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Ghostbusters.nuts No.59

By kingpin1055
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Subtitle: We wish you a Messy Christmas

Sorry this is late in, procrastination is a terrible thing.

Special thanks once again to regular contributer Fritz Baugh. :)

If you're wondering, the Wireless Traps appeared in issue #4 of the Ghostbusters: Legion Miniseries by 88MPH studios.

If you haven't a clue how "Walking in the Air" goes, here's a link that'll give you the general idea:
Ramond Brigg's "The Snowman" - 'Walking in the Air'.

-And if you don't know what The Snowman is, it's a classic children's animation shown often around Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year! :)
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I was browsing through the gallery when I noticed... Why is this filed under deviant art's mature audiences only filter?
kingpin1055's avatar
Eh, I guess it was because I had the word "crap" in it and wasn't sure about their policy on it at the time.
CNCGB's avatar
lol. Okay. Yeah, I understand. Thought it might be that, although it seemed excessive. I don't find many people as conscientious of the rules and other people's feelings like that. Refreshing. However I also admit lately I've been rubbed the wrong way by someone who hates that word. Anyway, cool beans. I was confused, but thanks! lol
JEcrazy's avatar
Ha! Ha! That'll teach him!
Ghostbusterlover's avatar
Hahaha! Great one! =D
I love "The Snowman" and the song! ^^
wyanewill's avatar
whew! that was a close one.
Jason-K's avatar
that was a good one
KnitChick1979's avatar

Poor Peter, he always seems to end up covered in slime!
borzou's avatar

I definitely lol'd.

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