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Burn and Wreckage - T.U.F.F. Puppy OCs

Burn: "Yay! You can use fire powers too!"

Wreckage: "TOO HOOOOOT!!!!!" (I hope Katty doesn't get mad about this...!)

Here's a picture of my OC Wreckage, being hugged by :iconmarmartota2001:'s OC Burn. I really like how the colors turned out on her, and Wreckage looks wackier than ever. :D

Burn was taking a walk through the woods, when she noticed that Wreckage was busy training by shooting some energy blasts. The energy he can create looks kind of like fire, so this made Burn so happy, that she wanted to give him a big, affectionate hug! Unfortunately, she was so excited, that she couldn't hold off her fire powers, so she accidentally made his hair catch on fire, which started to freak him out. That and he really hoped that Katty wouldn't mind. lol

Apparently Wreckage knows a few different OCs. He doesn't usually care for good characters, or even neutral characters, but he doesn't mind Burn for some reason. Perhaps it's because she has great power, which is something that he can respect. It may also have to do with her being friends with a certain vampriss, so that could also be why.

Burn belongs to Marmartota2001.

Wreckage belongs to me.

T.U.F.F. Puppy belongs to Nickelodeon.
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Poor Wreckage. XD
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But he can handle it, it's just burns.
KingShovelton's avatar
He is quite durable. lol
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I wonder how pissed he would be if he lost all of his fur from being burned.
KingShovelton's avatar
Very. He'd feel naked and cold without it. ;P
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This picture you've done of Burn and Wreckage looks very nice and sweet, man. ;)
CaseyDecker's avatar
You're welcome as always. ;)
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It seems that in spite of his ominous presence and ill intentions...he's certainly being hugged by all the lady OCs lately. Must be they have a taste for the dark and most gals.
Very cute. ;D
KingShovelton's avatar
Thanks! I guess Wreckage is popular with the ladies. lol
Marmartota2001's avatar
Awwww ^^ So Cute Thanks for Making them together :3
I love it!!Heart Love Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free 
KingShovelton's avatar
You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it! ^^
Marmartota2001's avatar
It's Cute Thanks again :-)
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Never thought I'd see this.
KingShovelton's avatar
A lot of unexpected things are happening for Wreckage lately. ;P
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Next thing ya know, Stan and Elvis could take him to Margaritaville for a few drinks and a Mexicali burger. ;P
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His life is so random, I wouldn't be surprised. lol
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