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Erm .. well , I did that .. for reasons 
Hope you enjoy

Let's just hope It would not be qualified as mature stuff .. I kinda want to avoid that filter 
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Good, the camera isn't watching me anymore. I've got a lady with a scythe watching over me instead. I feel more comfortable now :3
Joking aside, I really love the shading you've got going on. Crazy detailed textures on that brick wall too!
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Well I would certainly not be againt the idea of such a lady watching over me .. The scythe is just a detail ... I hope 
Thanks a lot , I can remember my mind going like "Brick brick brick BrIcK BRICK brick Brick BRick rbcikr bcirkcb BRick Brick ( pretty much like this… )" while drawing that wall 
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Lol yeah maybe if the sycthe weren't present, I'd be okay xD I would've been like "copy, paste, copy, paste" ;P but I guess it would look too robotic and unatural ^^;
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Even then that lady sure has a .. rather particular personality .. ( Yeah I tried to draw an old character of mine since I've always wanted to have a proper representation of her ... Seems like I still have a lot to learn 'bout anatomy :p )
Yeah It's one of the main reason .. the other being that I simply got used to draw thousands of bricks or grass leaves in my drawings .. ( exception being my lastest drawing and the upcoming one ... grass brushes are just ... so ... darn ... practical )
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Ohh wow I wasn't aware you had your own character. And yes, anatomy is a very tricky topic, especially humans. It's really amazing how complex nature is.

Now that I think of it, it sounds like you could use some grass brushes or brick brushes xD
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I think I have something like 4 or 5 different characters x) Well most of them dates back from my early days on DA and all but one (guess who .. yup , da lady )are now gathering dust.. 
Oh yeah and there's that Camera/robot/thing/head dude that I tend to throw in pretty much all my drawings now , especially the one that will arrive in something like , 10-15 minutes x) 
I am already using grass brushes , but that's a luxury I have no acess to when drawing on paper :p
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Ohh wow that's a plethora of characters! I think they all need a little more love xD

Ahh very true. Such is the way of traditional. But of course, you never really need to draw every single strand as long as you create the illusion of detail and fade out of into the distance.
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