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Nami Swan

The Strawhat Pirate's navigator, and one of the best at that; "Cat Burglar" Nami, from One Piece.
Third from my Realistic One Piece series. Hope you will like it.

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Zoro (First):
Sanji (Second):

Nami and all One Piece related is private intelectual property owned by Eiichirō Oda.
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moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
She is one of the best! :D
UnsolicitedDecadence's avatar
What are your feelings about Nami in that wedding dress during the Thriller Bark arc? Her rainbow-colored swimsuit in Glorious Island
CathFreaky's avatar
Sexy Body:heart: That looks so beautiful!
NijiPL's avatar
sooo beatiful *-*
kingpaulie's avatar
CeraSo36's avatar
whoaw amazing job!OWO""""
She looks really pretty
much more pretty than in the anime even
and I really like how you put the stylistic one piece anatomy into it
without making it look too fake OWO
also th ejeans and the the fabric just whoaw!!!OWO"""
where did chu learn that stuff? >o<"""
kingpaulie's avatar
Thank you so much Cera! I appreciate you focusing on the jeans, for that's the part I like the most :iconmegustaplz: It's just a hell of a lot of practice and working over and over my own mistakes :)
Son69's avatar
Nice work!! Nice DOF and face!
But sadly it's Nami, and not Robin... ;D
kingpaulie's avatar
Thank you so much! Robin shall find her way into my gallery quite soon, so stay tuned for her ;)
Son69's avatar
+watch just for that. :D
L-MASTER's avatar
kingpaulie's avatar
Muchas gracias!
KalineReine's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful... Wow... :wow: I love your style. <3
kingpaulie's avatar
Thank you so very much! <3
KalineReine's avatar
You're so welcome. <3
Mihoshi5's avatar
Wonderful art :iconepiclaplz:
kingpaulie's avatar
Mihoshi5's avatar
You're welcome :aww:
Kujinn's avatar
Question. Do you paint everything on the one later or do you separate the layers for like the skin, the clothes, the hair etc. ?
kingpaulie's avatar
Thank you! I used to find greater comfort in one layer paintings, rarely enough I've begun to work on separate layers; so yea, this is about 60 layers.
Kujinn's avatar
The detail though, yah. 

lol anyway, I really like this one >.<!!! Nice Job!
a-Pein's avatar
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