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Lovecraft - Octopus Creature, Witch House



Yeat another one of monsters briefly seen by Gilman. I decided to give it a pointed snout (as, what you might have noticed, that's the feature I am rather fond of, often appearing in my creations and I'd love to include it in this project:D) Anyway I picture it as a predatory animal, using that serrated, pointed head to impale it's victim and drain away blood with holes on the side.

"All the objects—organic and inorganic alike—were totally beyond description or even comprehension. Gilman sometimes compared the inorganic masses to prisms, labyrinths, clusters of cubes and planes, and Cyclopean buildings; and the organic things struck him variously as groups of bubbles, octopi, centipedes, living Hindoo idols, and intricate Arabesques roused into a kind of ophidian animation."

H.P. Lovecraft, Dreams In the Witch-House
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Thumbs Up Really sweet! Looks pretty deadly.