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Wells - Martian Fighting Machine



The first and most iconic of Martian machines. The giant tripods were used as a primary offensive force using Heat Ray for direct attack and poisonous gas for exterminating the population/resistance in larger areas. The long metallic tentacles were used for catching human victims which were then employed as food by the Martians. The victims were kept in the large metallic "basket" on his back. 

The most distinctive part was likely the head of the machine, which was on multiple occasions likened to a hooded man's head, hence the design. Overall, my take on it is supposed to invoke the images of Grim Reaper, from the hood shape to the ribcage/bone-like structure of the central body. 

Apparently they are made from an advanced amelinium aluminium alloy

1/8 of the WOTW series I am making. 
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“the brazen hood that surmounted it moved to and fro with the inevitable suggestion of a head looking about it”

”Behind the main body was a huge thing of white metal like a gigantic fisherman’s basket”

”puffs of green smoke squirted out from the joints of the limbs”

Your design is completely accurate to the book’s description. Awesome job