Mountains rather than launching any major offensive. While the overall stalemate persists, the recent capitulation of New England along with a successful offensive into the south has brought most of the Eastern Seaboard back under the authority of Washington. Now at the prelude to the Provisional Government’s 7th and largest assault on New York City, the conflict may be over sooner than anyone would have realized.
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why is there a Morman state in every alt-history map of North America's?

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Because why not, the Mormons are an interesting bunch

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they truly are an interesting bunch and I feel like dessert or a Morman state will become a good or weird Trope.

A very complex and intresting map/setting for a Divided USA story. 
Especially for "DMZ", which is quite vague on anything outside of Manhattan. 
KingsofWinter's avatar
Well the vagueness was to my advantage here because it gave me a lot to work with
I really like how the breakup of the America into, not two opposing sides, but multiple different factions mirrors the three kingdoms period of Chinese history. It suggests that it may be a long time before we see a "United" States again. I also like how none of these sides can definitively be called the "good guys" kind of like real conflicts.
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Thanks I'am glad you like it, I tried to go for a more realistic scenario  
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Cool stuff! What's going on in Alaska/Hawaii, if I may ask? Also, if the Teutonic Imperative have "rejected all forms of secular society," what is the state religion? Fundamentalist Christianity? Some sort of reconstructed Norse/Celtic/Greco-Roman paganism? Vitalistic worship of the "racial life-force?" Ariosophy or other forms of Nazi occultism? Hanns Hörbiger's Welteislehre?
KingsofWinter's avatar
Well with Alaska and Hawaii becoming UN mandates things are (for the most part) business as usual there. As for the Imperative, their religious views are more of a hybrid between Norse paganism and Nazi occultism 
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"Though it saw great innovation throughout many fields of science, the decade also coincided with numerous global pandemics brought on by the emergence of a new disease, economic recession, a wave of deadly terrorist attacks in the form of Radical Environmentalism, and all on top of existing political polarization which had been building up in the United States since the mid 2010s."

I agree with the first part of the thesis, but the radicalization trend is currently about race and labor, not environmentalism. You can expect people to care about the environment, when the environment had created a virus to kill a whole generation of humanity.
KingsofWinter's avatar
Not necessarily, ever heard of Extinction Rebellion? Their practical an Environmentalist cult at this point and it’s likely only a matter of time before they or an offshoot start blowing people up in the name of Gaia 
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Yeah but that’s just 300 people...A radicalized revolutionary group is usually 10% of a population.

Thanks. Can you draw a map of North America during the civil war please 😊

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Maybe at some point but I have a few other projects lined up first 
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Nice to see all the various potential hellhole-factions getting their own little slice of the country. I'm not sure you ever explained the Iron Guard's deal though. Are they like a Starship Troopers kinda deal?
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The Iron Guard is made up primarily of military defectors and parallels with the Provisional Government in terms of how their society functions. The Free States heavily rely on the Iron Guard to hold the line on various fronts and isn’t so much a state with an army more than it is a army with a state. 
Well things are looking quite bad so just wondering What about all those nukes that is in america has anyone used them yet.
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no one (expect maybe the Imperative) is crazy enough to use nukes on American soil 
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