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Character  Nuka
Really felt like drawing Nuka in his more grown-up form. I guess this would be if he was more muscular and looked more healthy. I think he looks really well! :D (Big Grin) 

Nuka © Disney
Art © KingSimba

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I just want to say that the lines around where the tail ends and the mane overall fit this design like a glove! Excellent work!

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That is pretty cool

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That's really good!

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you changed the face too much. now he doesn't look like Nuka anymore :(

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Healthy Nuka~! :D I see so few of these...

On that note, I am one of those people who don't see Nuka as being Scar's son.

Granted, Nuka does insist that HE should be the Chosen One due to being the oldest, but never outright claims to be Scar's eldest child. In the second movie, Nuka refers to Scar by name, and he doesn't seem particularly broken up, on a personal level, about Scar being dead.

Nuka obviously has issues with 'Being good enough' at anything, especially in his mother's eyes.

If Zira was obsessively devoted to Scar and actively sought his approval, than Nuka must've come to the conclusion that if Scar approved of him enough to name him future king, then that would make his mother proud.

However, Nuka was obviously born during Scar's reign, when Zira couldn't get enough to eat and resulted in her son being born weak and then not getting enough to eat himself, growing up weak as a result.

:shrug: Just my thoughts, sorry for rambling.

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Is he Scar’s son in your version?

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Nope! Even though I guess he has a look of Scar =P

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But who was his father?

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I haven’t really thought of that yet ;P

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Was he related to Scar?

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God i adore ypur nuka so much
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I wonder what Kiara, Vitani and Kovu would say to this? Still, it's good.

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If it's a more comedic reaction, I think they'd say something like "HOW'RE YOU ALIVE?!"

If it's more dramatic, it would be more heartwarming or something.
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Either way, it'd be interesting. I'm wondering if Nuka's ghost would look like this? He'd probably get the long-overdue treatment he deserved in the movie. Good treatment, mind you.

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I'm actually gonna do that in my House of Mouse spin-off: House of Mouse: Mystic Avengers. I'm also gonna make Kopa and Mheetu canon.
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Sounds good. Go for it!

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However, I'm gonna have him join Kovu and Vitani as part of the good guys.
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Sounds nice. I did an alternate ending where Nuka gets resurrected.

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Aww, he looks so handsome here! <3

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I really like it

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That’s really cool. I like how he is in this one, healthy and strong

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