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The Fire Beasts
-Pignius Maximus: Pignius is pretty much a criminal, who has a serious number of armed robberies on his name, together with various charges of Aggressivety. He is the leader of the Fire Beasts, and certainly behaves like it. Despite that, he cares about Lupina, Torchy and Mangle Jaw like a father, similar to normal pigs, and likes to do some recreating with them whenever he can (his most favorite thing to do is making a bonfire and BBQ'ing). He wears a red, sleeveless shirt with makeshift pauldrons, a belt with a skull-shaped buckle, leather pants and often a gold/red-colored motor helmet with horns put on them. He is sensitive regarding jokes involving bacon.

-Lupina: Lupina is a nice and a bit edgy teenage anthro wolf of the element of fire. She likes looking at and howling to the moon, grilled food, and often wants to barbecue with Torchy, Mangle Jaw and Pignius. She is pretty friendly, albeit introverted, and tends to hang around the alleys near the Flaming Den where they live. She looks up to Mangle Jaw like a brother, and always tries to cheer others when they are sad, together with the others. She knows what Mangle has been through in his life, and is very careful around that fact. Sometimes she behaves (a bit) like a punk, or a vandal, she likes rock music (mostly industrial rock) and pagan music, and having fun. She wears a red shirt with medium sleeves, a black leather jacket, a flanel skirt with classic lumberjack vest pattern, leather boots, and has bandages around her lower legs and her hands.

-Mangle Jaw: Mangle Jaw likes meat, speed, and his friends a LOT. He had a rough past, and wants nothing as badly as taking down the man who killed off his pack and left him to die at the foot of a volcano. He is very strong, especially his jaws, head and legs, which make up for his rather weak arms, and takes great care of his teeth and vitality. Despite his past, he is very open, social and friendly, and often takes care of the grilling together with Lupina when they are having a BBQ. He also likes to train his agility with Torchy, and takes lessons in leadership from Pignius Maximus. He has his periods when he can go berserk or become a bid depressed and sad, but always gets cheered up again by his comrades.
He wears a bit oversized black, short-sleeve shirt featuring a burning skull and old jeans with a chain on the side. He has his normal in-game reptilian feet.

-Torchy: the biggest prankster and vandal of the gang. He pretty often pulls pranks on his friends (especially Pignius) which drives them pretty insane, and can often go overboard with them (for example, when he installed a mechanism in the living area designed to drop a lot of buckets with cold water after someone walks over a tripwire. Lupina was pretty mad for the rest of the week). However, he is pretty social and athletic, and likes to freerun and fly around whenever. He has agreed to train his fellow Beasts with agility and speed (Mangle Jaw being the best pupil yet). He is also the best when it comes down to inspiring his friends and allies and raising their morale when in battle. He wears a black shirt featuring a bat head, a long coat, ragged pants, and black with red shoes.

-Bovus el Doro: he is the leader of the group of Nature Beasts group known as Greenbeasts, which he started up himself. He is a very social, smart and protective person, always ready to stand up for his loved ones. He has quite some knowledge about healing herbs, making him capable of making field dressings on the spot to heal himself and his allies. He is (head)strong, wise, and stubborn, which has got him into trouble a good few times. He isn't on the best terms with the Fire Beasts, together with Jabber and Julius (and the other way around, mostly) but as long as Leonidus is in charge of all the beasts, both groups will tolerate each other. of course, there are some small conflicts here and there, but they do not pose a great threat. When the need rises, however, both groups will work together as best as they can and try to reach their shared goal. Bovus wears metal arm bands, spiked horn caps, ragged pants with knee plates, and two makeshift pauldrons. Like Pignius, his weapon is an axe.
-Jabber Clenchjaw: Jabber is, albeit a bit of a silly sauce, pretty feral, and becomes more and more feral with each night closer to Full Moon. He joined the Greenbeasts in hope of gathering friends to help him look for his brother, similar to Julius who was searching for help to find the love of his life. Jabber is pretty friendly to his friends, but cautious towards the Fire Beasts (although he can relate to Lupina) and outsiders, and is especially cautious when any dwarves are near. He likes to go on food hunts and gnawing on bones, like most lupines and canines, and often trains furiously on a dwarf-like training dummy, which has made him able to deal more critical blows to the enemy. Jabber wears a black and green beanie, a black and green fur vest, black pants and a pair of sandals.
-Julius: Julius has joined the Greenbeasts because of a similar goal to jabber, as stated before. He is pretty smart, athletic and strong, though not the fastest, and never goes anywhere without his mysterious barrel. He serves as the spy of the Greenbeasts, providing info wherever he can find it. He is stubborn and quite easily triggered, at least when you say and do the wrong things. Despite that, he's pretty nice, and likes to train himself together with Bovus, and makes dinner whenever he gets the chance. he's quite artistic at making salads! Julius seems to have a grudge against Kai Makani, and isn't on the best terms with Commisioner William either. He has high respects for nature, his friends and the mighty Leonidus, though. Julius wears the same attire as in the game, albeit with a green sleeveless shirt and long pants instead of a loincloth.

Leonidus: Leonidus is the neutral force between both Beast groups and serves as Peacekeeper and judicator, trying to resolve all conflicts in a fast and good manner. He is calm, friendly, serious, has a high sense of justice and a smile is rarely seen on his face. He has no time to socially bond with others due to his eternal task of bringing justice and order into the world, similar to Alexandros. He is the most powerful beast of them all, has unbreakable teeth and paws, and is blessed with the light. Leonidus always burns the bodies of his enemies so that they will not return in any way, is capable of healing self to the max and buffing himself, and always centers the attention of enemies towards himself. He is also capable of flight, although he is rarely seen doing so. The only persons he really has a friendly relationship with, are Augustus and possibly Alexandros. Leonidus wears a long grey coat with gold patterns, an old grey shirt, grey pants, and grey with yellow shoes. As an anthro, he also has a big golden beard and long golden hair.
FACT: Leonidus is secretly awesome in breakdancing.

-Abigail the Brutal: she is a vandalistic punk who has been in touch with the law multiple times due to illegal graffiti spraying, aggression, destroying other's properties without reason and attacking other persons. She has been in the isolation cell a few times and also had a bit of anger management before in a psychiatric clinic and nearly destroyed all of the furniture in her room. She has moments where she says some smart things and can be nice, and looks up to the barbarian Balog and his famous Thunder Shout, and would love to meet him one day. She wears leather worn pants with spikes on them and a chain at the side, a bear skin hoodie with open zipper most of the time (which she uses as a cape), a sand-colored fur skirt, brown boots with fur lining and fur sweatbands around her wrists.

-Commissioner William: He is the main enemy of all the beasts in the Village of the Seeker, which he in turn really hates (especially the Fire Beasts). although he is a good police commissioner, he is a bit radical when it comes down to the Beasts: he has ordered that all Beasts in town should be either banned or arrested (which isn't that harmful to the normal residents due to all Beasts living on the streets and such), depending on what they were doing at the time, due to William's distrust and hate towards them. The Town Sentinel Alexandros, albeit a construct, is not really okay with William's decisions despite him being a Beast Hunter too, and the powerful Augustus also isn't happy with what William is doing. William is a nice and caring person as long as you don't talk about beasts, and will gladly put his life on the line to protect his loved ones and the innocent. He wears a casual commissioner uniform.

-Ekko: Ekko is the deceased son of Augustus, and although he is an undead spirit, he often spends his time working with electrical gadgets and likes to try out new things. He also quite often meditates and hangs around with other spirits, and is good friends with Rocky and can quite often be found playing with him. He is a glass cannon in battle, but a good friend to have. He is friendly, energetic, speedy and talks pretty fast, but can summon a devastating thunder storm to rain down on his foes. Ekko is about 11 or 12 years old, wears a yellow shirt with long sleeves, yellow training pants, yellow shoes, yellow fingerless gloves and has yellow hair and eyes.

Nitpick and Icepick: these two imps are the biggest pranksters in town, although Icepick is more caring and aware of her environment than Nitpick. They are like siblings to each other: nice at times, annoying at times and total jerkbags to each other at times. Nitpick will never let a chance to set something on fire or the prank someone slip, although he is sometimes held back by Icepick, who is younger but also smarter than him, and always lives up to her personal code Eye for an Eye. They can be quite annoying as friends as well as enemies. Both wear nearly the same outfit (jeans, and shirt with the color of their element), except for Icepicks soft fur gloves and shoes, as well as her crossed belts on her shirt having a gold ring instead of an iron one, and she also has white short hair. Nitpick on the other hand, has really short hair, horns and leather strips wrapped around his hands. Nitpick is the more aggressive and crazy of the two, albeit pretty nice towards friends, and Icepick is more friendly and caring, and always wants to return any favors given or done to her.

Overlord Executum: After he was betrayed by his right hand, his Mercenary group kicked him out and killed him. Returning from the grave thanks to his rage, he was hellbent on revenge and rebuilding his career. Executum traveled to faraway villages to find comrades to help him in his quest, but nobody wanted to. He then decided to set his home in the Village of the Seeker, where he started training in Sifu Jianzhi's dojo together with Samurai Takumi, Black Diamond and Yokozuna. He formed some sort of relationship with them, and asked if they would like to be recruited in his new Mercenary group. Black Diamond declined, saying that her "mission was her own", together with Takumi, who could not find honor in becoming a mercenary and killing innocents for the sake of money. Executed managed to change his mind by saying that he would let hundreds of people die if he didn't do anything to stop the now rogue mercenary group which was raiding towns wherever they came. Takumi finally agreed, on together with his friend for life Yokozuna. Executum is a merciless killer, always looking dark and gloomy from under his mask. He does not know the meaning of humour or joy, but is a master strategist and a great fighter, and will always try to get the advantage in battle and makes sure that long-term valuable allies will survive combat on the risk of his life. He often debilitates his enemies with the Void Blade attack, pulls their attention away from his allies so that his allies will be capable of hitting his enemies from the back, and to heal he simply leeches. Overlord Executum wears full set of somewhat futuristic military armor, together with a mask that covers all of his face except for his glowing purple eyes. He isn't on the best of terms with either the nurse Yasmin Bloom or the famous rogue Masuta Kira.

Updates on the way!
OAU stands for Original Alternative Universe.
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fredje323 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
Nice dungeon bosses, I'd love to tank them
KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Dungeon Boss is a hero-collector turn-based strategy game. They're not characters of mine.
if you decide to play it, i suggest using Phemus or Yokozuna as a tank. Yokozuna is one of the best tanks to self-heal, and Phemus is capable of one-shotting IGOROK, who has the best defense and attack stats in the game. Although Life Reaper Brom has a pretty high attack, too.
fredje323 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2016
That's interesting.

I'd be Phemus, no doubt lol
KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
aye, it is. 

then you're immune to Taunts, but your special move Earthquake damages yourself and your allies a bit as well, and Wild Swing is the most powerful attack, but you can't control who you will hit. i think Phenol Toxian would be a better pick for you. He is strong and comes in handy as a toilet cleaner :)

but seriously, i think you might like it. although collecting Evo's necessary for ascension is pretty slow paced. especially regarding the Celestials.

some of my favorite heroes are all the Beasts, all the Goblins, King Yorick, Life Reaper Brom, Phemus, Kobal the Pestilent and Ignus the Mad. King Yorick is pretty underestimated: he has Rogue Defense II which reduces attacks from rogues at him by about 40%, i believe. Paired with Yokozuna who has the trait Rogue Hunter, and a good healer/buffer for Yorick, they can quickly dispatch of Rogues (Especially Lady Nimriel).

sorry, rambling on againSweating a little... 
fredje323 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
Nah, that's fine, sounds like an awesome game indeed :p

I do am a tank as in: very slow, very high damage and very high damage resistance
KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
aye. there's also PvP
you can boost your hero's stat's with so=called runes. there are all kinds of runes of each element.
Yokozuna has Thick Skin which reduces damage and also has the trait Twinkle Toes, which grants him a chance to avoid the next attack to him if he CRIT's an enemy. he is also capable of self-healing, as i said. but with a LOT! so maybe you'd like that. he isn't Slow like Phemus though, and he can Daze the whole enemy team.
fredje323 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016
That's pretty awesome, but I'm not really a PvPer haha :)
KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
me neither, to be honest.
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