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Skyfall and Top-Heavy



Originally done for one of IDW's old monthly line-art competitions, I actually totally redrew this image from scratch. I just wasn't very happy with how thick and cluncky the lines were on the original, and it wasn't even a decent resolution.

Anyone who knows me even kinda a bit knows I've had a lifelong(ish) love of this particular Autobot Action Master. I used to make a point of including him in any and every crowd or battle scene I drew for TFs. I gave him a prominent role in my first full-length fan-comic. And every single time I used him there would be SOMEONE asking who he was.

Then James Roberts wrote him officially as part of the Last Stand Of The Wreckers epic, and now it seems like everyone knows who he is. I should have seen this coming, as in a conversation with LSotW co-creator Nick Roche (long before the book started coming out) he mentioned he had a particular love for the character as well.

But he'll always be MY character, dammit! ;P

Tried something a little different with the backdrop for this. More pop-art than my usual "fill it with a blurry photo" method. Think it looks fairly slick, myself.
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so finding this i want to point out something im worried about.

despite what james make him in bullets, skyfall original personality is him being a daydreamer of sorts, loving flying and beliving that is true worried that tfwiki uses the characterazition of bulets in his article, giving how often they use the wiki as basis for oficial work..

(i really like skyfall, and i hope they give him a better role in the future.)