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Law - One Piece 780

"You're the one that's totally in over your head Doflamingo. The Straw Hat crew have left nothing in their wake but sheer miracles. You'll never beat them, you'll never get Caesar back."

I thought that was some poweful dialogue coming from Trafalgar D. Water Law, captain to the Heart pirates and user of the Ope Ope no mi, in this latest One Piece chapter. I kind of halfassed it, but wanted to make something like a live-action movie screenshot out of that panel. Hope you will like it.

If you are interested in more realistic One Piece artwork, check out my gallery's One Piece section:…

One Piece and all its characters, including Trafalgar Law are intelectual property owned by Eiichirō Oda.
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Wowowowowow! 😮
IkaTheMadHatter's avatar
Oh my gosh this realistic-look style is really awesome... I'm in love with it ;^;
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This is AWESOME!!! 
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Truly amazing, how you brought him to life. Usually I don't like realistic pictures of any characters because I see them differently in my own head, but you nailed Law just as I'd imagine him! Also your other drawings are highly enjoyable :) 
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I've never really seen law actually use his middle finger when he does the room thing but it always felt like a middle finger whenever i saw it.
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This looks really realistic! I love it!
Awesome realistic work keep on going
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Oh man I really love this!! Nice work!
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Now we know how should look person playing Traffy-ya.
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wtf how the heck.. this is one of the most awesome One Piece fan art I've ever seen +Hero Jaejoong (Emoticon) Are You Serious? WTF? G.O HOWOHNOES_ 
love it so much~!~!~!~!~
Found this on mangastream. I love this quote so much. 
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Thank you for taking the time to come see my gallery ^_^ Hope you like it!
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I indeed did; thank you so much!
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Chapter 781 is so fucking awesome... Strawhat blocks Doffy's kick landing on Law and it is so Dramatic!
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And chapter 783 is just :iconrainbowmemeplz:
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when I look at this, I laughed so hard that I swore that the water I was drinking was going out of my nose! Nice one! XD
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I feel like dying- even in realistic style HE'S SOOOOOO BADASSLY HANDSOMEEEE :omgomg: 
I love this so much broo! it's so detaill!
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