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Kingo Root is one of many root android software that you can easily find. Compared to many other applications of the same type, Kingoroot is considered relatively stable software with high contrast and efficiency. Kingo Root is suitable for most of the users, and even it is more amazing that it is completely free to download.

This application is designed fairly simple and friendly interface, allowing users to use more conveniently and easier. It is known as a kind of tool can help Android users unlock applications, games, features and options that are hidden or restricted by administrators on your device. Moreover, Kingo Root download and installation also make the battery life of your device extended and optimized for the use.


Currently, Kingo Root is increasingly concerned and becomes popular with many users not only Android, but also many other operating systems. However, it is admitted that Kingo Root running on Android has the highest success rate, fast processing speed and make more convenience.

If you’re struggling to find application software that is convenient, useful and safe, perhaps you should not ignore Kingo Root – excellent and efficient root android software.

Download Kingo Root to Android

Unlike most other applications of the same kind that had been released earlier and run on Linux platform, Kingo Root runs on windows platform. However, basically, how to download Root Kingo is also not very different from other applications for Android.

There are two basic and the most common ways that the users often use.

Firstly, download Kingo Root through Play store of Android. This is the traditional way that the majority of users choose. With this download way, you will not have to go through several steps to download the application to your computer. However, sometimes, you will face with problems during the download process, and finding the correct application also spends a lot of time. For this download way, you simply start Play store app, enter “Kingo Root” into the search item. Next, select the application version that you are interested and want to install and click “Install” to complete the download process and install the equipment.

The second way is to download Kingo Root via APK files from its homepage. This way is not only safe, but it also helps the users choose the latest version. For this download way, you need to put your device back to the option “Unknown sources”, then download Kingo Root apk files and wait for Kingo Root installation.


Today, in addition to root the phone via PC, you have more choices through direct root software on your phone. Among them, it is sure to mention Kingo Root. Kingo Root gives you the safety, convenience and more than what you expect.

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