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Beowulf-- A Legend Retold Prologue :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 7 11
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda Chapter Three
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda
A Greek Myth Reimagined
By KingRyHuff
Disclaimer: This is a retelling of one of the most famous Greek Myths of all time albeit with my own twists and turns, partially inspired by some of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comic Books' history, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil and King T'Challa of Wakanda AKA Black Panther. You'll be surprised by my references, I promise you that. 
Chapter Three: Gifts from the Gods and the Graeae Sisters
The next morning, Apollo raised the sun over Perseus's home and the young demigod woke up early for his breakfast and to prepare for his dangerous quest. He knew deep down in his heart that this would be a perilous task, slaying a creature whose very gaze would turn even the bravest of men to stone. He even had doubts that he, the son of a fisher King and a Princess, was up to the task where so many others had failed. 
He knew nothing of where Medusa was, how to find it and particularly how to kill her, particularly
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 6 21
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda Chapter Two
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda
A Greek Myth Reimagined
By KingRyHuff
Disclaimer: This is a retelling of one of the most famous Greek Myths of all time albeit with my own twists and turns, partially inspired by some of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comic Books' history, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil and King T'Challa of Wakanda AKA Black Panther. You'll be surprised by my references, I promise you that. 
Chapter Two: The Challenge of Polydectes
Eighteen years had passed since the birth of Perseus, the destruction of Argos and the cruel, yet fitting, punishment placed on Acrisius, and in spite of all the odds, Perseus had a happy childhood despite his being born blind. Serifos was considered an island paradise, far away from the ever-warring city-states of the Greek mainland. Yet just like Argos it too was ruled by a tyrant named Polydectes, Dictys's own older brother. 
While Dictys lived among the people; caring for them and loving them as though he was their true King, Pol
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 7 4
Mature content
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda Chapter One :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 7 17
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda Prologue
Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda
A Greek Myth Reimagined 
By KingRyHuff
Disclaimer: This is a retelling of one of the most famous Greek Myths of all time albeit with my own twists and turns, partially inspired by some of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comic Books' history, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil and King T'Challa of Wakanda AKA Black Panther. You'll be surprised by my references, I promise you that. 
Prologue: The Birth of a Hero
What is it that makes a person who they are? What defines our species as human? Is it appearance? Charm? Power? Wealth? Stature? Or is it how one treats the life they live on Earth and the people around them? 
What of the monsters that great heroes often face? Are they monsters because of their looks and because we do not understand them? Or are they just as complex or as flawed as we humans are? And are humans at times the real monsters? 
Can our humanity be perceived from within ourselves? Are our eyes truly a window into our souls
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 9 13
Mature content
The Twelve Labors of Hercules Chapter Three :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 5 30
Mature content
The Twelve Labors of Hercules Chapter Two :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 8 15
The Twelve Labors of Hercules Chapter One
The Twelve Labors of Hercules
A Greek Myth reimagined by KingRyHuff
Disclaimer: This is only a reimagined version of one of the most famous Greek myths of all time. I'll understand if I'm a little bit off in my understanding of Greek myths, but this is my retelling of Heracles or Hercules as most people in the world would call him now. So please, forgive me if I'm taking a few liberties with this retelling. 
Chapter One: Talk Amongst the Olympians
On top of the highest peak in all the Greek world Mount Olympus, was the palace of the Olympian gods the divine masters and rulers of the heavens. It was a truly a sight to behold, for the columns were made of the finest marble, by day the palace shined like the golden sun, and by night it was as silver as the new moon. Underneath the splendor of the palace of Mount Olympus, there was talk amongst the Olympians concerning little Hercules. 
Among those present in the discussion was the grey-eyed, flaxen-haired Athena the Goddess of W
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 8 68
The Twelve Labors of Hercules Prologue
The Twelve Labors of Hercules
A Greek Myth reimagined by KingRyHuff
Disclaimer: This is only a reimagined version of one of the most famous Greek myths of all time. I'll understand if I'm a little bit off in my understanding of Greek myths, but this is my retelling of Heracles or Hercules as most people in the world would call him now. So please, forgive me if I'm taking a few liberties with this retelling. 
Prologue: The Birth of a Demigod
Many ages ago, in the faraway land of Ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful Gods, magnificent creatures, ferocious monsters and extraordinary heroes. It was also a time of turmoil, for Greece was not a united land, but rather a collection of warring city-states who often fought amongst themselves instead of against a common enemy.
Among the many cities on the Greek mainland, there were four that stood out among the rest; Athens the future mother of democracy, Mycenae a major port city and the most powerful of the four, which would
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 15 23
Star Wars AU RP Starter-- Anakin as Jabba's Slave
*Has anyone ever wondered as to what could have happened in Star Wars Episode I, the Phantom Menace...if Anakin Skywalker had been a slave of Jabba the Hutt instead of Watto's slave? And what if Padme and Anakin were the same age when they met? How could things have turned out differently? Well now's your chance to explore that possibility.* 
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 1 5
Star Wars AU Role-play Scenarios
*Yeah. As the title suggests, these are Star Wars alternate universe role-play scenarios. Now what kind of scenarios...I don't know yet. They can be creative. They can deviate from Star Wars canon...even deviate from the terrible prequel trilogy and give Anakin a better backstory on Tatooine. Like say for example...what if Anakin had been a slave to Jabba the Hutt? That's just one of many possible scenarios. So please be my guest and suggest.* 
1. Anything that's considered NSFW must go via notes. 
2. The Slave-Leia thing has been done to death, so please don't suggest that scenario for me.
3. Be creative. 
4. Have fun. 
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 4 421
Planet of the Pokemon AU-- Role-play Starter
*Everyone perhaps knows about how in the Pokemon World, humans have captured and raised Pokemon as their own partners and companions. However...what would happen if the roles were reversed? 
What if a powerful virus had increased the intelligence of most Pokemon and killed off most of the human population? And Pokemon now had to raise what remained of the human race, not as slaves...but rather as though they were fellow Pokemon, to ensure the survival of both species? To lead mankind out of its dark nature and to foster a more...peaceful side. 
Whereas other humans want revenge and to kill off the Pokemon whom they blame for their own fall from grace, in other words...the criminal teams...and our main characters live among Pokemon...including the boy called Ash. 
All his life, Ash has always considered Pokemon to be his family, but soon he must make a journey to discover where he truly belongs...and that is where our story...begins...* 
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 7 883
Pokemon Anime Musical AU-- Roleplay Starter
*Has anyone ever wondered what it would have been like if the Pokemon Anime series was also a musical anime series? Where singing and dancing was all a part of life in the Pokemon world? And Ash's adventures were portrayed through song? Well this is your chance to enter for the opportunity to partake in a role-play scenario that involves the main characters singing and dancing. The songs can range from Disney to Broadway and anything musical theatre, heck even original material can be and is allowed.
It all begins in Pallet Town with our opening number...* 
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 4 890
Mature content
Greek Myths Reimagined- Hercules Role-Play Starter :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 4 993
Mature content
Greek Myths Reimagined Role-play Starters :iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 8 1,439
Pokemon Anime AU Roleplay Starter
*In a majestic world not unlike our own, live fantastic animal like creatures known as Pokemon. And in this world, humans catch these fantastic beings in order to train them to battle other Pokemon and or other humans. Though sometimes it's the other way around, for some young children or orphaned youngsters Pokemon are like family to them and can choose to live among wild Pokemon as a way to see into their world. With so many paths to choose from, sometimes Pokemon trainers can have it both ways and gain amazing experience, and some even adapt to life among the Pokemon. 
Becoming a Pokemon trainer in this world is considered a right of passage for children everywhere, none more so than a boy named Ashton 'Ash' Ketchum from the Kanto Region in a small village called Pallet town. Whether Ash knows it or not, a great hint of destiny calls his name...both in the form of the call of the wild and the call to become a Pokemon Master. Which shall he choose? That is where our adventure be
:iconkingryhuff:KingRyHuff 11 1,252


Power Ranger Couple - Ash x Misty by JQroxks21 Power Ranger Couple - Ash x Misty :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 14 11 Garfield Pasta La Vista!  by MaleVolentSamSon Garfield Pasta La Vista! :iconmalevolentsamson:MaleVolentSamSon 15 7 Movie Magic by clan-ordo Movie Magic :iconclan-ordo:clan-ordo 9 352 Digimon fo' Manga by sonikkukitten Digimon fo' Manga :iconsonikkukitten:sonikkukitten 43 23 A Whole New Life For You and Me by SYFYNUT A Whole New Life For You and Me :iconsyfynut:SYFYNUT 19 25 Hypnotized Cubs by TightlyWrappedCoils Hypnotized Cubs :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 34 4 Return to the Pack by TightlyWrappedCoils Return to the Pack :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 46 15 MowglixMelody Smitten pt1 by SYFYNUT MowglixMelody Smitten pt1 :iconsyfynut:SYFYNUT 29 25 Love Angels by TightlyWrappedCoils Love Angels :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 30 15 A Tiger's Wrath by TightlyWrappedCoils A Tiger's Wrath :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 40 18 Jungle cubs predicament by feet-in-coils Jungle cubs predicament :iconfeet-in-coils:feet-in-coils 24 4 We should have just stayed in the village by feet-in-coils We should have just stayed in the village :iconfeet-in-coils:feet-in-coils 33 1 My Favorite Poke Girls by hlaa14 My Favorite Poke Girls :iconhlaa14:hlaa14 2 0 Hanging out with Kaa by feet-in-coils Hanging out with Kaa :iconfeet-in-coils:feet-in-coils 16 4 You are challenged by Pokemon Trainer Cynthia! by chyndea You are challenged by Pokemon Trainer Cynthia! :iconchyndea:chyndea 232 33 SpiceShipping Hint (May contain a SPOILER) by RivalCrushAngel SpiceShipping Hint (May contain a SPOILER) :iconrivalcrushangel:RivalCrushAngel 7 1


I'm really excited for Mary Poppins Returns. 

If you ask me, I believe that Emily Blunt does Mary Poppins justice and the movie itself brings back the classical magic of the original Mary Poppins film to a 'T'. Yet I never actually imagined Angela Lansbury to make an appearance in the trailer or Colin Firth. 

Bet none of you were expecting Meryl Streep either. 

Let's just see if this film will be just as memorable and as majestic as the original Mary Poppins. 

As you may just learned...Burt Reynolds has now passed on. 

So long to Charlie Barkin and the Bandit. 

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Beowulf-- A Legend Retold

Legend Retold by KingRyHuff

Disclaimer: This is only a retelling of the oldest story in the English language in a way that NO one has probably told it before. The only things I do own are the names of both Grendel's Mother and the Dragon of Earnaness...along with some of the subplots and...some original characters. 

Prologue: Grendel's Wrath 

It was an age of heroes, monsters, faith and gold. The mighty Roman Empire had fallen to the many peoples whom they had considered 'barbarians', yet the majority of Europe had abandoned its traditional beliefs and turned to the Christian faith. Only in the North did the people hold onto the gods of their ancestors. 

Among those people were the Danes, a seafaring warrior culture whose name would one day be etched onto the land of Denmark and who were also destined to change England's fate. Yet now, all they could claim was the island of Zealand to the east, as the land that would one day become Denmark was ruled instead by the Jutes, a rival power. 

However, the island of Zealand was ruled by a legendary line of Kings; the Scyldings. The King who ruled over the Danes at this time was Hrothgar, son of Halfdan, a great warrior who was loved and respected by the nobles and the common folk alike. He was known for his generosity and his honesty, sharing out rings and treasure with his finest warriors and always honoring his oaths as King.

He repelled invasion after invasion from the Jutes to the west, battled monsters ranging from Orkalf, or Orc, and Svartalf, or Dark-Elf, raiding parties from Svartalfheim, the Dark-Elf realm, to hungry Trolls and Ogres from Jotunheim, the realm of the Giants, and his most famous deed of all was slaying the mighty Dragon Nottagi, Night-Terror, who terrorized the lands of the Wulfings and whose very wings would eclipse the sun spreading darkness throughout the land. 

As a reward for his glorious deed of ridding the land of Nottagi, Hrothgar was given the Wulfing King's daughter Wealthow to secure an alliance. While at first Hrothgar and Wealthow's union was not an easy marriage, as time passed they grew to love each other dearly. They had two sons named Hrethric and Hrothmund in addition to a beautiful daughter named Freawaru. Hrothgar also ordered the construction of a great mead hall, a longhouse fitting for a King of Hrothgar's status and to celebrate the victories and fortunes of the Danes. 

Inspired by the wildlife of Zealand particularly of stags, he chose to name his grand longhouse and mead hall Heorot or 'Hall of the Hart', for it was to be adorned and decorated with the images of stags and antler carvings. After a building period of a year, the longhouse of Heorot was finally completed. Every evening, Hrothgar, his family and their trusted advisor Aeschere presided over a great feast.

But the longhouse was more than just a banquet hall, it was also a place where people could share treasure, sing songs, tell stories of many great adventures, to celebrate the victories of many great warriors, to toast to the men who helped build this hall, and to fornicate, though the King and his family did not take part in fornicating, oh no. Imagine the scandal, mind you. 

Yet the Danes never imagined that darkness would engulf the land once again, and they also never imagined how it would affect them. 

It all began on a dark and dreary night on the northern fens, deep within the marshy moors in a dark cave dwelt a monstrous being. What he was could be anyone's guess, but he was truly a horrific sight to behold on the outside.

He was a fiend coughed up from the darkest depths of Helheim. His face resembled a distorted human skull, his skin was as pitch black as a moonless night, his body was unnaturally muscular, his teeth were like long knives, the claws on his hands and feet were like spikes, his eyes glowed like molten fire, his hair if one could call it hair resembled vicious whip-like dreadlocks and when he walked, he tread upon his knuckles like a great-ape. 

His name was Grendel, derived from the word grindan which meant 'to grind' or 'to destroy'. Whether he gave himself that name or the Danes did, one can never know. No one knew exactly who Grendel was nor did they know what he was. He was not a Troll, since he lacked the tusks that Trolls had on the sides of their faces, yet he could only roam out of his cave at night. He was not an Ogre, since he lacked the horns Ogres had on their heads yet he walked like one. He was not even one of the Jotnar or Giant race, even though he was three times the size of an ordinary human he was still not big enough to be considered a true Giant. 

Yet Grendel had a ravenous appetite for flesh, whether for animals or people, which was expected of many Jotnar, Ogres or Trolls. Whatever his origins, Grendel on this particular night was hungry. The sounds echoing from Heorot to him were a constant bitter reminder that he would never be a part of society. As he gazed on upon the joyous noise and lit fires illuminating from the longhouse, he growled and hissed and bared his teeth as he spoke in a raspy, yet soft voice that resembled a nest of snakes.

"Humans. What weak and pathetic creatures they are. What right have they to be merry and joyful when I am not a part of all that? They have grown lazy, complacent, drunk on their own mead that they have forgotten what it means to be afraid of the dark. For too long I have lived in the shadows and waited. Now it is time for the Danes to know the meaning of sorrow and of fear. The time of Grendel has come." 

And thus, Grendel roared and darted towards the longhouse using both his hind legs and his knuckle-walking arms to propel him forward. He was ready to taste Danish flesh. 

Inside the great mead hall, blissfully unaware that Grendel was coming, the Danes retired for the night as Hrothgar and his family closed the doors and set out to their respective sleeping areas.  As the flames died out, an ominous shadow befell the land outside. Sure enough, it was Grendel, come for his flesh. 

Among those warriors who slept that horrific night was an accomplished thane named Unferth son of Ecgalf. Auburn haired, icy eyed, thin-bearded and still in his prime, the warrior had trouble sleeping at night and none of the mead in the world could help him sleep. And this night, he felt a great terror coming towards him as he heard the doors burst open and the wind blew strongly into the hall. 

Grendel showed himself snarling and licking his lips in hunger as the Danes woke from their slumber, terror gripping at their hearts as they gazed upon the vicious monster who spoke softly, yet menacingly with a hiss and a toothy grin. "Ah. Afraid aren't we, little Danes? Good. Good. The stronger your fear, the sweeter your blood will taste on my lips." 

Though gripped by fear, the warriors pulled out their swords and weapons as they charged at Grendel who jumped into the air and landed upon one of the posts. "Where is he? Where is that monster?" Cried one of the warriors as Grendel laughed cruelly. "You think your meager weapons can harm me? Me, Grendel the Untouchable? No weapon made by your pathetic hands can cut or pierce my hide." 

The warriors could not see Grendel, until it was too late as the only things they could see of him were his fiery eyes whilst lightning flashed across the hall. Only one among the warriors was too afraid and too overcome with mead to get up and fight; Unferth. 

Grendel then began to grab warrior after warrior as lightning flashed across the room. All Unferth could do was watch in horror and despair as the monstrous being ripped his fellows apart, crunched on their bones and drank their blood. How many Grendel had killed and eaten, Unferth had lost count. Yet the screams of his fellow thanes filled his ears and their spattered blood drenched the halls and his clothing. 

Until at last, Unferth himself was the only survivor as he panted in horror and Grendel walked towards him, with the blood spattered corpses in his left arm and the other arm walking on his knuckle. "Who are you? What are you? Why come you to Heorot and to harm our people?" Unferth asked in horror. Grendel sniffed at Unferth and grinned, "Hmm. You...Unferth, son of Ecglaf." 

"Yes?" Unferth asked, terror gripping at his heart. "Tell your King Hrothgar that he may own the lands of Zealand, but he will never own the marshes. Because your people transgressed on us and our kind, I demand a sacrifice in payment for these atrocities; Princess Freawaru. Give him this message from me, Grendel son of Odra. Do so and I shall spare your life and the lives of your fellows, Unferth Kinslayer! Do it not and I shall return tomorrow night and the next night to slaughter your people until my demands are met." Grendel said with a growl. 

This was all too much for Unferth to bear as he passed out from exhaustion and Grendel walked off with his kills.

The next morning, King Hrothgar, who was in his mid-forties, dark haired, grey-eyed, dark bearded and clad in the finest fur robes in the land was alarmed beyond belief at what he saw in Heorot. His mead-hall had been defiled, blood was splattered everywhere, intestines and other bloodied body parts were strewn across the floor, including Grendel's monstrous footprints. When he saw Unferth laying unconscious, he had feared the worst. 

"Unferth! Unferth, stir yourself. Wake, Unferth." Hrothgar pleaded as he went to Unferth's side, splashing water on the thane. This caught him completely by surprise. "My Lord Hrothgar....My Lord...I saw..." 

"What did you see, Unferth? What happened last night? What sort of monster did this to my mead-hall?" Hrothgar asked in despair and concern. "Grendel did this deed, my noble Lord." Unferth answered panting heavily. "Grendel?" Hrothgar asked in surprise. "Please explain what happened, Unferth." Queen Wealthow, who was in her early forties, flaxen-haired, bright green-eyed, fair skinned and clad in a fine green robe, pleaded with the honored thane. 

Unferth explained everything that had transpired that night, most particularly Grendel's outrageous demand. Yet what Grendel and Odra wanted with Freawaru, who was still only a girl and had not yet seen eleven winters, was anyone's guess, but Wealthow was terrified by the idea of giving her precious daughter to such a monster and his mother. 

Overhearing the news of Grendel's demand was Hrethric, King Hrothgar's eldest son by Wealthow, who was now twenty and eager to prove himself as a man. The epitome of bravery, this flaxen haired, grey-eyed warrior was his father's pride and joy. He wished to prove himself worthy of both his father's honor and of the honor of Zealand. 

Hrethric came into the room and bowed in respect as he spoke in a determined voice, "Father...Mother...let me go into the marshes. I will slay this Grendel demon and his foul mother. They shall not lay their hands on my sister." 

Aeschere who was in his early fifties, white haired, hazel eyed and clad in dark robes, was surprised completely by Hrethric's idea. "Master Hrethric, are you certain that you wish to sacrifice your own life for the good of Zealand against a monster who was able to kill your father's finest warriors in just one night?" 

"Aeschere, I'm not a child anymore. I can't let this Grendel monster threaten my family or slaughter our people any longer." Hrethric said in determined voice before he turned to his parents and said, "Father, Mother...please...let me do this. I want to prove myself as a man to you. You're my family." 

Seeing that Hrethric had made up his mind, Hrothgar embraced his son. "Hrethric...go with the gods. Come back to us, son." 

Then Wealthow removed her golden jeweled necklace, the Brisingamen a gift from the Goddess Freya, and placed it on her eldest son's neck. "Please return with the Brisingamen on your person, Hrethric. It will protect you from demon magic." 

"Thank you Mother. Father....I will return with Grendel's head in my hand and his mother's as well." Hrethric said as he went to say goodbye to his brother and sister, never knowing if he would ever see them again. 

After saying his goodbyes to his family and his loved ones, Hrethric rode off to the marshes hoping to slay Grendel and his mother Odra, while Hrothgar, Wealthow and their family waited. 

Until at last night fell and everyone within Heorot had begun celebrating Hrethric's impending victory with a great feast. Hrothgar and Wealthow sat upon their thrones, waiting anxiously for Hrethric's return. Then the sound of knocking was heard. Hrothgar rose up from his throne in excitement. "My son has returned. Grendel and Odra have been slain. Rejoice, good Danes. Open the doors." Hrothgar said with a joyous laugh, yet Unferth was wary. 

"Lord Hrothgar, wait!" Unferth cried out as the thanes opened the door, only for a powerful wind to blow them away and to blow out the fires, causing the onlookers to gasp in horror as darkness filled the hall and Grendel's monstrous figure arrived. "I thought I made my demands perfectly clear." Grendel said hissing as his fiery eyes burned brighter. Many of the warriors pulled out their weapons, ready to do battle and to protect their King and his family. 

"Where is my son, Grendel?! What have you done with Hrethric?!" Hrothgar demanded, his hand reaching for his sword as Grendel chuckled sadistically. "Ah, worry not, Hrothgar son of Halfdan. He's right here!" Grendel said as he held aloft a bloodied human skull with a spine still attached to it, and on the neck of the skull was the Brisingamen. The Royal Family was horrified by what they saw. 

"Now it is time for you to know fear!" Grendel roared as he threw Hrethric's skull and spine towards the throne and began to swipe the hall clean with Hrothgar's warriors. A warrior tried to chop at Grendel's hide, only for his axe to splinter and for the beast to grab him and bite off his head. Then he threw the body away as he grabbed another warrior and tore him to pieces. 

Warrior after warrior, save for Unferth, charged at Grendel, yet when they tried to strike him, their weapons shattered and splintered upon making impact with his tough skin. Grendel, in annoyance, simply tore them apart as their blood splattered all over the hall. When he saw Princess Freawaru, Hrothgar's brown haired bright-green eyed eleven year old daughter, hiding in fear, Grendel growled as he charged at her. 

Hrothgar seeing his child in danger, drew his sword and jumped in front of Freawaru, ready to defend her from this monster. Yet just as Grendel saw Hrothgar in front of Freawaru, the monster halted his advance. "Fight me, demon! You want my daughter, you'll have to kill me to get to her. Fight me." Hrothgar demanded, though surprised that Grendel would not lift a hand against him. 

Grendel simply backed away as Hrothgar continued his demand, "My fight is not with you, Hrothgar. All I want is your precious daughter. All this death could have been avoided and your eldest son would have been spared had my demands been met. I will return, King of the Danes, again...and again...and again. I promise you that. All the deaths of your warriors and people will be on your head until you give me what I want. Do so and my mother and I shall leave your Kingdom in peace, if not, I will show your people no mercy." Grendel promised as he left the mead-hall with his kills. 

Upon retrieving Hrethric's skull and spinal cord, Wealthow burst into tears as Hrothgar held Freawaru in his arms. It seemed that Grendel was determined to get his hands on Freawaru, no matter how many Danes he killed. Yet why? 

Why would Grendel not lay a hand on Hrothgar? No one among the Danes had an answer. However word of Grendel's evil had spread from the Northern lands to the Christian Kingdoms further down south and beyond. Most of Christendom believed that Grendel was descended from the line of Cain, a son of Adam who murdered his brother Abel in jealousy. They also believed that because Hrothgar sat upon a throne protected by God Himself or by Odin, Grendel had to keep his distance. 

Whatever the reason for Grendel's attacks and his origins, everyone believed this; that he was evil. For twelve long years, Grendel attacked Heorot demanding Freawaru be given to him. As a result of his bestial attacks, Heorot was often abandoned at night, never to be occupied. Grendel's monstrosity cast a shadow over the Kingdom, engulfing Zealand in darkness and despair. 

Hrothgar had declared that whomsoever would help rid the land of Grendel would not only be rewarded with half the gold in Zealand, but also the hand of Princess Freawaru when she came of age.  For such a prize any man was willing to offer his life, yet in all the twelve years that Grendel had made his dire threat, no warrior came close to killing Grendel. Those who had attempted to free Zealand from the evil off Grendel failed. 

What Zealand needed was a hero. Someone who could take Grendel down. Who that hero was could be anyone's guess, but deep in the land of the Geats would come a hero that the Danes needed.  
Beowulf-- A Legend Retold Prologue
There you have it. The prologue to my retelling of Beowulf. 

As you can imagine I had to make a few tweaks to this retelling. Among them are exactly what Hrothgar had done as both a King and a warrior. And you all know how much of a fan I am of fantastic beings and monsters...considering that in my retelllings, Orcs are considered a part of my Norse mythological world as are Ogres, Trolls and Dark-Elves. 

I kind of based my Dragon character Nottagi on both Alduin from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Ancalagon the Black from the Silmarillion. He's only mentioned, of course. 

As for my interpretation of Grendel, he's a mixture of his portrayal from the Telltale game 'The Wolf Among Us', artwork from John Howe and from a comic book/graphic novel interpretation of Beowulf by Gareth Hinds. As for his personality, he's an amalgation of four characters; Pennywise the Dancing Clown/It from Stephen King's IT, the Predator race from the Predator series, and two iconic Spiderman villains, Venom and Carnage. 

In the first true chapter, we meet our title character Beowulf returning from an Orkalf (Orc) raid along the shore with his thanes, and his two most trusted companions; Arialla the Wodealf (Wood-Elf) warrior priestess and Lagertha the Dverg (Dwarf) smith...when they hear of Grendel's raids. They prepare to sail for Zealand to rid the Danes of their monster. 
Also the creatures that I listed yesterday for my rendition of Beowulf...not all of them will make an appearance, unless if I'm given the okay. Most will be mentioned. 
As you can imagine, my rendition of Beowulf doesn't just focus on humanity and the monsters that Beowulf faces, but it will also explain the setting and beings and creatures that will reside in Midgard at the time of Beowulf's adventures. 

I may have already written a few articles about the beings who inhabit my vision of the mythical Norse/English cosmos, but just in case you'd like to know first I go...again. 

This time I'm starting off with the Giant races. 

Land Giants-- Also known as Earth-Giants, Forest-Giants or even Mountain-Giants, these benevolent beings may not always seem like the biggest of the Jotunn race, however their hearts and their strength of character are the biggest among the Giant races. Their bodies and shapes often depend on where they live. A Forest Giant's appearance would be based more on a tree than a human, a Mountain Giant pretty much looks like living rock and an Earth Giant is pretty much human in appearance save for their hair which is basically grass and their bodies are pretty much hardened dirt. These Giants pretty much prefer to be left alone by humans and value the company of animals over others. However they are not pushovers, if you harm an animal in front of them, they will not hesitate to fight. Thor's own mother, Jord, is an Earth Giant.

Sea-Giants-- Often found on either Midgard or Vanaheim, these mysterious Giants prefer the depths of the ocean and the comforts of Valhalla over the land. Ruled by the benevolent Aegir, these Giants have fish scales for skin, seaweed for hair and are the only beings that the Fire-Giants truly fear. Sometimes the mood of the sea depends on Aegir's mood or if a fight goes on between two Sea-Giants. They prefer to keep to themselves and not to have any human in their midsts. They are also relatively few in number as compared to the other Giant races, so self-preservation is what they believe in.

Ogres-- Pretty much a mixture of a Giant and some unusual beast, Ogres are not traditionally associated with Norse mythology, but as they are a bestial offshoot of the Jotunn race it counts. Just as ugly and as strong as their Troll kinsmen, Ogres however have three advantages over Trolls. First off, they can withstand sunlight and be out during the daytime. Secondly, they are smarter and can actually think. Finally, unlike their Troll cousins, Ogres possess magic and that magic comes in the form of shapeshifting, but it's limited to turning into animals as opposed to people. If Ogres do have a weakness, it is that they are vain and lazy. Ogres are pretty much solitary creatures, yet they can form social bonds similar to chimpanzees and gorillas, with only one male per group, and they pretty much walk on their knuckles like  great apes.

Trolls-- Perhaps the strongest yet stupidest offshoot of the Giant race, Trolls are never to be underestimated. While they may turn to stone in the sunlight, Trolls are still not without their cunning and sharp tongues and they have atrocious appetites. When brute strength fails them, they will resort to insulting their victims. The angrier the victim gets from being insulted the better for the Troll. Another defining feature of Trolls, so as to distinguish them from their Ogre cousins who have horns, is that they have massive tusks and can use anything as a weapon, whether a stone column, a tree or even a giant rock. Trolls can often fight in groups, but normally it's every Troll for themselves. Trolls are also the most adaptable of all the Giant races and can live anywhere. But when it comes to gender roles, female Trolls are larger, uglier and more aggressive than the males, so she pretty much wears the pants...if Trolls actually wore their relationships.

Then there are the Dwarfs, the most innovative and stouthearted of folk. 

Dvergar (Dwarfs)-- Also known as Dweorgs in Old English, Twergs in Old High German and often mistaken called Svartalfar, the latter of which really grinds their gears, the Dwarfs of Nidavellir and Midgard are among the most stalwart of allies to the Aesir and Vanir gods and sometimes towards the race of Man. They owe a great debt to Odin and Thor for helping protect their greatly coveted Realm of Nidavellir from constant invasions by Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins and any other beings who come to conquer them.

It was the Dwarfs themselves who helped forge Mjolnir, Thor's magical hammer, along with his gauntlets and belt. Particularly the brothers, Eitri and Brokk. When it comes to creating weapons of great power or even magic fantastic machines, the Dwarfs are without equal.

Some Dwarfs even have the power to use magic, mostly to change themselves into various animals.

Yet some could say that among their most impressive works of art is their own mechanical army of automatons, some of which are the size of a Troll or an Ogre. This automaton army has even been given a fitting name, the Clockwork Corps, named so for the clockwork bits that keep them moving. They are also an unstoppable force.

Yet the Dwarfs are also great warriors by their own right. Their armor is second to none and when it comes to war, they'll arm themselves accordingly with blade, spear, axe, hammer, mace, metallic short bow or even repeating crossbow.

Not all Dwarfs, however, are as noble or as helpful as others. And some are more prone to greed than others. They are among some of the most complex beings in the Nine Realms and probably among the most 'human'.

Now unlike most depictions of Dwarfs, these beings are rather friendly with the Elves of Alfheim and Midgard. Their relationship is more of a friendly-rival relationship. Though they do share a common enemy in the forces of the Svartalfar and Dokkalfar, and mostly with the Orc clans.

Yet their closest friendship among the Elf races is with the Wodealfar (Wood-Elves).

Wodealfar (Wood-Elves)-- Of all the three Elven peoples of Alfheim, the tan-skinned and noble, yet savage Wood Elves are without a doubt Alfheim's first true line of defense. These Elves prefer to live in the forests that they call home, living in accordance to nature and the natural order. They shun meat except for the game that they hunt, are masters of the blade and the bow and arrow, and would choose rather to die in battle honorably than to return home in disgrace. Also these Elves pretty much shun armor and prefer to fight wearing animal skins, trusting in their skills as warriors as opposed to protecting themselves. While not completely trust of humans or Dwarfs, they will gladly fight alongside either.

In fact, while their Ljosalfar and Herralfar kin prefer to keep out of human affairs, the Wodealfar know that mankind needs protectors from the forces of darkness. And who better than them and the Dvergar to aid the humans, particularly against the forces of Svartalfheim? 

Svartalfar (Dark-Elves)-- The cruel and twisted masters of the haunted sunless realm of Svartalfheim, the pale-skinned Dark Elves are truly are a frightening sight to behold. These beings are the very opposite of most of their Elven counterparts in every way. They are aggressive killers, sadistic and uncaring towards all living things under the sun. They ritually have their faces and bodies scarred with tattoos from the moment that they are born, and they are bred into battle and domination. Like the Wood Elves, they too are masters of the blade and bow, only these Elves do NOT have a sense of honor. Dark Elves are pretty much Wood-Elves and Light-Elves gone bad, and just like their High Elf brethren they too can delve in magic, but they do not care about how dangerous or how lethal such power is. They particularly have an everlasting hatred with humans, whom they see as no better than a plague needing to be destroyed. 

Dokkalfar (Goblin-Kind)-- Also known as Deep Elves, these beings are rather a monstrous offshoot of Elves. In fact they are actually the conniving, malicious and swarthy race of Goblins or Kobolds. Having lived under the caves and mountains of Svartalfheim, these nearly pint-sized little monsters are mischievous and cunning by nature and they love nothing more than to attack and ambush their victims, using their superior numbers and their Dark Elf masters to aid them. Goblins also have a penchant for swiping their victims' items as their own, no matter how big or small, they think that what they collect makes them feel a bit more important than other beings. So these guys are literal bottom feeders, and they fear sunlight which they believe will turn them into ashes. Trust me, you do not want to underestimate these little trouble makers at all.

Orkalfar (Demon-Elves/Orcs)-- Physically imposing and considered the biggest, strongest breed of Elf, the Orkalfar or Orcs for short are generally the 'heavy hitters' in Dark Elf armies, though they share no love for their brutal overlords. Orcs can come in any skin color, even though green and brown are the most common. When they are not fighting either amongst themselves, their Elven, human and Dwarfish enemies, or even their Dark Elf masters and distant Goblin kinsmen, Orcs have a culture that is all their own. Unlike their Dark Elf overlords, Orcs can and do uphold a code of honor that dictates never to stab an enemy in the back, never to desecrate their remains and that the greatest honor an Orc warrior can achieve is to fight a worthy opponent in combat until they die with a weapon in their hands. Neither good nor evil, Orcs have a rather troubled history and wish to right the wrongs of their ancestors, no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Orcs are also used as slave labor for the Dark-Elves. They're the ones who build the architecture of the Dark Elves, do all the menial tasks that their masters abhor and are treated more like beasts of burden as opposed to fellow Elves. Tragic, isn't it? 

Now for the last breed of them all, Dragons. 

Dragons-- The largest and most powerful creatures in the realm of humans and the worlds beyond, Dragons are the embodiment of power. They even dwarf the Giant races. Predating all other sentient beings, these ancient creatures come in many shapes and sizes, and their relationship with the other beings depends on where they live and how the beings there tolerate that Dragon's presence. Depending on their temperament and how they are viewed by certain people, Dragons are either seen as good or bad, just like humans themselves, they too are flawed creatures.

To many fanatical Christians, Dragons represent Lucifer himself in the form of a great serpent as the ultimate source of evil. To the pagans who live on the European continent or the Scandinavian countries, Dragons are revered for their power and prestige. To those who share both pagan and Christian beliefs, Dragons are just like people themselves.

And just like humans and any other sentient being, Dragons have the capability to speak. Dragons are also known for their greed, but some Dragons can willingly part with their treasure...if whoever so stumbles upon their lair has come with good intentions and means the Dragon no harm.

Sadly though, Dragons are being hunted nearly to the brink of extinction either because they represent evil in the eyes of Christian fanatics, or because of the price of their hides which make a strong set of armor or because of retaliation for an attack. Whatever the reason, Dragons are incredibly secretive and prefer to be left alone.

Dragons can come in the form of wingless Land-Wyrms, even have two legs, but four legs and two wings that act like a pair of hands or true Dragons are the most common. Their breath even depends on where they live, for example a Frost-Drake's breath is purely ice and a Forest Drake's breath is toxic gas, but fiery breath is the most common breath type for Dragons.

So...what do you think? 
Don't worry. I'm not giving up on my recent mythic retellings, I promise. I just have a keen interest in doing a retelling of Beowulf is all.

I may have to scrap a few ideas concerning my Arthurian legends retelling though, but I'm certain it won't bother anyone. 
I've just recently started working on the first chapter, or rather the prologue, to my retelling of Beowulf which I'm calling 'Beowulf-A Legend Retold'. 

However unlike most retellings of Beowulf, this one is more...mythic in scale. 

And by mythic I do mean that the humans, Grendel, Odra (Grendel's Mother) and Frekar (The Dragon of Earnaness) are not the only principle characters of this story. 

And I know my view on Norse myth may seem rather Tolkien-like in scope, which is in a sense ironic, but if you really want to tell a good story or retell it, then you have to expand beyond what was written before. 

For example, we know that Hrothgar was a master of battles and was generous and honest as a King. However we don't exactly know WHO or WHAT he fought against. My version of Hrothgar...well you'll see what happens...I promise that. 

However, I do need your opinion on the matter of Grendel's attacks. Should I stay faithful to the old text and have Grendel hold Hrothgar's kingdom under attack for twelve years? Or just have only a few attacks before Beowulf and his companions (along with two original characters of mine who are anything but human and both women) arrive to save the day? 

And also...there's another matter...should it be just Grendel ALONE who attacks the people of Hrothgar? Or with his coming, certain...monsters begin infesting the land as well? 

I know this may seem too epic a retelling,'s an old classic, an epic from a time before those nosy Normans tried to stamp out English culture, which almost succeeded. 

I really need your opinion on my ideas. Have I gone too far? Or is this okay? 
You know, strangely it was Beowulf that served as a great inspiration for Tolkien, just as both Tolkien and Beowulf are my inspirations for writing....kind of. 

While Robert Zemeckis did his absolute best to make his own version of Beowulf memorable, it was wasn't convincing enough. Grendel looked too much like a sickly, overgrown version of Gollum. Grendel's mother....while played beautifully, literally, and flawlessly by Angelina Jolie, wasn't meant to be that much of a seductress...which I might use for my interpretation as a symbol of temptation...and it made me lose any feeling that she was a threat. 

And while I do enjoy flaws in humanity and any other sentient being, Hrothgar was pretty much the wrong guy to have fathered Grendel in that film. Uh uh...that shit, forgive my lingo, don't fly with me. And John Malkovich's portrayal of Unferth wasn't the best portrayal of Unferth, though it did give you the sense that maybe he was sort of a weasel with some sense of honor. 

And Beowulf, yeah...Beowulf portrayed by Ray Winstone...while rather fitting for a mighty warrior, no offense to anyone reading this, he sounded too hammy and much like a Cockney. Had he been portrayed by Viggo Mortensen...who knows? But many people probably would have seen too much of Aragorn in that portrayal of Beowulf...but who can say? 

Grendel's mother, Odra will definitely be an enigma just like Grendel himself. Both will be difficult to understand, though Grendel will display more of the worst sort of behavior exhibited by man, whereas Odra will be like a more monstrous portrayal of Medusa. 

And as Beowulf is originally of Scandinavian or even English mythology...I do plan on expanding my version of the tale with elements from my ideas of Norse mythology, if you don't mind. 
As you might already know I am planning to do a reimagined version of Beowulf. And a hero is only as good as the villains they face.

Where to begin? Oh yes...with Grendel. Grendel, believed to be descended from the line of Cain who slew his brother Abel, yet really he's a monstrous Troll...or even an Ogre...or possible even one of the Jotnar (Devourers)...the point is...that Grendel is a mystery to so many people's imaginations. 

But to version of Grendel is a combination of these pictures;………

And other influences include the Predator race from the Predator series...a dark, mysterious and bloodthirsty warrior...and another influence...perhaps even the scariest influence for my version of Grendel is Pennywise alias It....

Most versions have Grendel as a growling hissing monster, my rendition of Grendel is a lot smarter just like Pennywise...and he loves to taunt his enemies, to use psychological warfare on those who he stalks, even going so far as to claim 'I can smell fear in you. That's good. The stronger your fear, the sweeter your blood will taste.', before he jumps at his enemies and devours them.

As for Grendel's mother, Odra (Rage), she's pretty much a beast in a beautiful woman's skin. I imagine her like Eris from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. A being with a sultry voice and a bitter attitude. She's also a Changeling like Nomura from Trollhunters. Pretty much adept at using blades for her own convenience and sharp tongued when enraged. 

And then finally, there's the Dragon of Earnaness, who I'll name Frekar from Frekr (Greed). Strangely enough, the Dragon of Earnaness was Tolkien's inspiration for Smaug, who funnily enough will serve as one of the inspirations for Frekar, personality wise. Appearance wise, however, I've chosen Bryagh from The Flight of Dragons and Maleficent's Dragon form from Sleeping Beauty...with this picture of what Smaug SHOULD have looked like in the movies.…

Well...quite the inspirations for my interpretations of Beowulf's enemies, huh? 
As I might have mentioned before, among my list of mythic retellings is the oldest story in the English language; Beowulf. 

I think I may have found a way to make it exciting, just as exciting as Khialat's version of the tale; Beowulf - A Norse Myth Reimagined by Khialat, Beowulf - My Version - Part 1In the days of the Scyldings, the legendary line of Danish kings, Hrothgar, son of Halfdane, enjoyed a prosperous reign. Known for his generosity and honesty, he shared out rings and treasure with his warriors and always honoured his oaths. He also led his people to many victories, including repelling an invasion attempt by the Jutes, and even slew a dragon that terrorized the area. His beloved queen, Wealtheow, was a Helming princess, and their marriage helped to secure an alliance between their two cultures. Later, he ordered for a magnificent mead hall to be built in Zealand, where the Danes could celebrate their fortunes. He named it Heorot, or "Hall of the Hart", and it was fittingly decorated with antler-shaped carvings and images of stags. Every evening, Hrothgar and Wealtheow - along with their sons, Hrethric and Hrothmund, their daughter Freawaru and their adviser Aeschere - presided over a lively feast. Boar's flesh would roast over fires, while other delicacies were served a, and  Beowulf - My Version - Part 2The night following that in which Beowulf defeated the monstrous Grendel and tore off his arm, Heorot was again regarded as safe, and thus several Danes and Geats chose to sleep there. Freawaru, the daughter of King Hrothgar and Queen Wealtheow, and Aeschere, their counsellor and Hrothgar's close friend, did the same. The princess awoke long before dawn and trudged outside to use an adjacent latrine. At that very moment, another shadowy form was slithering through the darkness towards the mead hall. Grendel's mother, having placed her son into stabilizing dormancy, had come to retrieve his arm in order to ensure his survival. Slipping past the slumbering Danes and Geats and coiling around a pillar, she reached up through the rafters and towards the gable for the grisly limb displayed there. Freawaru promptly returned and, noticing the intruding creature, gasped in fear and awoke Aeschere. Before the man could sound the alarm, the eerie shadow pounced upon them both, and they found them

And I have a way to fit it in with my Arthurian retelling, too. During the Quest for the Holy Grail, when Galahad, Percival, Dagonet and Bors camp for the night, the Danish Knight begins reciting the tale of Beowulf as his father had told him. Of course, due to half of the party being Christian, he does his best to cast the story in both a pagan way and a Christian way.

Like Khialat's version, King Hrothgar of the Danes will keep his sons and daughter...and you'll be surprised by what Grendel's parentage will be. 
Now I suppose you might be wondering as to where I got my inspiration for my retellings of the Arthurian cycle, eh? 

Well for starters, I've always been fascinated by the legends of King Arthur and was surprised to learn that Tolkien used some elements from Arthurian lore for his immortal classic, 'Lord of the Rings', concerning Aragorn. 

Yeah...Tolkien is another inspiration for obvious reasons. 

Norse mythology also had a hand to play in this retelling, due to the very fact that the Vikings DID invade England and conquer most of it. 

And yes, the Normans were Viking descendants so they count. 

I've also been inspired by three Total War games...two of them I have played before, the third...has yet to be available for Mac users like me. 

They are Total War: Thrones of Britannia, Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II. 

Celtic culture and mythology, particularly from Ireland and Scotland which I share some connection to, also play a part in this retelling. 

I was also inspired by Guillermo Del Toro's fantastic imagination when it comes to creating a race of beings, particularly in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Where the Elves are shown to be pale-skinned and fiery-eyed...and the armor they wear...definitely awesome...but...they're also my inspiration for the Svartalfar (Dark Elves). 

The new God of War is another inspiration, along with the video game Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, Shakespeare's classics A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth, Disney's Gargoyles and another video game, The Bard's Tale, which I am a big fan of. 

Lastly I've also been inspired by Bernard Cromwell's Saxon Stories, particularly The Last Kingdom TV series.

Ah...and I've finally found the perfect Big Bad for my Arthurian cycle retelling, Prince Maleagant or Malagant, son of King Oberon from a mortal Queen who seeks control not only of England, but also of Oberon's domain, the Otherworld...and will do ANYTHING to make sure he becomes King, even use Morgause, Mordred or even the Fomorians and their allies to get what he wants. 
Here are some more members of the Knights of the Round Table, particularly two females...what I want to represent my take on Arthurian legend from a modern point of view.

And I'll start with Isolde...I'm sorry...Princess Isolde. 

Princess Isolde- The only child of High King Anguish (Angus) of Ireland's ruling Kingdom, Meath or Mide in Old Irish, this Princess is a warrior as per the traditions of her people. Even though her divided Celtic nation has adopted Christianity due to the efforts of Saint Patrick, this feisty flaxen haired girl is not going to let the Church or its corrupt depiction of women dictate how she is to live her life. When it is discovered that her father plans to marry her off to King Mark of Cornwall, Isolde escapes on a lone Viking longship in the port of Dyflin (Dublin) to the shores of England. There she meets Tristan after he is banished by his own uncle for his boyish behavior, and when he tries to flirt with her, she is less than impressed and offended by his chauvinistic attitude. She even proves herself more than just as a Princess, as she fends off Tristan's advances with a longsword. Eventually though...she learns to trust and get to know him...and when they head to Camelot...let's just say that Arthur is more than willing to give both Isolde and Tristan the chance to be part of the Round Table...provided they start by becoming squires. 

Lynette-- Tomboyish to a fault, this Welsh lady is not someone whom many in her land would consider 'ladylike'. No. She prefers to ride her horse and train in combat. Haughty and assertive, Lynette is NOT interested in being a housewife or any man's property. Any man who wishes to marry her must defeat her in single combat, and she is yet to find a man worthy of her heart...that is until she meets Gareth of Clan Orkney. Will she let him into her life or will he fail? That is entirely up to fate. (Coincidentally, Lynette was the inspiration for Kayley from Quest for Camelot.) 

Pellinore-- Another old friend of King Uther Pendragon and an old Ealderman (Earl), this thin as a pen nobleman has a jolly attitude, is wise and has a knack for letting people know what's going on in the Kingdom. While mild-mannered and friendly, Pellinore is none-too-trusting of Vikings, particularly Danes, since his wife was raped and murdered by a band of those raiders. What he might be lacking in strength, he makes up for it in wisdom and experience as a warrior with a broadsword, such as his infamous duel with King Lot of Orkney who mocked that he had the advantage of size and strength. Old age and size don't matter much to Pellinore anyway, and unfortunately his views on Vikings have rubbed off on his own son Percival. Hopefully with time, old

Bedivere-- Ever studious, ever loving of inventions, this air-headed country Knight is also strangely flatulent. Has a particular interest in some of the models that Merlin has brought back with him on his trips to the future. Yet Bedivere is more than just an enthusiastic inventor, he is also a skilled fighter when the situation calls for it. Pretty much provides the comic relief to the Knights, other than Dagonet/Robin.

Galahad-- Son of Lancelot du Lac and Lady Elaine, this young and promising Knight is the epitome of purity. Strangely enough, he is named after his own father who was born Galahad but had been renamed Lancelot when he was adopted by Oberon's Kin. This Galahad however wants to prove himself as great a Knight as his father and that he is more than just the son of the greatest Knight of the Round Table. He is deeply religious and wants to prove his devotion to the Christian faith in the best way possible. When he receives a vision of the Holy Grail, he takes it as a sign that he is destined to find it. No sooner as he receives this vision, that the King falls ill to a strange ailment that only the Grail can heal. While his skill with a blade is improving, his expertise with a lance or bow is his forte. Don't let this boy's age fool you, he's a trained squire under the eyes of his father.

So...what do you think? 
For my King Arthur retelling, this new idea may sound rather unpopular...but also something new. 

It's often said that in the old legends of King Arthur that his mother, Igraine, had bore Morgause and Morgana from Gorlois, duke of Cornwall or Kernow as it was once called in ancient Cornish. 

Yet...what if Morgause had been a daughter of Gorlois from another woman as opposed to Igraine, who I would imagine as Gorlois's newest bride, yet they had not yet consummated their loveless marriage? 

This might indeed sound unpopular, but it might also give Morgause a chance to take on her father's brutal ways and show her for the power-hungry....well let's just say the word I wanna say rhymes with witch....that she is underneath. 

Note...Morgana and Morgause ARE NOT one in the same. 

Please tell me, what do you think? 
Perhaps one of the most famous aspects of King Arthur's legend other than Merlin, Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail, is also the most famous sword in the history of literature; the Sword of Power, the Blade of Kings...Excalibur! 

Yet the origins of this illustrious sword often remain a mystery. When was it forged? How did it get forged? And who was the master smith who created this majestic weapon? 

It's a great puzzle, but from where I stand...I'd like to believe that Oberon's Kin, with the help of their Alf (Elf) and Dverg (Dwarf) brethren, had a hand in forging this famous sword in a time when humans shared the Earth with them under the branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil.

I would also like to believe that it was foretold that one day a King among men would unite his race and the Fair Folk under his banner to fight a common enemy. And adhering to this prophecy, the great Erlking (King of the Fairies) Oberon ordered his finest smiths to forge this great weapon so that when the time came, the sword would be used for this great purpose. 

As for its abilities, well that might be up for debate. I'd like to believe that Excalibur is stronger than most weapons forged by man or any other sentient beings and embedded with powerful runes that prevent it from ever breaking unless the spirit of its wielder breaks. 

Excalibur can only be wielded by a just being in a good cause and has the power to judge peoples' hearts to see if they are worthy. It will refuse whosoever uses it for their own selfish desires. 

And yes, if you are wondering, Excalibur will be the Sword in the Stone. If ever entrapped in the Stone of Scone (you don't mind do you?), it will be never be drawn except by the one destined to be King. 

It's probably a bit much. What do you think? 
Yeah, I know. A lot of contemporary works tend to portray King Arthur's sister (or half-sister) Morgan Le Fay as the bad guy, but that's not how I see her. Not at all. 

So many people confuse Morgan or Morgana with Morgause, the real bad guy and mother of Mordred. 

I may even change my idea and have both Morgana and Arthur as twins. What? Some sources do have Morgana as a daughter of Uther Pendragon, so why not? 

While Arthur would be brave, if a bit impulsive, Morgana would be a bit timid, but cautious. As the elder sister, she would be the more responsible child, even if she isn't the one destined to unite Britannia. 

However, she will hold the reigns of power while Arthur is out in the field though she doesn't really desire the throne for herself...and she doesn't use her magic to conjure evil spells. 

That I'm saving for Morgause...who's willing to do anything and everything to gain the throne and avenge her father's murder, who she blames on Uther and his bloodline as opposed to the Vikings who gave Gorlois the Blood Eagle. 
As you probably already know in my King Arthur retelling, I am planning to tackle different aspects of religion. However, as a Protestant I'm not that KIND of Methodist, I'm not a crazy will be hard to tackle early Catholicism, even if my sister in law is Catholic. 

I have no intention of making one religion bad and the other religion good. Paganism, both Celtic and Norse, and Christianity will have their upsides and their downsides in this retelling. But I will definitely show how dangerous religious fanaticism can be when pushed too far and how sometimes certain beliefs can divide us. 

Just because someone worships a deity that you don't understand or does things differently than you do, it doesn't mean that they are all bad people. 

Ignorance and intolerance are other themes that I plan to explore in my King Arthur retelling. Along with some of the pagan characters doubting how a mortal carpenter nailed to a cross could possibly be worshipped as a God, and if he was the son of a God, then what kind of father would allow his own child to be crucified? 

If I'm sounding like a blasphemer, I'm only voicing the doubts of the pagan characters. 

I'm also using this theme of religion to discuss an important topic in America's current history, one that I'm certain you're all aware of. 

Other than that, it's...pretty straightforward. Me...I believe in both science and religion. I believe that God DID create the Universe, but what might seem like seven days to Him...would take billions of years to create the Earth and everything that lived in it. So yeah...I do believe in prehistoric animals, too...and I believe that we're descended from apes.

I just believe as I choose to believe. There's no right or wrong way to believe how we came to be. Is there? 
How best to describe my King Arthur retelling? Well, I will tell you won't be like most tales or adaptations of King Arthur at all. 

What you might think of as a Game of Thrones rip off is dead wrong. My version is more like me giving the finger to Game of Thrones, and more of a nod to Tolkien, C.S. a degree...and Bernard Cromwell, the author of The Last Kingdom and its series of novels The Saxon Stories. 

You want something more exciting than Game of Thrones, something more down to Earth than GoT...then go on Netflix and check out The Last Kingdom, it's definitely worth the watch. 

It will also feature the themes of man vs nature, good vs evil, power, faith, friendship, love vs lust...the list could go on forever. But I do promise you, it will be worth it. 
Now I suppose you are wondering who indeed would be considered among Oberon's Kin? Well I shall gladly tell you; Fairies. 

Now before you go blabbing about with me concerning the fact that Fairies are just sprite little people with wings and magical power, well yes...that's partly true, but there's more than just ONE type of Fairy in the world that I'm creating for my King Arthur retelling. I call them the Tribes of Oberon's Kin.

And before you say that Dwarfs and Elves are considered Fairies, in my world they are not. Even though they do have some magical qualities, my Dwarfs and Elves are NOT Fairies at all. Neither are my Goblins or Dokkalfar as I call them, but one or two or three of their offshoots can be considered a a way. 

But enough of my rambling. Let us begin...from the top. 

Fairies-- At the top of the Fair Folk's social order are the Fairies themselves. While many of them are small and hard to see, other Fairies are said to be as tall as humans and have been known to blend in with human society. Among such Fairies are the King and Queen of the Fair Folk themselves, Oberon and Titania. While benevolent for the most part, these people have been known to cause a bit of mischief to their human neighbors, intentionally or unintentionally. Most Fairies, if not all, have wings on their backs and pointy ears. Gifted with magic far beyond the comprehension of other beings, Fairies are capable of shaping the world around them. Betray the trust of these people at your own peril.

Gnomes-- Often preferring to live underground and away from the troubles of humans, Gnomes are normally a jolly and helpful bunch, even if they do have limited powers when it comes to magic. They are also skilled inventors and love to tinker with anything they can get their hands on. Gnomes rarely want anything to do with people, but they are willing to tend to a human's garden in exchange for room and board. For a Gnome, a well tended garden is the best thing to take pride in. Gnomes are also incapable of harming anyone or eating anything that's considered alive, but they will eat eggs that have been farmed properly. Gnomes are exceptionally friendly and will also share their human homes with their distant cousins, Brownies. 

Brownies-- The consummate example of a household Fairy, Brownies are incredibly helpful and friendly to their human hosts to whom they offer their undying loyalty and eagerness to help around the house. All the human family needs to do is offer them something to eat or drink before the Brownie starts to work at night. However, if the Brownie is angered he can turn into a nasty Boggart and can only revert back to their Brownie state when offered food that they love. They may not think much of Gnomes, but they are willing to share their chores with them. 

Hobgoblins-- Mischievous by nature, but helpful to humans by choice, Hobgoblins are not the prettiest of Fairies. Like their cousins, the Brownies and Gnomes, these beings often prefer to work at human dwellings. Yet unlike Brownies or Gnomes, Hobgoblins are into mischief and practical jokes. Among these creatures is Puck, the most famous of them all and King Oberon's court jester. He can change his shape and even change his voice into anyone else's if he so chose. 

Knockers-- Fairies who are often found helping miners cope with the harshest conditions in the mines, these beings are so called because of the knocking on the mine walls that happens before cave-ins. Knockers are also well known for their ingenuity in crafting fabulous devices including lightning rods. To many miners, Knockers are seen as a nuisance. To others they are well meaning practical-jokers, their knocking is a way to warn them that a life threatening collapse is imminent. To give thanks to the Knockers and to avoid future peril, the miners are to cast the last bite of their pasties into the mines for the Knockers. 

Leprechauns-- Perhaps one of the most famous aspects of Irish culture and folklore, and given that I'm part Irish myself, tis no wonder that I'd add the Leprechauns to me list of the Tribes of Oberon's Kin. Not much be known about Leprechauns except that they prefer to live solitary lives, mending and making shoes and they keep a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, if they be captured by a human being, often or not they have to grant their captor three wishes in exchange for their freedom. Despite the popular belief that Leprechauns wear all green and have red hair, that be more or less false. What a Leprechaun looks like and wears depends on the area they come from. And like other members of the Tribes of Oberon's Kin, they're particularly fond of mischief. 

Trow-- If there is such a thing as Goblin-like creatures in Scotland, particularly in the Orkney and Shetland Islands, it would be the Trow. They're devilishly clever, the Trow. But they are often split up into two groups; the harmless, yet humorous Peerie Trow and the aggressive and war-like Kunal Trow. All Trow are chartreuse in color with pointy ears and goat like feet, yet the two groups are completely different. For one, the Peerie Trow are skinny and lanky...and they prefer to use magic to solve their problems and they have not a single scrap of honesty in their bones. The Kunal Trow have thick bones, hunchbacked, muscular and prefer to kill any human they set their eyes on. 

Redcaps-- Yet another member of the Goblin family tree, these malicious beings are named because of the bloody red caps they wear on their heads...which have been soaked in human blood. If anything, these Goblins are the worst of the worst. They'll kill anything and anyone in sight and they love the smell and taste of blood on their weapons and their caps. You do not want to mess with these evil creatures if you value your life. 

There may be more to add in my Tribes of Oberon's Kin...but for now...that's probably a good place to start...isn't it? 
This time on Mythic Beings of Britannia, we get to explore other mystic creatures who inhabit the British Isles and those who came here with the Viking Danes. 

And we start off with Dragonkind....

Dragons-- The largest and most powerful creatures in the realm of humans and the worlds beyond, Dragons are the embodiment of power. They even dwarf the Giant races. Predating all other sentient beings, these ancient creatures come in many shapes and sizes, and their relationship with the other beings depends on where they live and how the beings there tolerate that Dragon's presence. Depending on their temperament and how they are viewed by certain people, Dragons are either seen as good or bad, just like humans themselves, they too are flawed creatures.

To many fanatical Christians, Dragons represent Lucifer himself in the form of a great serpent as the ultimate source of evil. To the pagans who live in the British Isles, Dragons are revered for their power and prestige. To those who share both pagan and Christian beliefs, Dragons are just like people themselves. 

And just like humans and any other sentient being, Dragons have the capability to speak. Dragons are also known for their greed, but some Dragons can willingly part with their treasure...if whoever so stumbles upon their lair has come with good intentions and means the Dragon no harm. 

Sadly though, Dragons are being hunted nearly to the brink of extinction either because they represent evil in the eyes of Christian fanatics, or because of the price of their hides which make a strong set of armor or because of retaliation for an attack. Whatever the reason, Dragons are incredibly secretive and prefer to be left alone. 

Dragons can come in the form of wingless Land-Wyrms, even have two legs, but four legs and two wings that act like a pair of hands or true Dragons are the most common. Their breath even depends on where they live, for example a Frost-Drake's breath is purely ice and a Forest Drake's breath is toxic gas, but fiery breath is the most common breath type for Dragons. 

Wyverns-- Vicious cousins of the mighty Dragons, bad tempered and extremely aggressive, these beasts are incredibly dangerous to any and all creatures who dare come too close to their lairs. These two legged monsters are incapable of speech, have rattles on their tails like rattlesnakes and prefer to hiss like rattlesnakes. What's worse is that their preferred method to hunt is to lie in wait, pretending that they are asleep and when the unsuspecting victim comes too close they rear their heads up and let loose a potent spit of venom into their victims' eyes, causing blindness. You do not wanna mess with these poison spitting monsters if you value your life. 

Hippogriffs-- Another hybrid species not native to England, these majestic half-eagle and half-horse creatures are pretty much rivals of the Griffin as well as a prey item to the Griffin. Like their horse halves, Hippogriffs are vegetarians, prefer to live in herds and are incredibly fast on land and in the air. These beings are also capable of speech and can only be ridden by anyone whom they deem worthy to ride them. If you bow gently to them, they will gently bow back and treat you with kindness. Their loyalty is unquestionable and will bond with only one rider per life. 

The Questing Beast-- This unusual beast is a creature with the head and neck of a snake, the talons of an eagle for forelimbs, the haunches of a lion, the body of a leopard and the hind legs of a deer, this rare animal also has a strange noise that it emits from its belly that sounds like the barking of hounds, foxes or even wolves. It prefers to be left alone and has often been kept safe under the protection of Pellinore's family. 

The Afanc-- A vicious lake-monster that can kill with just one monstrous bite or even through its poison darts, this vicious creature prefers to be left alone. Some say that it is kin to the Loch Ness Monster, but none have seen the Afanc and lived to tell the tale. Others say that it has the ability to poison rivers and spread the plague. Whatever the source of its power, the Afanc is also exceedingly hard to kill. 

The Nuckelavee-- The most feared demon in the Orkney Islands, this monster is a skinless fusion of both man and horse. Whether it comes from the sea or the land, the Nuckelavee is also known as the Harbinger of Doom. It can blight crops, sicken livestock, lay waste to entire regions and has the appearance of a man's torso on a horse's back as though it were a rider. This monster can only be repelled by rainfall or even crossing a bridge over running water. Though it can also be killed by a magical weapon. 

You could definitely say that I have quite the list so far of the mythic beings of Britannia...there will still be more. I promise. 
I hate to tell you this, everyone...but you know that movie that was supposed to come out in October, 'Mowgli'? 

Well, due to a 'deal' made with Netflix, the film 'Mowgli' is now coming to Netflix next year...but we don't know when next year. 

Oh well, it's probably for the best, because according to Serkis, he didn't want this film to be a runner-up of the recent Jungle Book film that came out two years ago. He was probably also afraid that little kids would grow up traumatized by this darker adaptation. 

But at least we'll be able to see it on Netflix and not have tickets for it. 

That's a bit of a bright side. 


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